N. K. Bagrodia Public School, Rohini – Towards All-Round Development of Body, Mind and Soul


It is often said that the sole difference between the classroom of 2021 from that of a couple of centuries ago is probably that the teachers don’t wear robes and therefore the kids don’t sit under trees. While technology has disrupted many sectors and spaces around us, formal education has changed in unimaginable ways under the burden of COVID. As schools slowly resume their regular routines, adapting to multi-modal remote learning strategies and digital mediums, almost all schools across the length and breadth of our country have adapted to the new norms and facilitated smooth learning curves to their students, but few educational hubs have outperformed as complete centers of excellence. Thereby, emphasizing on one such premier school which is continuously striving on the lines of an education pattern that is value-driven & child-centered, focusing on learning & self-development of all the children present on the campus –  N. K. Bagrodia Public School, Rohini, has been promoting diversity, equality among all, since its inception.

Established in the year 1991, under the able guidance of the Chairman Late Shri. N. K. Bagrodia, the school is a result of his dynamic, visionary and philanthropic endeavours, towards a better society. Operating as a senior-secondary co-ed school based out of New Delhi, the school is a haven of Anushasan, Shram, Atmabal, and has conveniently found a spot among its peers for consistently delivering only the best, despite the hurdles COVID got along with it. Not only do students at the school are made to excel in academics, they are also motivated to focus on all activities, in turn, pushing towards building confident strong characters. 

Home to one of the best professionals, now leading the parade of the onboard faculty members at N. K. Bagrodia School, Rohini the attitude of the teachers towards the students is one of trust, helpfulness, and reasonable firmness. “An environment of guided freedom and mutual trust exists at the school, encouraging both the students and the teachers to continuously keep upgrading, staying well in-sync with societal demands and needs”, shares Mr. Prashant Parashar B., the HOS and Manager of the school. Taking us on a virtual tour of the school and taking time out of his busy schedule, through the conversation he ensured that our readers get the real gist of what the school is all about, in their pursuit towards societal benefit. Subsequently adding to his above statement, Mr. Prashant quoted – “The threadbare essence of inclusive education and mental well-being of students is given the topmost priority with a soulful intervention”.

Beyond conventional schooling

Basing the prescribed CBSE curriculum and the pedagogy around inculcating cognitive and socio-emotional learning amongst students, a strong sense of continual learning and adaptability is felt across every corner of the school. Teachers stand by students in their thick and thin, and by sharing experiences & presenting feasible learning solutions, not only do students grow into tomorrow’s leaders, their mindset too evolves simultaneously at N K Bagrodia School, Rohini. Additionally, teachers function as gurus cum mentors, guiding and making sure mental wellbeing is maintained throughout. Also, keeping in mind the importance of all the stakeholders, parents are made to involve themselves in this journey of helping their respective wards get the most out of their schooling experiences, by participating actively in Open Houses and PTM sessions. Additionally, timely information is given to the parents concerning various issues being faced by the student, and  all help is extended in ensuring that the problems can be overcome with ease. And, for all serious issues the students are referred to the School Counsellor. A special educator is readily available on the campus, who helps the slow learners and differently abled students to learn at their own pace and follow a customized curriculum specially designed and suited to them keeping in mind their aptitude, skill, interest and level of understanding.

All thanks to the brand value the school holds, students enjoy the best of opportunities and facilities where strong emphasis is laid on striking a right balance between theoretical and practical knowledge. Students are made to understand and appreciate the importance of sound and adept learning, and by way of experiential learning, peer learning and self-learning, students overcome their inhibitions and try their best to get accustomed to today’s needs. Several Excursions, Heritage walks, Study tours, Project work and Assignments are also given to substantiate the concepts learnt in the classroom, while letting students clarify their doubts by designing a variety of working models in Computer Lab, ATL Lab and Robotics Lab. Other than this, participation in Science Exhibitions and various other competitions allows them to design innovative solutions to various problems being faced by the society and community at large. An active participation in various clubs, labs, gardening, life skill activities, paper recycling activity, composting, pottery session, puppetry and theatre allows the students to prepare and equip themselves better with the requirements for upcoming jobs in future. 

The existing infrastructure at the N K Bagrodia School has always been a great facilitator for smooth learning curves. Students being able to wholeheartedly meld into their beloved streams through real-learning options, many of the students put their creative step forward, understanding well-beyond the underlying nuances of regular learning. With a confident and buoyant demeanour, they are able to take the challenges of life head on and have become more skilful and dexterous. Also, due to the prime reason of always being proactive in nature and leading as an example to fellow CBSE schools, the school has effortlessly adapted to the recommendations of NEP 2020, via planning, training of staff and implementation in true spirit. The school has consciously worked towards upgrading the knowledge of its staff members by conducting various webinars, symposiums, in house training and lectures to equip all staff members about the nuances concerning the set guidelines. 

Lastly, along with the existing physical infrastructure the school also houses an impressive ICT-apparatus, which helped the school overcome the pandemic, learn from the situation and extrapolate beyond the set boundaries. “There were challenges galore, but it did not deter the teachers from their aim”, added Mr. Prashant. Despite all odds the teachers and the management took up the challenge and ensured that the learning continued unabated even during the crisis. Availability of MS Teams Software, Computers, Wi-Fi campus, High Speed Fibre Optic Internet Connectivity, Tripod Stands, Headphones and other essential gadgets played their part in ensuring an effortless and smooth transition during these times of crisis by shifting gears appropriately from classroom teaching in face-to-face situation to a more vibrant and dynamic online platform. Despite the initial hiccups, the teachers were able to train and acquaint themselves with the nitty-gritty of technologies and transaction of lessons online smoothly, showing the world how today’s schools have to function, get ready towards change – any day and any time. 

Mr. Prashant Parashar B – HOS and Manager

A solid team player, with a proven track record in collaborating with the school community, increasing student academics, and maintaining excellence in education, Mr. Prashant is a dedicated, resourceful, and trustworthy educationist down to the core. He was instrumental in setting up a school culture that encourages academic excellence, holistic development and continuous improvement for staff and students alike. He has also instilled an environment which encourages open communication and has mentored educators in the creation and implementation of class instructions, lesson plans and student’s assessment effectively. He possesses a rich experience of 27 years in developing a productive student-focused environment to maximize learning experiences. With his mindful, heartful, youthful, immaculate, and flamboyant leadership style, he has contributed towards taking the school to greater heights. Working in unison, with his team he has been able to achieve group goals and objectives keeping the expectations of all stakeholders in mind.