New Pratham Public School


Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions parents have to make. The happiness and success of the child are key foundations upon which their future is built, therefore it is paramount that the school they go to value the child and encourage them to do their best at every front. New Pratham Public School (NPPS), affiliated to CBSE Board, New Delhi (classes Nursery to Class Xth) is one such school that values and encourages their students for the best, in an atmosphere of love, respect and affection for all.

Located at Pai Layout, K. R. Puram – Bengaluru, New Pratham Public School aims at providing quality education at affordable fees with a concept of  NO DONATION. New Pratham Public School is a hub of unique facilities, which include Children Gymnasium, Cricket Bowling Machine, Indoor Sports activity, Mini Pool, A/C Class Room etc, while also endeavouring to instil self discipline in the children and develop self-confidence in them.

The Focus is on bestowing child centric and value based practical learning which enables in developing the skills and intellectual capabilities needed in today’s world. “We impart the best guidance and resources that are essential to evolve every child’s potential to the fullest”, shares – Dr. Neetha Sathe, the Managing Trustee of NPPS. Continuing on her above statement, Dr. Neetha added – “NPPS cultivates a comprehensive, integrated education system to impart high-tech teaching methodology and philosophy that merges elements from western and traditional academic pedagogies and cultural values”.

Progressing on an enviable reputation of excellence

At New Pratham Public School, it is not just the students who are encouraged to ask questions but also the teachers. Teachers are constantly renovating their own methods, relevance of topics and student engagement with the intention of making them reflective practitioners. Thus, this has led to the teachers constantly involved in a journey of learning themselves – and has led to adopting several innovative teaching practices and methods with an intention of making it more student centric and engaging for the learners. Adding a point on this, the Principal – Jeevaratnam Reddy shared – “Our Faculty is dedicated in designing and implanting a unique blend of world class curriculum with a distinctive amalgamation of contemporary teaching methodologies and equivalent pivot on intellectual, physical and on personalities development that evolves our PRATHAMITES into future supreme leaders”.

NPPS is a well equipped, all inclusive educational centre that is a commemoration of technology enabled classrooms. With smart classrooms enabling virtual representation of the teaching that boosts the understanding among students, NPPS also hosts well-furnished, colourful and educative corridors throughout the two buildings. There are Thoughtfully designed Labs present on the NPPS Campus as well, which help in effective and detailed learning of subjects/topics.

Not only does NPPS emphasise on inside the classroom activities, but it also promotes all-rounded learning on a larger scale. As a result, co-curricular activities are an important part of the learning experience and a wide range of facilities for children to inculcate and pursue their talents. The Newest feature added to the campus is the NPPS MULTI SPORTS ACTIVITY CENTRE, which is a state of the art playground, with a huge play area where new age, as well as traditional sports are played. NPPS also hosts various kinds of sports pursuits for all age groups, so that children can exercise and relax at the same time with a great sporting spirit, along with various inter and intra school competitions like Olympiad National Level Quiz Competition which are also hosted annually.

Going forward, NPPS is in the pursuit of creating an Outdoor Play zone which will be equipped to be a well defined futuristic one of a kind playing equipment that will boost physical development. Ranging from all in one slide, swing, merry-go-round, animal rides, NPPS is sure that this facility will be a welcome treat for children, especially for the NPPS toddlers.

Towards a Better Tomorrow

Keeping in view all the rules and regulations laid down by the NEP 2020, the entire curriculum is mapped as per the NEP particulars, where the teachers are trained and equipped to tutor as to comply with the NEP pedagogy. Even the text books, teaching methodologies, and virtual representation are a true example of traditional values blended with  modern techniques that are being used by NPPS to provide a global outlook to the students. The focal point being emphasis on early child development and strong foundation for concept learning.

As NPPS is run by trained and experienced personalities who know very well that each child develops differently, NPPS strives to provide a conducive environment with a smooth line of communication that’s inclusive of the management, principal, faculty and parents. Creating progressive positive well formed minds that helps in bringing out the true potential of the child  NPPS believes that parents and teachers are partners in the educational process, thereby, the school invites the parents to interact with the school in several ways.

Lastly, ensuring that the onboard faculty is constantly trained keeping the progressive environment in mind, NPPS works towards generating confidence and motivating them that each student must find their unique talent which is NPPS’s ultimate goal. “Also, by creating a strong foundation for uplifting every Child’s potential, our faculty’s endeavour is to impart all round education which looks beyond the formal education but ensures an innovative, appealing, interesting approach that gives a sphere of global exposure to the students which indeed prepares them for lifelong learning and progress”, concluded – Dr. Neetha Sathe.

Dr. Neetha Sathe – Managing Trustee

Dr. Neetha Sathe is a young educationalist and energetic entrepreneur who seeks to foster young talent and natural women empowerment. Dr. Neetha Sathe inspires her students to be nothing but the best and motivates them to develop holistically, to boost their career to be future leaders, in an environment where learning is fun. She has been awarded the Doctorate Award by Rajamatha her Excellency Pramodini Devi. She was also conferred with the honor of THE TIMES OF 40 UNDER 40 ACHIEVERS AWARD BY SHRI. ANUPAM KHER. She is a patron who believes in cultivating a competitive spirit in her teachers and students to choose a path and move in the right direction to achieve success.

Dr. S G Prakash Rao Sathe – Chairman

A philanthropist who is known for his explicit work towards promoting a better society, Dr. Sathe is a man of diverse talent whose vision is the reason behind the successful approach towards the SVGC. He is the force behind a successful business empire, and has been honoured with several national level awards, including – THE BHARAT RATNA AWARD, the Doctorate Award, apart from being proudly recognized for the best and highest sellers of fuel for the last 20 years. He was also Awarded, the Times Best RESTAURATEUR AWARD, he strives to be that man who believes in encouraging and giving opportunity to each and every child as every child is exceptional.