Online Coaching – The Future of Education


by – Shivanand Pandit – Public Speaker (Goa)

The digital transformation has brought a lot of novelties and melodramatically affected all sectors including education. As you know coaching is increasingly found with sky-high tuition. Professional coaching can now be found in virtually every part of the world. Coaching is not considered as exotic or only for rich students. However, brick and mortar form of coaching will be history soon. Online coaching will go the way of the buggy whip. Many privately owned coaching schools will go out of business, leaving mostly coaching institutions that are either approved by or are aligned with universities. Coaching will be delivered via multi-media distance learning and less via live training in universities and classrooms. Undoubtedly the world will transform dramatically due to the effects of pandemic blues, climate change and artificial intelligence. Online coaching will be a highly respected profession. Outstanding professional coaches will continue to earn high fees although professional coaching will be regulated virtually everywhere.

Just uttering the word coach or mentor may bring to minds of students imageries of helpful people in the past or present who have abetted them and continue to support them. Perhaps the most acknowledged root of the philosophies and delineations surrounding the concept of a mentor is the well-known story from Greek mythology: Odysseus, leaving for battle, asked his female friend, the goddess of wisdom Athena, to take on the male form of Mentor to watch and guide his son Telemachus while he was away. Now with one foot in the 21st century, it is crystal clear that coaching and mentoring are integrally built into many avenues of learning in adulthood. Like most institutions in a world of change, the age-old practice of mentoring and coaching is being influenced by new forms of work, technical know-how, and learning.

Now let us make an attempt to look at vital emerging trends in the coaching business.

Bright future for the cream of the crop

Planning to be a virtual professional coach for students? Then it is the prime time to do whatever it takes to discriminate yourself as one of the finest. Training, certifications, and evidence-based coaching skills are some areas you can look upon. Try to get at least one post-graduation degree or professional qualification. You should constantly upgrade your knowledge and traits all the way through your career. It will assist you to stay up-to-date on important tendencies, earn a higher income, and it will support your stay in business. Students can look for the presence of dynamic skills in coaches and must resort to such professionals to reap rewards considerably.

 Virtual coaching and mentoring

If you are a student you may be worried to travel miles together to reach the coaching center or if you are a teacher you may be worried about getting a suitable location for your coaching occupation. Don’t worry anymore! Location-based coaching will lose its substance beyond 2020. Students can get hold of desired coaches and teachers can get hold of their students anytime and from anywhere. The new technology wave definitely transfigures the coaching and mentoring business. This will open solid ways for both coaches and students to make interactions feel as monogrammed as possible and they can leverage the benefits of technology but at the same time can adjoin a live element to their needs.

Greater accountability

Getting the title of ‘Coach’ just after two or three years of running tuition classes will be the trend of the past. Yes, this is quite very natural for any maturing industry. Barriers to entry to the coaching business are bound to rise. The coaching sector will demand qualified coaches to assert their expertized knowledge. Up till now, a student required was the word of mouth referrals and a great reputation of coaching entities. But with the onset of 2020, students must see paper qualification as one of the most popular tools to select coaches. Thus if both students and coaches want to create long-term success, their decisions should be backed by vibrant yardsticks.

Coaching will become less than a luxury

Very soon coaching will lose its ‘Luxury’ position and become a ‘Necessity’. Due to the prevalence of precariousness in the world, all students of different streams and spheres cannot solve their problems on their own. They will look for aid and the exigency for coaches will augment. The advantages of coaching will not be restricted to only elites. It is going to become a need for every student in all domains to solve complex problems or tribulations. Coaches should comprehend that the coaching segment is evolving and is extremely thirsty for novel trends. This will amplify the pool of professional, trained, and qualified instructors, and only mature coaches can reduce the stress of students. Who doesn’t want that? Lovelier days are coming!

Student retention through motivation

The fundamental cause many students drop out of educational programs is because they are not motivated to continue learning. Lack of ability to master the required talents or skills at the pace of the rest of the class, absence of goals after passing the course is some of the reasons for that. Fortunately, online coaching addresses all of these problematic segments. An efficient coach or mentor reinforces students and guides them to frame informed decisions. He or she keeps them motivated about their coursework by prompting them of their goals and how the contemporary educational program relates to them. An uncertain student is not a successful student, yet the traditional education system does little to help students tackle their ambiguity. Online coaching and mentoring, on the other hand, encourage students to push through their uncertainty and decide what it is they want from their educational programs, their professional careers, and their personal lives.

 Boosts employability of learned material

“When will I ever use this in real life?” many students ask this question to their teachers. Every teacher has faced this at least once in his or her lifetime. Largely virtual coaches and mentors have the answer to this most likely question and they elucidate the core purpose of learning to frustrated students who fail to recognize the object of learning about geometry or symbolism or titration or economic theories. A robust online education program fabricates coursework that builds these employability questions right into the lessons. An effectual virtual coach makes the connection for his or her students and then fortifies it when obligatory.

The emergence of Coaching and Mentoring Apps

Students of the 21st century have tremendous flexibility to learn their own as technology continues to go forward. As a result the topography of learning and development is persistently shifting and students are in control of their own learning needs. Therefore, it is the students who are crafting a market for coaching and mentoring prospects. Professional coaches should capitalize on this and try hard to develop online coaching and mentoring APPs. Mobile learning APPs are congregating increased equilibrium and exist in a giant way to expand and flourish in a brand-new learning atmosphere. The market for mentoring software is growing rapidly on a worldwide scale. These tools help students to customize, manage, and measure learning initiatives. Coaching and Mentoring software targets to resolve the requirements of all types of students, such as a one-on-one basis or group-based mentoring.

Digital Generations and Continuous Learning

To become a champion in today’s complex and hot-blooded environment it is important for students to develop strong learning capabilities. With resilient skills, they can move ahead. So, they should focus on the right matrix of traits and talents. Today’s digital generation can count on the internet which is a huge arena and is a huge glut of online universities, social media, numerous interactive platforms, and free learning instruments. It is virtually a personal learning cloud and an open-source of information for every student. Students can choose learning materials from the learning cloud and customized them to his or her needs. The elasticity and immediate access to the learning cloud allow a pupil to choose skills in the context in the manner they can be used.

As a final point, online coaching and mentoring is the next education frontline. There are innumerable reasons to choose online coaching and 90 percent of students today think that online learning is the same or better than the traditional classroom experience. Every student and coach must assess their unique situation and decide according to their needs and goals. The main goal of online coaching institutions should be helping the students to learn meritoriously. If anyone wants to give the greatest number of students the greatest amount of opportunity, investment has to be done in the online coaching sector and it pays off. Indeed online coaching and mentoring can be resourceful, lucrative, accessible, and it is already indicating to be a driver in student success. What better reasons could there be?