National Public School Kengeri


One of the most important decisions parents have to make is choosing the right school for their child, where the happiness and success of the child are the major concern upon which their future depends. Therefore, it is paramount that the school they go to, value their child and encourage them to do their best at every front. National Public School Kengeri (NPSK) is one such school where every child has the chance to grow in confidence by participating in a wide range of learning experiences.

NPS started its journey in the year 1959 under the pioneering effort and careful nurturing by the Founder Chairman Dr. K P Gopal Krishna. NPS has been known for its academic excellence, discipline and ethical practices. Today, NPS has more than 35 branches across the globe. Every year batches of students leave their portals as assured confident young citizens, ready to take on the challenges of life and equipped with an enduring set of values. Subsequently, NPS Kengeri was added to the family of this established group of institutions in 2014 under the able leadership of the Principal – Mrs. Geeta Dikshit.

Progressing effectively towards guiding students to move towards all-round development and growth, at NPS Kengeri the curriculum envisages individual learning and seeks to explore the potential of students in acquiring knowledge and skills. With early exposure towards greater orientation and research skills in core areas, every student at the School is converted into a technically trained, empathetic and accountable citizen, who also, is a humble team player.

Inspiring Young Leaders

At NPSK we emphasize constructivism rather than rote learning, and every endeavor carried out is competency-based, which encourages application of knowledge and skills needed in real life”, shared – Mrs. Geeta Dikshit, the Principal of NPSK. Through a brief Q & A session with Mrs. Geeta, it became evident that NPS Kengeri is a new-age hub of creative and critical thinking, that focuses on developing culturally responsive students who will thrive in an ever-changing global community. Talking about how NPSK is in-sync with today’s education, Mrs. Geeta shared – “We integrate innovations in pedagogy with technological innovations (ICT integration) to keep pace with the global trends in various disciplines”.

NPSK stands committed to ensure teaching and learning in a more interactive manner; as classroom sessions are more fun, creative and collaborative embedded with exploratory activities for students for deeper and more Experiential Learning. Also, in all stages, Experiential Learning is adopted, including hands-on learning, art-integrated and sports-integrated education; story-telling-based pedagogy, among others, as standard pedagogy within each subject, and with explorations of relations among different subjects.

National Public School, Kengeri always encourages students to acquire first-hand knowledge on the concepts they have learnt and also create awareness among the students about the possibilities about not only our world but beyond four walls of the classroom. Apparently, extra-curricular classes are conducted in the school so that the student can nurture their inborn talents under the able guidance of professionals. Adding a point on this, Mrs. Geeta emphasized – “At National Public School, Kengeri, a student has a plethora of activities to choose from”.

Not only do the students at NPSK get the best of co-curricular activities, the importance laid on sports and physical education is equal. Thereby, the School utilizes physical activities including indigenous sports, in pedagogical practices to help in developing skills such as collaboration, self- initiative, self-direction, self-discipline, teamwork, responsibility, citizenship, etc. Also, students are taught to adopt fitness as a lifelong attitude and to achieve the related life-skills along with the levels of fitness as envisaged in the Fit India Movement.

Well-prepared for a Brighter Tomorrow

Involving all the parents in monitoring and student upliftment processes, all the onboard teachers maintain a good rapport with the parents to improve students’ academic performance, regular attendance, and social skills. Effective communication tools help in filling the communication gap between the school and invested parents. Edchemy and Acadamis are NPSK’s official communication platforms which allow easy communication and regular follow-up with parents. Additionally, PTA meets are conducted to enhance parental involvement in school by providing them a platform where they can share their concerns and be part of the decision-making that will build trust in schools. To strengthen the relationship between parents and the school, Parent Orientation and Workshops are organized frequently.

Despite all the hurdles the global pandemic got along with it, NPSK was well-prepared with its online learning modules ensuring the learning continues irrespective of the situation outside. Also by

motivating and engaging students through digital methods of teaching, utilization of Tech Tactics bridged the gap, while also connecting Parents and Teachers. NPSK understood the situation perfectly and worked towards the requirements of the teachers, and integrating apt technologies, and providing effective training to the teachers. In this very pursuit, several seminars / conferences / workshops were and are conducted to enhance the academic and intellectual environment at the School by providing faculty members with enough opportunities to pursue research to maximize the ability of faculty to teach and to nurture a productive culture.

All in all, NPSK has been very successful in implementing NEP 2020 in its true color and spirit. Also,

keeping the situation of the COVID-pandemic in mind, NPSK has already adjusted to the new normal, progressing each day with a multimodal approach that not only engages students better but also enables differentiation giving both teacher and student more options. Teachers across sections are becoming adept at using a range of online platforms, whether for teaching and learning, or online assessments, with a strong IT team supporting the whole procedure of E-teaching, in a smooth manner.

Mrs. Geeta Dixit – Principal

The most scrupulous leader, Mrs. Geeta Dixit is a true personification of leadership as she believes in assimilating a powerful value system in the students along with focusing on their academic and co-curricular excellence. For the overall development of the students, she has worked hard to open varied promenades for trailing perfection in talent areas, like Visual & Performing Arts, Sports & Games, and Life Skills, etc. Mrs. Geeta Dikshit’s steadfast approach towards the progress of NPSK and her consistent efforts to provide the best education and learning opportunities to the 21st century learner was certainly the distinctive factor that stands the upshot of unanimous inputs of all the stakeholders of National Public School, Kengeri.