NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts


How-does-it-look has become an important selling point for any product now. This shift in focus on aesthetics has helped the field of design to evolve from a vocation dealing with form and function to a new approach to developing business models. Keeping these very aspects in mind the world today has moved towards adapting to the new trends and demands, and thus, the field of Design Education has seen a rapid spike in admissions, which clearly shows that a lot of young blood is looking towards pursuing a career as design professionals. But unfortunately, with only a few renowned brands and institutions promising of education that can actually keep up with the industry demands in a country like India, that’s where NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts comes in, fulfilling the need for a quality Design Education Hotspot.

Exterior building photo of NICC International School of Design & Visual ArtsThe two years that I spent in NICC were the best; thanks to the people who made moving into a new city easy and comfortable. NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts has helped me grow in all aspects of life; be it professional or personal“, ecstatically stated – Meghana Singh, an alumnus of NICC. Another former student of NICC Tribhuvan Chander continued – “The college challenged me and this helped me realize that I not only have talent behind the lens, but also at directing, editing and graphic design and animation. I now try to use this combination of skill sets to create an astounding impact on my viewers“. Statements such as these from former students who thank NICC for whatever they are in their respective fields and lives now, are a living testimony to the sheer hard work and dedication NICC invests in each of their students, guaranteeing everyone a holistic education curve, along with a chance to display their true prowess as innovative thinkers and doers.

A destination for aspiring young minds, that is fulfilling varied dreams, NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts is an institute of national importance. NICC not only works towards giving out educational certificates to the students but perhaps, works in the favor of giving an assurance of turning students into industry-ready individuals. NICC has always been the front-runner in being a  motive driven career-building opportunity hub for young minds and equipping them with the knowledge and skills required for the new generation of change-makers. 

Career-Oriented Interdisciplinary Education

Being a home to a 10,000 sq.ft. building, NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts is a member-affiliate of the European League of Institutes of the Arts (ELIA), and the granting of this affiliation in March 2005 was simultaneous with the formal launch of NICC’s International teaching programs. “Successful high-level placements and appreciation of NICC graduates internationally including winning of a prestigious full scholarship in Packaging Design to IED Milan led to NICC being considered an aspirational destination for Design students”, states – Dr.Akash K. Rose, the Founder-Director of NICC. Continuing on his above statement and helping our readers get a better understanding of what NICC really stands for, Dr. Rose added – “Focused individual attention, encouragement of creativity, one-on-one nurturing of directional ambition and talent, this is how NICC operates, and will continue to do so in the near future as well“. Through the conversation with Dr. Rose, we also learnt that an essential foundation which empowers this approach is the limitation of class sizes to not more than 18 students per class, guaranteeing every student of the limelight and attention they deserve. 

NICC hosts varied up-to-date programs including UG Twinning Professional D.Des courses in Industrial Product Design, Communication and Information Design, Interior and Spatial Design & Visual Arts. The institute also hosts PG Twinning Professional Courses in Communication Design and Photography and Cinematography, along with Diploma Programs in Photography and UI/UX. NICC ensures through every program and endeavor carried on campus, that an environment of comfort exists across every nook and corner of the campus, where every student can harness their true potential, and still develop a positive attitude to succeed in the field of the creative industry.

Emphasizing on the real backbones of NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts – the faculty, are a bunch of friendly and approachable individuals with intensive industry experience, working together towards creating a community of learners and life-changing experiences. The onboard faculty members are the main reason that everything at NICC is unique yet effective, giving students a strong foundation in art and design theory, in addition, improving their proficiency in design technologies. The institute believes in the concept that a successful career is a result of knowledge and practical experiences molding individuals into facing the various challenges thrown at them, and staying up to date with the latest developments and demands of the global market.

Future-focused Excellence

The Course Objectives at NICC are according to the guidelines laid down by the New Education Policy, focusing on Multidisciplinary Learning, and NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts is one of the few Institutions in India offering programs guided by UN Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG). Interdisciplinary Cross-Platform awareness is preached on a large scale at NICC, resulting in unparalleled competitiveness and urge to grow beyond the classrooms among the students and the teachers. The teaching and learning at NICC is such that it enables career-ready graduates, who possess International-Standard Design Knowledge and skill sets in keeping with the Bologna Convention’s goal of establishing uniformity of Design curricula globally. “NICC is the first Indian Institution to adopt the internationally increasingly important S.T.E.A.M. concept of integrating the arts (A) into the S.T.E.M. educational root, leading to Design-Driven Innovation in multiple diverse fields”, stated – Dr. Rose. 

NICC additionally has a global network that gives immense opportunities for students to be a part of something big, where they have workshop activities, ted talks, and various other morale-boosting experiences.  These opportunities give the best exposure and experiences to the students from successful real-life people,  who help them prepare for the near future. The impressive industry-connections existing on campus have helped students to get placed in top brands and MNCs such as ZARA, BYJU’S, QUICKER, BEESWAX INC(FLORIDA, USA), STUDIO FIFI, EMIDS, and so on. 

With NICC being known for its most impressive teaching and learning experiences, the bold claims made by the institute about the highest placement records seem easily achievable. As a result of which, over 90% of the grads get placed under campus recruitments, as corporates demand talented, skilled, and industry-ready graduates which NICC is clearly known for. Also, the institute makes sure that every student is nurtured in the most suitable condition, in turn, converting the students into ready-made products for the competitive market, showing the results of the immense hard work put in by the management and the faculty at NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts.

Progressing ahead steadily and focusing on deepening its ties across the globe in terms of Design Education and looking forward to collaborations with eminent Universities in the U.K, NICC has displayed itself as a prime example of how an institute can run effortlessly and efficiently despite a global pandemic. NICC International College of Design & Visual Arts continued, without a break, to deliver quality teaching online throughout the period and all thanks to the infrastructure and amenities available on the campus, NICC intends to keep pace with evolving technologies such as EV development, Alternative Energy, Socially-Conscious Design, Green and Sustainable Design and to broaden the scope of their Graduates even further across the globe.

Dr. Akash K. Rose – Founder-Director

Photo of Dr Akash Rose the Founder-Director of NICCA name that is considered as an epitome of a self-made person, the National Institute of Creative Communication (NICC) has earned a high prestige and trustworthiness because of Dr. Rose’s efforts and constant hard-work. Also a man with multiple degrees credited to his name, including an MBBS from AIIMS, an S. Fellowship in Applied Technology, apart from being a master in design technologies, he is also an expert consultant in the field of Cross-Platform Integrate Technology and Digital Imaging, for two decades. He has various inventions in the fields of Automation, Robotics, and Small Scale Processing. And has worked as a consultant in Imaging and advertising, as he has immense experience and expertise in photography and all related technology.