Podar Jumbo Kids, Bhandup


In today’s competitive world, it is highly essential for schools and educational institutions to focus on not just the academics but the overall development of children. It is here Podar Jumbo Kids stands tall with its core focus on the overall development of children. The school’s curriculum, activities, and exposures are based on providing an inclusive environment embedded with quality teaching and learning through co-creation and innovation for children to flourish in their lives. In fact, its vision is to sow the seeds of curiosity in the kids and let them grow like that of a plant with love and nurturing. To achieve this, the school believes that the main essence of a child’s early development is a combination of child-led play activities which are open-ended to develop their thinking such as Imaginative Play, with a specific learning intention from the academics.

The teachers at Podar Jumbo Kids remain sensitive to the needs of the students and create various interactive activities to provide fun-based learning. For instance, the school deploys various methods for numeracy like tile-based learning to make kids easily understand the numbers. The school also makes the best use of emoticons wherein children learn to recognize emotions according to facial expressions. Various simple, yet effective tools such as flash cards, mirrors, etc. are also used effectively to promote deep learning amongst the kids. 

On the whole, Podar’s system is based on KIDUCATION: K – Knowing Childhood, I – Individuality, D – Dangers to Childhood, U – Understanding early childhood, C – Conflict Resolutions, A – Amygdale, T – Temperament, I – Inquiry, O – Outdoor, and N – Neurons Stimulation. This kind of system makes learning more robust and adaptable by the young minds and prepares them well for the future. The children at Podar are also exposed to various unique activities which include Yoga, Meditation, Brain & Hand Coordination Activities, Role Play Activities, and sports like Racing, Aerobics & other activities during Periodic Annual Events (Sports Day).

UK-based Curriculum

Podar Jumbo Kids takes utmost pride in being the only chain that follows the UK-based EYFS Curriculum in India to promote the personality development of children, which is based on seven main ingredients including Personal, Social and Emotional Development, Communication and Language, Physical Development, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World, and Expressive Arts and Design.

This is a comprehensive mixture of robust learning with which the kids will be able to better prepare for the future. In fact, the first three ingredients are primarily for the kids’ development and are not related to academics, which emphasizes the importance of personality development in the knowledge imparting scenario. In the Personal, Social and Emotional Development, the school encourages kids to make relations, be self-confident, and promote self- awareness. As a part of Communication and Language, the school inculcates listening and attention paying abilities, while for physical development, the school combines moving and handling one’s actions through health and self-care.

Hybrid Learning Environment

Post the onset of COVID-19 pandemic, Podar’s teachers have beautifully adopted the hybrid model – “Click Brick Click” wherein Click involves online classes and Brick involves physical classes, thus creating a new N.O.R.M.A.L: N – New Normal (Click-Brick –Click Method), O – Organized Safety Protocols, R – Rituals and Policies, M – Math and Literacy Foundation, A – Assessments, and L – Learning with KIDUCATION. All the teachers and staff members ensure to stay updated by taking up various latest courses related to child development. In fact, they constantly attend webinars and seminars to stay apprised of the latest additions to childcare learning. They inculcate these learnings in their everyday teaching practices as well. Most importantly, Podar, as a team also hosts bi-weekly sessions to revaluate and improve the delivery of its learning system. 

With regards to infrastructure, Podar Jumbo Kids has meticulously organized its spaces, furnishings, and materials to maximize the learning opportunities and the engagement of every child, based on the accessibility of the environment. This involves providing books at different reading levels, placing materials within easy reach on a shelf, or creating ample space for kids so that they can manoeuvre around the classroom. The school’s classrooms are spaces for children to work and play independently or in small groups, and to gather as a community, which are equipped with natural lighting, or light from windows. The rooms are airy and vibrant with colours to encourage neurons’ stimulations. Furthermore, a designated play area is built-up for the kids to enjoy playtime and relax.

Active Participation of Parents

Active participation of all the stakeholders is highly imperative in the overall development of students. While teachers may put their 100% efforts in this aspect, parents must also equally contribute towards the learning curve of students. Sadly, most parents in India remain unaware of this fact. Therefore, during the assessments, Podar makes sure that parents also remain apprised not only of their child’s progress but also the methodology that it follows for their development. A small demonstration of the learning methods in the class is organized during each assessment day. This is done to encourage parents to replicate the same demo at home to further stimulate their child’s development. In fact, all the school’s programs actively involve parents as they are the first teacher of a student. Clearly, the school has been committed to providing quality education to shape a better future for the kids since its inception.