PM Modi says India preparing educational system that is futuristic


Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday said with the New Educational Policy, India is preparing an educational system that is futuristic, and added the new generation will get their education in a new system that will make for ideal citizens of the country.

Addressing the 75th Amrut Mahotsav of Shree Swaminarayan Gurukul Rajkot Sansthan via video-conferencing, Modi said when other parts of the world were identified with their ruling dynasties, Indian identity was linked with its gurukuls, referring to the Indian tradition of treating knowledge as the highest pursuit of life. “Our Gurukuls have been representing equity, equality, care and a sense of service for centuries,” he said.

The Prime Minister congratulated everyone associated with the Sansthan on the completion of its 75 years and noted the coincidence of the auspicious event with the period of Amrit Kaal.

PM Modi lamented the neglect of education and the duty to revive the glory of the ancient Indian education system in the immediate aftermath of independence. Where earlier governments faltered, the Prime Minister said, nationals saints and Acharyas took up the challenge. “Swaminarayan Gurukul is the live example of this ‘Suyog’” he said. This institution was developed on the foundation of the ideals of the freedom movement.

“Spreading true knowledge is the most important task, and this has been India’s devotion towards knowledge and education in the world which has established the roots of Indian civilisation,” PM Modi remarked.

The Prime Minister informed that even though the Gurukul Vidya Pratishthanam began with only seven students in Rajkot, it has forty branches worldwide today which attracts thousands of students from all over the world.

He further added that in the last 75 years, Gurukul has developed the minds and hearts of the students with good thoughts and values, so that their overall development can be done.

“From dedicated students in the field of spirituality to scientists in ISRO and BARC, the tradition of Gurukul has nourished every field of the country”, he said.