Rajagiri Business School – An Integrated Hub of Learning and Increased Competencies


Since the time the pandemic hit us, we as a global community are experiencing unprecedented change in what seems like a routine, until the world has restored to normalcy. Many of us also have dropped everything and devoted our expertise to help our state, country, and world combat this virus. In this very scenario, one particular group of people who are most needed to serve in terms of reviving the economy and guiding others out of these tough times, also, helping organizations and institutions stay relevant and up to date, are the managers cum business leaders of today. Serving society by giving out exceptional individuals who are well trained in handling the ups and downs of the market, and at the same time being expert generalists, management schools and institutions across the length and breadth of India have been producing such personalities relentlessly. One such institution which stands out when compared to its peers, promising all its students a success filled life in management – Rajagiri Business School, strives each day in terms of providing quality education boosting globalization, technological advancements, and clearly addressing many of the pressing social imperatives.

Being a symbol of professionalism, flexibility in learning and highly curated curriculum design and pedagogy, Rajagiri Business School involves itself thoroughly in immersive learning. All thanks to the methodology experience the b-school has, international accreditation is one among the top laurels Rajagiri has been credited with. Established in the year 2008, Rajagiri Business School (RBS) is a vital part of the Rajagiri Group of Institutions, and simultaneously works as an autonomous institution. Situated in the Rajagiri Valley in Kakkanad, in very close proximity to the IT hub of Kochi, the campus has been well-designed keeping in mind the preservation of nature and imbibing a strong sense of community feeling in communion with Mother Earth.

Helping tomorrow’s managers hone their skills and guide them towards becoming abled researchers and innovators, RBS stays well-in sync with the pace of the fast-moving world outside. Being one among the few b-schools in the country to start an Assessment Development Centre (ADC) program, where top HR managers from renowned companies visit the campus of RBS and assess the freshers who have been selected to be a part of the journey at RBS. Based on their evaluation, various attributes are assessed, and accordingly training programs are curated in pursuit of developing globally competent and socially sensitive leaders. Also, giving equal importance to both outside and inside the classroom activities, all-rounded and talented individuals come out of RBS, who have developed strong societal values, ready to take their spots in the huge competitive world outside.

Addressing the changing business environment

Established as a result of the persistence and hard work put in by the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate (CMI) – the first indigenous catholic congregation for men in India, also, dedicated to education at all levels, RBS gets its persistent motivation from CMI. Having its origin as pioneers in professional social work education starting with a Diploma in social service way back in 1955 and adding on master’s in social work (MSW). Such initiatives were a first of its kind in South India, and henceforth, RBS and CMI have excelled extensively in promoting social sensitivity across borders.

Relying heavily on employability skills and knowledge of the graduates, the curriculum is designed in a way that it promotes holistic development, guiding them to become great corporate as well as social beings. Motivating everyone present on the campus to take part in unique activities such as Rural Sensitisation Camps, gives them firsthand experience in handling issues beyond their work desks and classrooms, in turn, preaching a sense of responsibility to work towards guiding the state and the country progress in unison.

Comprising few of the most renowned educational personalities guiding the b-school, academicians and industrialists make RBS their home as Boards of Directors and faculty members. Always giving it their best in terms of building strong relationships with the industry, RBS incorporates latest market trends and demands into the curriculum, keeping all its students well versed and informed about the latest industry practices and methods. The strong industry-academia bonds existing on the campus also helps students with opportunities to attend internships and project works, facilitating top corporates to visit RBS. From mentoring sessions to placement drives, RBS has indeed become an elaborate haven for regular industry-interactions. Talking to us about how important the industry-academia bond and how students learn and gain every moment they spend at RBS, Fr. Francis Sebastian, the Assistant Professor of the b-school, gave us an insight into the whole working ethos.

Elaborating specifically on how students are pushed towards compulsory off-classroom learning, Assistant Professor quoted – “As a policy, Rajagiri students have to compulsorily do the internship outside their place of residence thus paving the way for familiarising with the new environment”. Making sure every student gets what they need and deserve, a sense of belonging and inclusivity is felt across all the corners of the b-school. Addressing everything which is happening in the market and making room for it in every step taken each day at the b-school, even crisis situations like the pandemic were effectively overcome, due to the combined efforts put in by everyone present on the campus and the management of the b-school.

Helping you discover the best

Innovations can’t be taught but we can guide students to be innovative and influence them to become innovators”, quoted Fr. Francis Sebastian, enunciating how research and innovation plays an important role at Rajagiri. Hosting a 2-year full time PGDM program and an 18-month PGDM program for working professionals, both the program structures contain a compulsory set of core courses covering all foundation areas in management that build a holistic general management perspective. Also, letting students pick from a wide range of elective courses with a functional and domain thrust, the main aim is at building job specific skills and knowledge in the chosen area of specialization. Students can also choose from non-credit add-ons and certification courses, depending on their individual preferences.

The whole RBS faculty fraternity involves itself in advising, guiding and helping students, in turn promoting decisions on learning, competency building and career choices. Furthermore, providing top-notch talents to the organizations and industries, RBS has a dedicated Career Counselling Team which provides confidential and impartial assistance to the students to move in the direction of their aspirations and interests. Services of Career counselling cell is also available to all the registered students at RBS to help them trek towards their dream career.

Lastly, having gotten the best management education and learning, the students pass out from RBS getting converted from shy and timid individuals into strong independent managers and specialists. Be it getting placed in top-brands or end up giving wings to their very own dreams, students have always savored every facility, initiative or an amenity made available to them, remembering every minute spent at Rajagiri Business School. Valuing its alumni and considering them as its brand ambassadors, RBS influences the companies which have their alumni working, and makes sure that they get the highest of privileges. Cherishing every memory, they spent at RBS, and carrying these memories across their lifetimes with smiles on their faces, the ex-students of RBS carry the tradition forward, influencing a positive change in and around them, working towards a better country and society.