Rachna Pant


Leaders in academia are responsible not just for your growth but also for the institution, faculty and students. One such leader who makes a remarkable difference in the education sector is Mrs. Rachna Pant, Director, Ramjas School R K Puram. Rachna Pant hails from a highly academic oriented family. Prior to becoming the Director, she had served as a principal in the same School. Rachna Pant is MA. M.Ed. and CIG, and has won many prestigious and coveted awards, including the one received at the hands of the Hon’ble President of India, Dr. APJ. Abdul Kalam, for her lifelong devotion to the cause of education.

Bringing Waves of Changes in the Education Sector

A Principal of outstanding caliber, educational expertise, author of repute, women of precision and an excellent administrator with high intellect, Rachna Pant is also a CBSE Resource Person and an ELT Expert. She has authored a good number of language books, text books, value education books and general knowledge books. Her journey in the field of education has been a roller coaster ride with hardly any opportunity for climbing down. “I’ve gone with the flow, savoring each new challenge as an opportunity for new learnings. Life has been a great teacher itself. In my career in education spanning more than 43 years, it’s difficult to say if there was any sudden discovery or enlightenment, it has been a gradual process.” shares Mrs. Rachna Pant. Through time, she has matured as an educator and constantly looks for new experiences to add to her repertory. She owes her success and recognition to the various opportunities that came her way, and her response to them.

Her role as the Director is all encompassing and includes a bit of her in every aspect, be it infrastructure, education, teacher development or governance/ administration. Her heart and mind are firmly entrenched in its ecosystem. Along with her professional life, she also manages a balancing act with her family, and celebrates all occasions with verve with them. During the unprecedented times of the pandemic, the whole education scenario shifted digitally worldwide. In her response to the pandemic, Rachna Pant said, “We transitioned to online mode of teaching in a couple of days. To make the system student friendly, we roped an agency which developed an app/ system for us to schedule and conduct classes. It also helped us frame and allocate exams and deliver reports. The students and teachers were duly trained. It was a massive exercise undertaken very successfully. Today we are proud of our systems. The parents were also brought onboard.”

As an academician in a leadership role, she has always worked with her heart and made delivery of education as an act of love and passion. She has not allowed the essential human goodness to be lost at the altar of progress. As a lady in a position of power, Rachna Pant takes an active stance in spearheading the change she wants to see over time. Mrs. Pant believes women in India are sufficiently empowered legally, the awareness levels are also increasing and they are scaling new heights with each passing day. On motivating the girls to achieve their goals in today’s world, she quotes, “I think, now it’s time to stop dwelling too much on it. They are well on the road to recovery. The girls today needn’t feel restricted by their gender. They need to focus on their goals now.” As a means to the end, she believes the time to fear and step back is over now. The world is their oyster and the game has just begun for the women. It’s wrong to say that they are as good as men, the time to compare is over. They are equal partners in the progress of this world.

An Author of Repute
Apart from being a guide and a mentor to several students, she is also an author. The books authored by Rachna Pant are enriched multi skill course books that focus on a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach and are designed to develop linguistic competence amongst the students, providing ample drill and practice to the students. A set of books are specially designed for students coming from rural learners. The books are aimed towards learner centered education. Apart from being felicitated with prestigious President’s Award of national stature and significance in the year 2003, Rachna Pant is also the recipient of many more important awards viz. Dr. Radhakrishnan State Teachers Award, the Best Teacher Award for the past three consecutive years, bestowed on her by Lioness Club, The National Child Care Award 2002 by the United Nations Universal Children Day and World Children Summit.

Mrs. Pant was also nominated by the British Council to attend the Global Leadership Education Seminar at the University of Bath, in the United Kingdom; She is also credited for being nominated by the India Chapter of ISTE, International Society for the Use of Technology in Education. Fully committed for the upgradation of the Educational Sector and always believing in the creation of the best talents, Mrs. Rachna Pant’s contribution in the academic field is undoubtedly laudable. She was the founder Director Academic / Principal of the Global Indian International School, Bangkok. She started this 1st and only CBSE school in Thailand which had 3 boards i.e. CBSE, Cambridge and International Baccalaureate. As the head of an institution, she is constantly working against deadlines and managing things with great skill and efficiency, thus producing amazing results. She also has ties with schools / organizations in the U.K., USA. And Japan.

She has visited many countries both in personal as well as professional capacity and attended various seminars and conferences, most recent being the ‘Educators Conference’ in Japan where she was one of the nine educationists from all over India to be nominated by the Japan Foundation and to the U.K under the ‘India – U.K Educational exchange programme’. Her views on Education / interviews have been aired on various T.V channels several times. Mrs.Pant has played a major role in improving the board results of the school. Various new initiatives have been taken by her in the school. She has been selected as an International Consultant by the Govt. of India to train trainers of Uzbekistan & Russia. According to her, there are no lifts or escalators in the world of success. There are only stairs leading from one level to the next. A step at a time-Higher, Stronger, Brighter.