Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology


Oh, the universe of excitement, knowledge, and dreams that engineering institutions in India hold! Similar to bustling beehives, these institutions are filled with eager brains that are eager to go off on an exciting trip through the worlds of science and technology. You will be surrounded by equations that look as enigmatic as a wizard’s spellbook as soon as you set foot in the world of engineering education in India. Do not be alarmed; it is all a part of the grand plan to discover the mysteries of the cosmos. Expect stacks of textbooks with names you can’t even pronounce, but don’t worry, they hold the keys to unlocking extraordinary possibilities.

The renowned Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology (NSIT) stands out among the sea of engineering institutes in the country in this mesmerizing landscape of engineering education as a beacon of excellence. Aspiring engineers can embark on a comprehensive path of learning and development at NSIT, which is tucked away in the intellectual terrain. Because it is dedicated to fostering exceptional minds, NSIT offers a supportive environment that motivates students to explore, invent, and set out on a transformative road to a better future. You will be welcomed into a world of boundless possibilities as soon as you enter the NSIT gates, where the quest of knowledge is matched by an uncompromising commitment to quality.

NSIT in a Nutshell

A renowned engineering college situated in Salem, NSIT was established in 2008 by Late Thiru R P Sarathy under the auspices of the esteemed Smt. Mahalakshmi Ammal Educational Trust. The college has achieved the prestigious A++ grade from NAAC and currently holds the 40th rank among Self Financing Affiliated colleges under Anna University.

Notably, the college has been officially recognized as the MSME Incubation Centre by the Ministry of MSME, further highlighting the commitment to fostering innovation and entrepreneurial spirit among students. What sets NSIT apart is its unique approach to providing holistic education through innovative teaching-learning practices, with a focus on Outcome-Based Education (OBE) and Blooms Taxonomy.

From the very first semester, all the students receive comprehensive Placement training, preparing them for successful careers in their chosen fields. Moreover, the college management, equipped with a strong industrial background, maintains a robust rapport with various industries, thereby understanding and aligning with industry expectations.

Also, at NSIT it is always ensured that students engage in industry-based projects and mini-projects, promoting practical learning experiences and bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. “At our college, we pride ourselves on offering a nurturing environment that empowers students to flourish academically and professionally, preparing them to become the leaders and innovators of tomorrow”, shared – Er. B. Nitish Harihar, the Chairman.

Furthermore, NSIT offers a comprehensive range of academic programs, consisting of six undergraduate (UG) programs and two postgraduate (PG) programs. The undergraduate programs include B.E. courses in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE), Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE), Electronics and Communication Engineering (ECE), and Mechanical Engineering. “Additionally, we offer B. Tech. courses in Artificial Intelligence & Data Science (AI & DS) and Information Technology (IT), and for postgraduate students, we provide M.E. programs in Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) and Very Large Scale Integration (VLSI)”, added Er. B. Nitish Harihar, the Chairman.

To ensure a well-rounded educational experience, the college actively organizes various academic events such as Faculty Development Programs (FDPs), Seminars, Workshops, Technical Symposia, Guest Lectures, Conferences, and Panel Discussions. These events not only enrich the students’ knowledge but also provide additional academic expertise to the faculty.


Where Excellence Meets Expertise

At NSIT, the management takes great pride in selecting exceptionally qualified professors with Ph.D. and postgraduate degrees who go above and beyond to mentor the students. Their focus is not just on covering the syllabus but also on fostering a culture of application and innovation. As a result, all the students actively participate in technical competitions and project display events at both state and national levels, showcasing their skills and talents.

To ensure the highest quality of education, all the onboard teachers undergo regular quality appraisals in the study content they deliver, as well as in setting question papers and evaluating results in university exams. This commitment to excellence has earned the faculty recognition as experts in their respective fields, with other educational institutions often seeking their expertise. They are frequently invited to serve as resource persons for technical events, examiners, and advisory members in syllabus setting, further demonstrating their expertise and dedication to the field of education.

Also, NSIT has established multiple Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) with core industries, fostering knowledge sharing, live projects, industrial visits, internships, and recruitment opportunities for all its students. Some of the esteemed industries collaborating with the tech institute include COINDIA and Aerospace Pvt. Ltd.

In addition to these industry partnerships, NSIT actively engages with various social organizations such as CII, ICTACT, and Salem Productivity Council. Through these affiliations, the students gain valuable opportunities to interact with business leaders, gain insights into business concepts, and broaden their understanding of real-world practices.

The Entrepreneur and Development Cell plays a pivotal role in promoting innovation and entrepreneurship among students. This commitment has earned NSIT a recognition from the Ministry of MSME, as the college has been designated as an approved Incubation Centre, further fostering a culture of creativity and growth among the students.


Beyond the Four Walls of the Classroom

Home to an elaborate state-of-the-art campus, Narasu’s Sarathy Institute of Technology prioritizes health and hygiene with a conscious effort to promote a clean and safe environment. As part of their sustainability initiatives, the use of single-use plastic is strictly banned, and instead paper cups are used to serve beverages. Additionally, sanitizers are readily available in all prominent areas, and students are encouraged to wear masks to ensure their personal safety.

To combat the Covid-19 pandemic, NSIT has taken proactive measures to protect the community, where all the students and faculty have been fully vaccinated twice, ensuring a safer learning environment. Also, during the peak of the pandemic, the engineering institute collaborated with Kadayampatty Primary Health Centre to establish a vaccination center, benefiting the local public and contributing to the wider community’s well-being.

Moreover, NSIT celebrates the accomplishments of the students through various annual events, including Intra-college Cultural Day, Sports Day, and Annual Day. These occasions provide an excellent platform to acknowledge and award student achievements in both academics and extracurricular activities. Students who excel in sports are actively encouraged to participate in competitions outside the college, and several of the students have showcased their talents in international sports meets, including WUSHU and volleyball.

NSIT is also equally proud of the technical prowess displayed by its students, as evidenced by their successful participation in various competitions like Paper Presentations, Debugging, Hackathons, PCB Designing, CAD Drawings, and Digital Imaging.


An Inclusive Educational Hub for All

At the institution, everyone onboard is committed to providing equal opportunities to students from all communities. Ensuring the privacy and confidentiality of community information and personal details is a top priority for the management, discrimination in any form is strictly prohibited, where all the administrative policies are designed to be transparent and well-informed.

Adding a point on this, the Chairman shared – “We take special care to support marginalized students in every possible way, recognizing the importance of inclusivity. Our campus is designed to be disabled-friendly, equipped with lifts, ramps, and accessible restrooms to ensure a comfortable environment for all. Additionally, we offer the assistance of scribes and mentors for students who require extra support”.

All in all, known for being a hub that promotes social equality and boosts a collective ecosystem, NSIT is proud to have dedicated volunteers from NSS, YRC, and RRC actively involved in raising awareness on these important matters within the campus. While, together, the whole institute strives to create a welcoming and inclusive environment where everyone feels valued and supported.

Er. B.Nitish Harihar – Chairman

The guiding force behind NSIT is Chairman Er. B. Nitish Harihar. As the grandson of the Founder Thiru R P Sarathy, he hails from a family of industrialists known for their pursuit of quality in all endeavors. Emphasizing the power of positive thinking, he often quotes, “what the mind thinks about it brings about.”

His dedication has resulted in the institution achieving an A++ grade in NAAC and moving towards NBA accreditation and autonomous status. Supported by Pro Chairman Mrs. Aishwarya Nitish, Vice Chairman & Secretary Mr. G. Prabakaran, Principal Dr. Munusamy Viswanathan, department heads, faculty, and students, he has received various awards and recognitions from different organizations.

Beyond his role in education, Chairman Er. B. Nitish Harihar has succeeded in the corporate sector with his product, Nithara Coffee, and actively participates in various social organizations. He contributes to society through CSR activities, including providing awareness programs on the importance of higher education to over 30,000 school students annually.

The institution is associated with Aravind Eye Hospital, offering free eye checkups and surgeries every weekend in villages around Salem, Dharmapuri, and Namakkal Districts. Regular blood donation camps, in association with Government Mohan Kumaramangalam Medical Hospital and Kadayampatty Primary Health Centre, are organized on campus. Additionally, awareness rallies for the public are conducted through Omalur police station, local Panchayat committees, and local schools.