Nahar International School


A remarkable change in educational techniques, one that embraces global viewpoints, encourages critical thinking, and equips young minds to meet the difficulties of an interconnected world, has been taking place in the bustling world of Indian education. The explosive growth of International Baccalaureate (IB) institutions across the nation is a manifestation of this deep shift. Nahar International School stands out among them as a trailblazing organization that personifies brilliance, creativity, and a dedication to raising up well-rounded, global citizens.

The learner-centric philosophy of the IB is what distinguishes Nahar International School. The school cultivates a dynamic learning atmosphere that honors diversity while encouraging inclusivity by concentrating on the distinctive qualities and talents of each student. This personalized attention enables students to explore their interests passionately, empowering them to become forward-thinking leaders, poised to make a positive impact on the global stage.

Nahar International School in a Nutshell

Nahar International School is a prestigious school, following renowned international curriculums such as Cambridge International and IBDP. The school’s foundation is built on creating global citizens who cherish their local values and heritage. Infrastructurally, the school is well-equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, including laboratories, playgrounds, and meticulously designed buildings to cater to the requirements of the international curriculum.

The school takes pride in its faculty members, who are carefully selected and trained to effectively deliver the international curriculum and meet the expectations of international outcomes. Nahar International School caters to students aged three to eighteen, and its graduates have shown a strong preference for international universities, with a significant number venturing to study in countries like the US, UK, Germany, Netherlands, Singapore, and Australia.

Nahar International School focuses on fostering a balanced and holistic growth in its students. It goes beyond developing intellectual abilities and academics to also emphasize emotional intelligence, physical abilities, and social intellect. The school equally values co-curricular activities, including arts, sports, and performing arts, seeing them as integral to a well-rounded education.

Unlike many other schools, Nahar International School does not solely focus on marks and academic performance. Instead, the school recognizes and appreciates diverse skills and interests in its students. It encourages students to explore their talents and interests, guiding them towards higher education in areas where their skills can flourish.

At Nahar International, parent involvement holds a crucial role in the unique curriculum delivery. Parents actively participate in numerous school activities and contribute significantly to the learning process. Their active engagement includes participating in lectures, talks, and fundraising programs. For younger students, the school organizes mother tongue storytelling sessions, where parents from diverse backgrounds share stories in their native languages. Parents also volunteer during field trips and activities requiring additional support.

To foster a strong connection between school and home learning, Nahar International arranges coffee mornings, facilitating discussions between parents and teachers on enhancing the learning experience. Parents receive insights into innovative teaching techniques, empowering them to support their children’s education effectively.

Nurturing Socially-Responsible Individuals

The IB Program, encompassing 11th and 12th grades followed at Nahar, aims to nurture critical thinking, problem-solving, and analytical skills in students. Beyond academic development, the program also instills a strong sense of social responsibility through various social initiatives. Understanding the privilege of the students coming from high socioeconomic backgrounds, the curriculum emphasizes local awareness and encourages them to contribute meaningfully to society.

In addition to fostering a sense of social responsibility, the IB Program focuses on developing research skills through the extended essay component. Students undertake a detailed 4000-word essay, akin to a research paper, enhancing their critical and analytical thinking abilities. Furthermore, the curriculum lays emphasis on the growth of knowledge, encouraging students not only to acquire knowledge but also to comprehend its sources and potential applications for the betterment of humanity and the planet.

Redefining Exceptional Standards

Regarding the hiring criteria of the faculty members, Nahar adheres to government norms, which require all faculty members to hold a degree in education. For senior grades, where critical thinking, analytical skills, and research capabilities are vital, the IB School seeks candidates with at least a master’s degree in their subject area, along with an education degree as per the country’s expectations. In certain cases, the school also hires individuals with a Ph.D., especially to leverage their research skills.

Also, to ensure the highest quality of educators, the recruitment process is rigorous. Candidates undergo multiple rounds of interviews and are required to deliver lessons that are observed by existing senior faculty members. This process enables Nahar to assess not only their academic qualifications but also their teaching delivery and ability to connect with students. “We place particular emphasis on understanding candidates’ comprehension of child and teenage psychology, depending on the age group they would be teaching”, shared – Ms. Vandana Arora, the Head of the School.

Continuing on her above statement, she added – “Once hired, our faculty members receive further training in-house. They are mentored by experienced educators to better understand how to effectively connect with students, comprehend their needs, and provide guidance and mentorship in today’s information-rich environment”.

Additionally, faculty members are provided training sessions by the respective boards (Cambridge Assessment or IB) to familiarize them with the assessment criteria and guidelines. And the commitment NIS holds towards the ongoing mentorship ensures that new hires are supported and guided to develop a holistic and effective approach to teaching and learning strategies in the classroom.

Going Down the Line

Currently, the primary focus of Nahar International is on encouraging their students to explore diverse fields of interest. For instance, if students are inclined towards sciences, the school wants to see them explore humanities, arts, and sports. As a new school, NIS is excited to witness the students venturing into various domains, and together both the management and the school aims to offer new-age curriculums and syllabuses aligned with the board’s recommendations.

Furthermore, Nahar International has set a long-term goal to introduce more programs focused on teacher training and leadership development. The school is actively exploring industry collaborations and internships for Grade 10 students, despite the challenges posed by their age. Engaging with industry experts, the school aims to provide observational opportunities and hands-on experiences wherever possible.