Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray


The necessity for excellent leadership stands out in the wide and vibrant landscape of India’s higher education institutions like a beacon pointing students in the direction of excellence. A capable leader drives an educational institution towards undiscovered realms of knowledge and creativity, much like a captain guides a ship through unfamiliar waters. One name stands out particularly when discussing leaders that exemplify this quality: Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray, the Chancellor of Adamas University.

Imagine a university where curiosity abounds, where students weave visions, and where instructors ignite brains. It’s a beautiful symphony, but every orchestra requires a conductor. Here comes Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray, a symbol of forward-thinking leadership in the field of higher learning, a place of adventure where students can explore and learn.

From Square One

Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray hails from a middle-class background, a childhood marked by financial challenges that only served to deepen his appreciation for profound values and ethics. The formative years were shaped significantly by the influence of these principles.

In his upbringing, his parents – particularly his father – emerged as towering beacons of inspiration. The relentless dedication displayed by his father in providing for the family, coupled with an unwavering emphasis on education’s paramount importance, imprinted lasting impressions. From these lessons emerged enduring virtues of tenacity and resolute commitment.

Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray ‘s inspiration grows as he delves into his family history, tracing back to the lineage of freedom fighters who valiantly contributed to the struggle for India’s liberation from colonial rule. Their indomitable spirit and steadfast dedication to a higher cause ignited a fervent aspiration within him to effect positive change within society’s fabric.

So it Began!

It all commenced following the attainment of an honors degree in Physics, which later paved the way for an exploration into the realm of computer studies. This professional trajectory led him to a significant position within a reputable IT enterprise, content with the path he was treading. However, the tides of fate held a different course.

A pivotal shift occurred when recent graduates from his neighborhood sought his expertise in Mathematics to prepare for banking examinations. Embracing this request, he embarked on a journey of tutoring, initially imparting knowledge in the cozy corners of his own study during weekends.
What emerged as a modest endeavor swiftly gained momentum, with coaching sessions gradually expanding to accommodate an increasing number of students. What started as a single classroom venture in the northern precincts of Kolkata turned into an inspiring tale. Notably, under his diligent guidance, 36 out of the initial 40 students notched victories in various competitive examinations. This transformative encounter kindled an unwavering passion for education and mentorship within Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray.

The profound impact he was able to effectuate in the lives of these aspirants crystallized his realization: academia and administration were his true vocation. Thereafter, the die was cast.

From those nascent days of tutoring, a resolute dedication to the pursuit of educational excellence and adept administration has been his guiding star. The elation derived from empowering and steering students toward the realization of their aspirations became the bedrock of his professional journey within academia and administration. Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray’s unswerving commitment to these domains continues to flourish, propelled by the joyous endeavor of nurturing young minds and shaping their futures.
Adamas University is an integral part of the RICE Group, offering high-quality education at all levels of academia. The group’s dedication to excellence encompasses schools, higher education centers, and competitive exam coaching, all supported by advanced facilities and comprehensive teaching methods.

For 38 years, RICE Education has been a cornerstone institution, guiding and empowering individuals aspiring to government service positions in West Bengal. Their unwavering commitment has benefitted more than 150,000 students, propelling them into prestigious central and state government roles and exemplifying the institution’s commitment to educational quality.
In 2004, Adamas International School was established, consistently achieving outstanding results in board exams. Its holistic approach instills values such as integrity, resilience, and empathy, preparing students to become responsible global leaders.
In 2011, Adamas World School adopted international education principles, promoting cultural diversity and global perspectives. With a comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the school equips students to navigate an interconnected world and tackle future challenges.

In 2014, Adamas University was founded as a center for transformation, innovation, and research. By providing a transformative learning experience, the university fosters intellectual curiosity and critical thinking among students from various disciplines.
In 2021, Adamas Technology Consulting Pvt. Ltd. was established, focusing on digital innovation in education. This technology division leads the digital transformation of educational infrastructure and develops products like RICE Smart, revolutionizing the learning experience.
The journey of Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray, from being a single-room teacher to building a diverse educational group, is truly inspiring. As the Chairman of the RICE Adamas Group, his vision is to create an inclusive educational ecosystem that nurtures talent, fosters innovation, and cultivates future leaders. This unwavering commitment to lifelong learning is shaping a brighter future for society.
Prof. Ray’s profound impact through the Samit Ray Foundation underscores their dedication to social development, in alignment with their pursuit of educational excellence. As the visionary behind the RICE Adamas Group, his legacy continues to foster curiosity, critical thinking, and innovation.

Adamas University in a Nutshell

Situated amidst 120 acres of verdant surroundings, Adamas University, now in its eighth year is dedicated to preparing adaptable individuals for a rapidly changing job market, amidst the Education 5.0 and Industry 5.0 era, working in pursuit of shaping the next generation of problem solvers and social technocrats.

At the core of Adamas University’s philosophy lies the principle of “Learning by Doing.” This powerful motto goes beyond mere words, becoming a dynamic principle integrated into every aspect of education. Administrators, faculty, and students come together to cultivate an innovative, creative, and collaborative environment in higher education. This fresh approach ensures that the university becomes a hub where worldwide thought leaders gather, exchanging insights and expertise, and forming alliances to overcome the significant challenges facing higher education. Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray is pleased to announce that Adamas University has successfully established a pioneering Stem Cell Research Center, led by faculty members from institutions like Stanford and so on. Along with the Central Research Lab, the University campus also houses 110 state-of-the-art laboratories.
With a resolute vision of becoming a globally renowned educational center, Adamas University actively encourages both its students and faculty to embrace international learning experiences and engagement, while fostering collaborations with industries and organizations on a global scale. Consequently, Adamas University is committed to establishing a presence across multiple continents, providing ample academic, research, and professional opportunities for students, professors, and staff.

Dr. Samit Ray proudly states, “These interactions have led to partnerships and Memorandums of Understanding with over 85 esteemed universities spanning 44 countries worldwide.” Additionally, since its inception, Adamas University has introduced a unique mentorship program that benefits all students, distinguished by its outstanding curriculum and structure, playing a vital role in nurturing students’ physical and emotional well-being.
Adamas University is also renowned for its research endeavors, ranging from Ph.D. programs to sponsored research projects, facilitated by initial funding and specialized research centers.

The faculty also wholeheartedly engages with prestigious organizations like DST, SERB, DRDO, and ICMR, cementing the institution’s impact on the landscape of innovation. Subsequently, Adamas University hosts one of the 10 E-YUVA Centre of the country, supported by BIRAC which plays a pivotal role in innovation, translational research and entrepreneurship development. It provides fellowship and innovation grants to undergraduate, postgraduate, and post-doctoral levels fostering innovation and entrepreneurship.

Fostering comprehensive growth goes beyond academics and culminates in the vibrant sphere of the Career Development Cell. This nexus connects eager minds with internships and job placements, serving as a gateway to top-tier employers. Names like Accenture, Airbus, Amazon, and other industry leaders serve as testament to the university’s ability to produce graduates who meet the demands of the corporate world.
The University is deeply committed to commemorating diverse origins and perspectives through tailor-made programs. These endeavors nurture cross-cultural comprehension, champion inclusiveness, and amplify a sense of belonging within the academic community. Notable examples include festivals from the North East region and a spectrum of academic events, facilitating exposure to a diverse array of subjects, cultures, and dialogues. Furthermore, the University is home to a multitude of cultural events that spur interdisciplinary collaboration and invigorate campus life. There is an in-house evaluation system at the University that ensures policies, spanning from admissions to academic accommodations, which are unbiased and open, mitigating hindrances and nurturing equal opportunities.

Eminent Global Leader: Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray’s Illustrious Achievements

In the realm of academic leadership, few names carry as much weight as Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray. Since 2022, Prof. Ray has held a prestigious position as a Board member within the International Association of Universities, an organization sponsored by UNESCO, headquartered in Paris, France. This appointment serves as a testament to his significant global influence and prominence.
Prof. Ray’s contributions have not only earned him widespread respect but have also garnered esteemed accolades from renowned institutions worldwide. In 2016, he was honored with the title of Emeritus Professor by Dnipropetrovsk National University of Railway Transport in Ukraine. This recognition, grounded in his profound impact on academia, demonstrates his unwavering commitment to advancing education on a global scale.
The accolades continued to pour in, with Prof.

Ray receiving an honorary Doctorate Degree from Bath Spa University in the United Kingdom in 2022. This distinguished honor stands as a reflection of his dedication to excellence and his enduring influence on the educational landscape.
Prof. Ray has also received recognition and certificates from numerous prestigious international universities spanning countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia, Italy, Mongolia, Poland, Russia, and Ukraine.
Prof. Ray’s journey serves as an inspiration to all, highlighting the profound impact a visionary leader can have on the global academic community. His commitment to fostering education, transcending borders, and championing knowledge knows no bounds, establishing him as a true luminary in the world of academia.

Future Ready Leadership

Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray places significant importance on open communication and proactive conflict resolution to effectively address challenges within the university community. A culture of transparency and trust is deemed indispensable in promptly and efficiently dealing with issues. “Established avenues for feedback and suggestions encourage every member of the academic community to openly voice their concerns and ideas”, the Chancellor shares. “The decision-making processes are designed to be inclusive, involving stakeholders in pivotal university-related decisions to ensure a comprehensive consideration of diverse perspectives”, he continues.
As the visionary leader of Adamas University, Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray envisions a future that revolves around a compelling vision, shaping the institution into an icon of academic excellence and societal impact. The roadmap is built on key pillars meticulously designed to elevate the university’s influence and reputation. Also, working towards setting a bold aspiration towards securing a prominent position among India’s top 50 universities in prestigious rankings. This ambitious objective underscores the dedication to consistently raising standards and gaining national recognition for academic excellence and institutional eminence.
In the midst of a rapidly changing world marked by uncertainties, including conflicts, pandemics, diseases, natural disasters, economic volatility, social challenges, and the imminent threat of global warming, Prof. (Dr.) Samit Ray emerges as an agile leader with an unwavering commitment. His objective is to nurture the younger generations, arming them with the necessary skills and promoting virtuous character traits, thus enabling them to effectively tackle today’s multifaceted challenges as genuine global citizens.
These ambitious goals not only highlight his dedication but also underscore his strengths, wisdom, and tireless efforts. His unwavering pursuit of elevated standards of excellence serves as a testament to his visionary leadership.