Mr. Sudhakar Rao, Director, ICFAI Group has delivered a lecture on the occasion of 105th Foundation Day of the Prestigious Osmania University


“ Navigating Unsimple Times: Learn to Embrace Chaos & Complexity”

Important points:

1. Bulldozer of a Century :
Around the time Osmania University was founded, the world witnessed pathbreaking inventions & discoveries, sweeping socio-political revolutions, advancements in production etc. Tumultuous events, chaotic progress and complex situations. The next century isn’t going to be any simpler.

2. Your choices determine your future

3. Everything is Ticketyboo? :
Cannot be. We need a mindset to admit the shortcomings and readiness to do our bit to correct it.

4. Nationalism, Religion, Caste etc are tribes of the past. The new ones are peers, friends etc

5. Leaders create more space for others on the real estate of their hearts & minds

6. Abhor Tokenism

7. Entrepreneurship puts steel into the spine of society

8. You know less than you think.

9. Where’s the Truth?
It lies somewhere in between.

10. Be Social. Have Friends

11. Can’t Escape Scrutiny. The bigger the brand, the greater the scrutiny. Applies to individuals and organisations too.

12. Let’s Change. Adoption of Otto Scharmer’s suggestions on shifting the economic logic from ego to eco-system awareness. And move from economic leadership to ecological leadership

13. Be at it to beat it.
Don’t give up. Internalise the Law of Wasted Efforts.