PM Modi announces visa policy change for Indian students in France


Indian students in France have received some exciting news recently. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has declared a change in the visa policy that is set to benefit Indian students studying in France. This announcement comes as a significant step towards strengthening the educational ties between the two countries.

The new visa policy aims to simplify the process for Indian students who wish to study in France. It will offer longer-term visas, making it easier for students to pursue their education without the hassle of frequent renewals. The policy change also includes provisions for streamlined visa processing, which will expedite the application process and reduce administrative burdens. Indian students have been actively choosing France as their preferred destination for higher education due to its renowned academic institutions, diverse culture, and vibrant student community

Prime Minister Modi’s declaration of the change in visa policy reflects the Indian government’s commitment to supporting its students in pursuing education abroad.

Also, this policy opens new doors for academic and personal growth, allowing us to focus more on our studies and immerse ourselves in the vibrant French culture. We are grateful to both the Indian and French governments for their efforts in facilitating a smoother and more accessible educational journey for us.

So, the change in visa policy for Indian students in France is a positive development. This policy change will undoubtedly benefit Indian students by simplifying the visa process and providing them with longer-term visas. It not only strengthens the educational ties between India and France but also contributes to the overall growth and development of both countries.