Nitte School of Management – A Gateway of Exemplary Learning


For generations gone by, the only way to get on in work was to pay your dues. Promotion, reward, the steady ascent up the corporate ladder were all earned and paid for by commitment to the job, loyalty to the company and – perhaps more than anything else – by putting in the time. But, fortunately, times changed and so did humans. The Gen Y aka the Millennials needed more than a steady career, but perhaps, be someone who can be able managers and expert professionals. Going beyond just material rewards, the managers of the 21st century demanded contribution and accomplishment. Subsequently, the next step in the life of a management aspirant is to find such an institution which works rigorously in this very path of imparting such an education, which helps them get converted into workers, who are prone to succeed at anything and everything they do. Even though b-schools across the length and breadth of India promise their students of a success-filled life ahead, one institution which lives up to its brand-value and still, continues to create managers/leaders of tomorrow – Nitte School of Management, comes as a ray of hope for all, even during these gloomy times of the pandemic.

Developing multi-skilled MBA-holders who have knowledge domain and multi-faceted experience in terms of personality and role-handling, NSOM is a vital part of Nitte Education Trust. Working in the pursuit of becoming the go-to place for exemplary management learning, NSOM operates as an autonomous b-school approved by AICTE, offering a 2-year full-time PG Diploma in Management, fulfilling all the requirements and demands of a today’s management aspirant.

World-class Academic Delivery

Staying in agreement with the industry requirements, every student entering the Nitte School of Management is converted into an employable professional, with the help of the curriculum, curated in-house, by the esteemed faculty members and some of the industry experts. Believing in the wholesome growth of students, equal avenues are provided to all, motivating every student to shine in all aspects of their respective lives, be it inside the classroom or outside. Furthermore, the wholesome teaching/learning environment present on the campus is knowledge dominant and research-driven, exposing students towards becoming abled individuals ready to take up high-position jobs within a few days of their work years.

Relying heavily on the course design, delivery pattern & self-development processes, every individual present at NSOM enhances himself/herself in terms of knowledge and skill, imbibing a strong attitudinal change in themselves. All thanks to the faculty line-up, strong mentor-mentee relationships are developed at NSOM, where students treat their teachers as mentors, who guide them in all aspects of their lives. The faculty members come from being experts in the areas of corporate excellence, world-class engagements, management counselling, start-ups and entrepreneurship, and carry their rich experiences forward, helping students find their management calling.

While internal faculty with the doctoral background fine-tune students, the expert guest faculty groom students into industry leaders and corporate stars”, quoted – Dr M Venugopal, the professor and director at NSOM, during a brief conversation we had with him, where he gave us an inside view of the whole working ethos present at the b-school. Posing as budding management aspirants, we asked the director relevant questions of today’s time and quiet calm in his response, he addressed all the questions with ease. Adding to his earlier statement, he stated – “Being recognized as one the finest educational institutions of Karnataka, our b-school attracts students from all over India and abroad”, talking about the inclusive atmosphere felt across all the corners of NSOM.

Guided towards destiny

Leaving no stone unturned in terms of equipping the whole campus with the latest ICT-enabled infrastructure, the state-of-the-art building and campus facilitated the smooth transition of face-to-face to online, turning NSOM into an e-campus at the earliest occasion. These preparations guided NSOM out of the chaos of the lockdown and the pandemic, and the whole functioning continued as if there was no impact of COVID on their commitment.

It goes without saying that business students need personal attention and hands-on training without which they cannot become motivated and learned business managers.”, concluded Dr Venugopal, enunciating how every student is given personal attention, in the process of moulding them into future managers and leaders. Through the whole conversation with the director, we learnt that NSOM is a place for dedicated people, processes and interventions, and the quality of mentoring is always at an all-time high and at an energized level.

Having hit several milestones in terms of national reach, unique specialization and excellent student-industry interface, moving upwards seems seamless at NSOM, right on track of reaching upcoming markets, global hubs and influential arenas. Lastly, taking special care in preparing students for current events and prevailing themes, knowledge is imbibed at the b-school, teaching a sense of social-responsibility helping one and all present at NSOM emerge as well-equipped management professionals of tomorrow.

Prof. (Dr.) M Venugopal

An excellent corporate leader with immense teaching exposure, Dr. M Venugopal is a specialist in Business Law, HR, IR, Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship Development. He has held prestigious positions such as being the Senior Director, HR at Maxvel Intellectual Property Services Pvt. Ltd and many other well-known companies and industries. As the current director of NSOM, he guides the destiny and the direction of the institute giving back to the society by providing abled management professionals, ready to take a leap into the corporate, entrepreneurship world, in turn benefiting the country and society, at large.