Phoenix Institute of Aviation and Hospitality – A Better Choice Than Ever


It’s an annual rite of passage for millions of students across the globe to anxiously check their mailboxes for thick envelopes and weighing their options about which stream of education they need to choose from. However, if you’re a young person contemplating your career choices, and still in the back of your mind have a dream of literally taking flight into the sky, a career in aviation, would surely make your life goals clearer. Also, with varied options available in Aviation like becoming a pilot, an air traffic controller, airport manager, unmanned aerial vehicle operator, or something else — enrolling at an Aviation college could be your surest ticket to that dream job. Moreover, considering the exponential growth surge the Aviation Industry has in India, colleges across the length and breadth of our country, have involved themselves in a rigorous routine towards imparting excellence. One such premier Aviation hub, which focuses on creating versatile, balanced, and structured programs, in pursuit of creating qualified and abled professionals – Phoenix Institute of Aviation & Hospitality, boasts of a highly qualified team that delivers world-class training and placement support to all its students.

Providing a wide array of courses, packaged, and bifurcated with an aim of allowing students to imbibe overall knowledge across various disciplines, at Phoenix Institute, students are increasingly pushed towards gaining a wider scope of the Aviation sector. Providing opportunities to become completely immersed in Aviation subjects, yet, guaranteeing the surest path to a long and rewarding career, the prime focus of the institute is on each and every student, in turn, guiding them and showing them the way towards achieving their individual goals.

Consisting of 3 major departments, i.e Ground Operations, Cabin Crew & Cargo Management, experienced faculties, who themselves are trained Aviation experts, engage with the students to give them knowledge beyond textbooks and study materials. In addition, all the students are trained in traditional methods of learning via textbooks, where they only by-heart the knowledge but adopt “practicality”. Also, there are new technological updates or methods that are adopted in the Aviation sector on a daily basis, and thus, strong industry connections existing on the campus, help the institute stay well-in-sync with the latest industry trends and developments.

A soaring community of learning & growth

Founded in Belgaum – Karnataka, by Mr. Harsh John Thomas, an experienced airline industry personality, Phoenix Institute and everyone who is a part of it ensure that each student is a bearer of light. Working together towards a better society, one student at a time, students especially from rural backgrounds and economically weaker sections are given chances to outshine as Aviation Experts, via various scholarship programs and concessions. Pushing each student towards new experiences and exploring new waters which are unknown to them, Phoenix Institute helps them to realize their true potentials, be it academically or as all-rounders. Making role plays, situation handling activities, and so on, a routine at the institute motivates students to handle real-life incidents that occur at the airport, preparing them for their respective careers, well in advance. Besides this, students are also taken to various NGO’s where they can give service to society, helping them gain confidence and provide overall exposure, converting them into society-friendly individuals. Additionally, all thanks to the impressive industry-academia connect existing at the institute, seminars, conferences, and workshops are organized regularly by top Aviation experts from other colleges and the industry, in turn, providing strong practical and industry exposure.

The diploma in Aviation & Hospitality program hosted at our institute teaches all the basic skills needed in the Aviation and hospitality industry”, stated – Mr. Harsh Thomas, during a brief conversation we had with him, where he gave us an inside view into the whole working ethos present at the institute and how Phoenix excels each year imparting quality training and teaching to the students. Adding to his above statement and talking in detail about the diploma program offered, Mr. Harsh stated – “With our expertise in training and placing Ground Service Staff, the Diploma in Aviation and Hospitality also prepares students for a career in Airport/Ground Handling”. Apart from technical subjects included in the curriculum, modules of courses also include Soft Skills, Passenger Relationship Management, Group Operations & Personal Grooming, letting students gain thoroughly throughout their stay at Phoenix.

Students also have the complete opportunity to take up a career as cabin crew professionals with domestic & international airlines, as the institute believes that all the air passengers require the assistance of cabin crew professionals for a safe journey, and thereby, at Phoenix Institute, students are trained in all aspects of cabin crew responsibilities as well. Also, understanding the fact that freight shipping is a very important part of the Aviation Industry, and needs its due share of emphasis, a solid understanding of the various elements involved in transporting goods such as inventory, safety, and logistics are thoroughly taught across all the subjects in the diploma program.

Lastly, summing up the conversation and stating his active role towards society, Mr. Harsh added – “I feel Aviation is a vast subject with new challenges on the ground as well as an-air customer service, thereby, it is my biggest challenge – to get smiles on every passenger before they fly with any airline.” Therefore, it is evident that Mr. Harsh along with his team of teachers, and other management staff have set their goal on creating such professionals, who by themselves emanate positivity and hard work, thus, putting smiles on the faces of everyone, to whom they deliver their services and expertise to, during their tenures as Aviation Professionals.

Mr. Harsh Thomas

A person with vast experience in the airline industry, Mr. Harsh Thomas believes in the quote said by Late Dr.A P J Abdul Kalam-“Dream is not that which you see while sleeping it is something that does not let you sleep.” Being a Belgaumite himself, he wanted to give the students of Belgaum a new beginning in the career of Aviation. As the meaning of the Phoenix bird is to rise from its ashes, he himself has “Never Given-up”. And now his aim is focused on giving new opportunities to students who can find new career prospects in the field of Aviation.