NMIMS (Hyderabad) – A World of Educational Excellence


The Dream of today’s youth is to take up key administrative or managerial roles in companies, corporate firms, MNCS, and businesses or end up giving wings to their very own ideas and innovations. Progressing in this very pursuit of achieving individual dreams & goals, instilling strong management skills and knowledge among the gen-z aspirants is the need of the hour. And one field which literally addresses all of it, yet, converting students into exemplary leaders of tomorrow is the field of business management. However, considering the mushrooming number of b-schools and institutes across the country, it has become an arduous task for the aspirants to choose from the wide list, focusing on choosing only the best, which can act as a thorough platform to push them into this huge world outside, as confident business professionals. Thereby, coming as a well-known example institute, which has been known for its quality teaching/learning and the way the whole business-management pedagogy is handled – NMIMS Hyderabad came into existence with the strong aim of giving the most solid management foundation to the masses.

Having expanded its base even in the southern parts of our country, NMIMS has analyzed the corporate landscape through and through, working relentlessly in preaching the appropriate blend of business acumen and general management capabilities to their students, NMIMS Hyderabad has been imparting accelerated career growth, since its inception. Situated in Jadcherla area of Hyderabad, which is a hub of pharmaceutical & IT giants, NMIMS Hyderabad, with its 5-storied building, fully-air conditioned and appropriately furnished campus – gives out a feeling of harmonizing comfort, aesthetic appeal, with world-class state-of-the-art IT facilities.

Built on a 96-acre campus, the NMIMS Hyderabad houses specialized schools for business, commerce, science, law and pharmacy, which are headed by respective deans, who subsequently report to Dr. Tapan Panda, the acting Professor & Director. The various facilities and amenities present on campus help NMIMS effortlessly host various programs/courses, be it a regular MBA program or MBA (Pharma Tech) a 5-year integrated program, it is ensured by the management that all the courses are catered towards bringing out the best in students, staying completely in-sync with the market trends and demands.

Shaping global leaders
Being quite fortunate enough to interview a renowned business personality, who also serves as the campus director at NMIMS – Dr. Tapan Panda, we posed as budding management aspirants and tried our best to learn about the whole working ethos present at the institute. Asking questions from the on campus curriculum & pedagogy to getting to know about how the whole phase shift was handled during the ongoing pandemic, Dr. Tapan ecstatically answered all our queries, addressing all the required points which qualify NMIMS to undoubtedly be named among the best upcoming new-age b-schools of our country. Thereby, stating the main goal of NMIMS which is aimed towards educational excellence, Dr. Tapan quoted – “For a successful career in the corporate world, MBA students need doing, knowing and being, which NMIMS via its experiential learning, pushes leadership filled journeys in all its students”. Adding to his above quote, he added – “Understanding the importance of managers of today to excel as team players, we have created a matrix which consists of an equal share of functional knowledge and domain knowledge, along with lessons in collaborative thinking and team management”.

Bringing in the best of senior executives who have an academic inclination – design and deliver elective courses, all thanks to the deemed status, contemporary teaching is redefined each day at the NMIMS campus. Also, based on regular feedback on the curriculum from corporates, NMIMS is able to give a cutting-edge dimension and make it as relevant as possible to the Industry. Additionally, the impressive industry-academia connections existing on the campus, facilitate collaborations with T-hub (a Telangana Govt. Initiative), where an MOU has been signed with a view to foster innovation and leadership in the startup ecosystem. Also, the collaborative partnerships NMIMS has with entities such as FICCI & CAHO, benefit the students with industry exposure in case studies, capstone projects, research papers, mentorship, and developing a better understanding of startup dynamics. In addition to the MOUs signed a Letter of Intent (LoI) was signed as well between NMIMS Hyderabad, under the aegis of SVKM’s NMIMS, Mumbai and regional chapter of Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI) for a Research & Knowledge outreach activities to be undertaken by both entities through for the development of Industry & academia partnership in the regions of Telangana & Andhra Pradesh. The purpose of this collaboration is to setup FICCI-NMIMS Hyderabad Center for Indian Business and bring more practice-oriented research through case writing & policy initiatives in various sectors.

The Frugal Innovation program launched at NMIMS also acts as an added advantage for the students, where they get to try their hands at institutional, technological, community-based interventions, helping them gradually become socially responsible managers, the country needs. Progressing each day towards becoming that place where the operations reach out to a wider audience, NMIMS has affiliated itself with the Retailer Association of India Center (RAI), which is an equivalent to NASSCOM pertaining to the business fraternity and household, where students get the real-world access to all the stakeholders for creating the right environment for the growth of modern retail industry in India. NMIMS, under the able leadership of Dr. Tapan boasts of getting a 100% placement record, where students have gotten placed in top corporations such as Amazon, Infosys, KPMG and so on.

Furthermore, having taken the pandemic scenario seriously and giving in their best to innovate and create methods and processes, the heavy investment shelled out towards bettering the whole digital infrastructure, resulted in smooth online educational experiences and quick pedagogical adaptations. The equal emphasis laid on all the shareholders of NMIMS being one of the unique aspects followed on campus, where even the onboard faculty members are trained regularly to become good mentors and empathetic listeners, knowledge and expertise is actively passed on to the students with a cooperative attitude and co-creation agendas.

By the best, focused towards the best
Rightly committed to excellence in training, learning, research, and assembling emergent leaders in management who can make a difference globally-glocally, NMIMS Hyderabad actively organizes workshops and Seminars aimed at equipping students with the right skill-sets to face industry complexities with confidence, creating a holistic perspective. In addition to dynamically engaging teaching and research, the management and the onboard faculty members work tediously to push the precincts of knowledge, for learners who are excited to explore the business management nuances of the 21st century. Also, always striving towards enriching student experience that incorporates and blends business based theory with practice, the SBKM trust (the founding entity) fulfills its philanthropic duties by providing scholarship opportunities for the economically backward students, working towards a better society, one student at a time.

Dr. Tapan Panda – Professor & Director
An eminent personality in the field of marketing and advertising, Dr. Tapan has an overall work experience of over 28 years with premium business schools across India. Having taught and trained senior executives in the areas of marketing, branding, advertising, customer relationship management, life skills, in his journey he has authored 20 books and numerous articles in management. Also, a travel enthusiast, he has been to different parts of the world for research and training and has consulted some of the leading brands in the country, such as Axis Bank, LG, Hero Motors. All in all, he’s a genie when it comes to subjects where Technology meets Marketing.