More than 180 professional colleges in India shut down this year


Nearly 180 professional colleges, including engineering institutes and business schools, have shut down during the academic year 2020-21, the highest number of the closure of technical institutions in the last nine years, according to AICTE data.

Due to the COVID crisis the world is facing, this news came as a big shock stating shutting down of close to 180 institutions. Besides the closure of 179 institutes, at least 134 institutes did not seek approval this year in view of a large number of seats lying vacant over the last 5 years thus making it unviable for continuing the institution. Also, at least 44 institutes could not get approval or their approvals were withdrawn due to punitive action by the technical education regulator.

Moreover, this year resulted in a total of 1.09 lakh seats approved by AICTE being reduced in pharmacy and architecture institutions. Also, the approval process was a considerable departure from the previous years on several counts. Due to the imposition and subsequent extensions of lockdown, the approval process was delayed. It was initiated in the month of May and completed in June end.