Oakridge International School, Bachupally


One of the most important decisions parents have to make is choosing the right school for their child, where the happiness and success of the child are the major concerns upon which their future depends. Therefore, it is paramount that the school they go to, value their child and encourage them to do their best at every front. Oakridge International School is one such school where every child has the chance to grow in confidence by participating in a wide range of all-rounded learning experiences, and grow as confident personalities of tomorrow.

A school which demonstrates more than just quality teaching and learning excellence, Oakridge International School Bachupally is known for prioritizing mental well-being of the students above everything. The school believes that having a healthy life is equivalent to having a healthy mind, and thus, through its quality endeavors, the school lives up to the promises made.

Based out of Bachupally (Hyderabad), and listed as one of the Top IB Schools in that region, Oakridge Bachupally brings various International learning collaboration programmes with world’s leading organizations like MIT, Juilliard and UNICEF. These opportunities let students enhance their learning and connect beyond their classrooms. The encouraging ethos present at the school allows students to access a rich array of courses, information and gives them chances to work with invited experts through this platform, without any constraints.

Our teachers play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the leaders of tomorrow right from planning additional classes to introducing Teacher Buddy system wherein the students swap places with teachers”, shared Baljeet Oberoi, the Principal at Oakridge Bachupally. Also, the fact the School is a Nord Anglia Education School, facilitates students with the best of learning facilities, world-class teaching faculties and a holistic development approach that nurtures students for the world of tomorrow. As a result of the Nord Anglia status, Oakridge Bachupally operates as a welcome part of an elite group of 78 schools across five continents, collaborating and competing with the future world leaders.

Inspiring towards unlocking hidden potentials

Knowledge percolates even through the most impervious of layers and Oakridge International School, Bachupally offers an eclectic platter of curricula namely IB, IGCSE and CBSE and the relevant resources that make the most of it. Irrespective of the curriculum followed, the School endorses Inquiry based & Experiential learning by integrating contexts with concepts and skills. “We believe that learning should not restrict itself to the four walls of a classroom. Therefore, we emphasize on the habit of rediscovering oneself amidst nature”, added – Baljeet Oberoi. Continuing on her above point, she shared – “In this era of advanced technology being widely implemented in the sector of education, Oakridge takes the onus of introducing tools like Century Tech, a wonderful blend of Artificial Intelligence to make learning fun, Callido and many more”.

Through the Callido Learning system which is nothing but a structured, measured and intentional approach to critical thinking, research, problem-solving and writing skills, Oakridge Bachupally motivates students to develop their caliber as progressive individuals who are capable problem-solvers. Moreover, the in-person university fair organized by Oakridge invites over 80+ universities across the globe, which adds a progressive dimension to the entire process of building a profile.

To make it simple for all the parents, the School encourages them to attend the Meet Your Teacher programs, Orientation programs which are planned grade-wise to know more about the course work and to clarify their doubts even at the slightest inception of it. All these efforts are made to build meaningful relations with all the stakeholders. Also, to keep the spirits high, the School celebrates parents’ day, grandparents’ day, organic seed ball making day and many more.

Taking the word Schooling to new greater heights, Oakridge Bachupally reeks of uniqueness, and accordingly the infrastructure was set up to let students experiment and grow limitless. The soft boards maintained inside and outside the classrooms speak volume of the toil that is put behind every concept learnt and the unique amalgamation of all the useful pointers. The School organizes role plays (Nukkad Natak) and debates, which not only make lessons enjoyable but spreads awareness in terms of apprising everyone present on the campus with the social issues.

Oakridge Bachupally takes pride in the efforts it put in during the pandemic, which helped the School seamlessly implement Hybrid Learning, along with implementation of necessary tools and softwares, ensuring that virtual learners remain focused and enthusiastic about learning. Furthermore, like all conscious organizations, Oakridge International School demonstrated the highest level of implementation when it came to Covid specific protocols right from maintaining segment wise “bubbles” to prevent further spread. Weekly circulars issue helped parents and staff stay notified of the condition, which was eventually followed by Vaccination drives for students and staff to avoid hassles and regular health check-ups thereon.

Creating exciting futures

Oakridgers have an edge over others for the fact that no matter which curriculum a student follows, they are groomed to be independent and research-oriented as would be expected of them in their future engagements”, exclaimed Ms. Oberoi. She continued – “Each child gets the opportunity to explore ideas and creativity through initiatives like Project Explore wherein students are encouraged to select a zone of their interest and are expected to demonstrate their research skills in the form of a research project”.

Being a core component of IB, makes it mandatory for all the students to drive their Extended Essays and Internal Assessments which come in the form of research questions and the students are expected to work through the planning stages. Additionally, to equip students with the other important life skills such as public speaking, critical thinking and problem solving skills, the School implements new-age tools like Tedx, Model United Nations, Leadership camps, enabling students to witness the simulated real life in a fun way. Also, Oakridge Bachupally promotes college readiness, where the onboard career counselors in each segment, mold the students well-ahead of their careers.

Lastly, Oakridge Bachupally is unique and transformational in every way, where all the members unify on the thought of helping students at every stage of school education, developing outstanding transferable skills, including critical thinking, research and collaboration. Concluding the conversation, Ms. Oberoi shared – “We look forward to partnering with all the parents in the learning journey of their children, and we promise to stay committed to giving more than just traditional education”.