Ramaiah Institute of Management 


Whether a bank, consultancy, or manufacturer, companies and organizations everywhere look for support to reinvent themselves, as there has been a complete overhaul of how one has to conduct their businesses. Now, the future of these companies rests in the hands of employees cum business professionals who can make them resilient to the volatility of market conditions. Thus, Ramaiah Institute of Management comes out as that renowned management hub in Bengaluru and Karnataka, catering to the continuous learning aspirations of several students, nurturing and making them realize their true potentials, and converting them into personalities who can lead with confidence irrespective of the changing market demands and trends. 

Operating as the most preferred Business schools in Bangalore, and being located in the heart of the city, RIM is acclaimed as the one of the best Business schools providing quality management education through its PGDM program. The program offered at RIM is NBA accredited and approved by AIU as an MBA equivalent. The curriculum followed is completely Industry-Oriented and designed by both Academicians and Industry Experts, coupled with new age teaching pedagogies and assessments. The b-school also aims to develop a strong research culture to augment critical thinking and analytical abilities among students and faculty.

A vital entity of the Ramaiah group of Institutions, which has set a legacy in education by providing excellence through education following the philosophy of inclusion, RIM leaves no stone unturned in continuing on the set brand-value and identity. Striding in its path of excelling as a holistic management institution, the b-school gave its best, irrespective of unprecedented times which came along with the COVID-19 pandemic. RIM has also proven itself as a vibrant and responsive management haven, that is able to deliver only quality teaching and learning, imbibing a sense of social-responsibility in all its students, equipping each one of them to meet such emerging challenges in the global context.

360 degree development

The success of any institution depends on how well it caters to the needs of its stakeholders, the user systems, and the society at large, thus, we as an institution are well aware of the needs and also the potential that students and faculty possess”, states – Dr. Manasa Nagabhushanam, the Director of the Institute. Adding to her above statement, she continued -”We strive towards enabling students and faculty to become better each day through a highly process-driven system, transparent governance, constantly evolving curriculum, learner-centered pedagogy, and a highly reflective assessment”. These above points laid down by the director are among a few prime elements of quality which RIM is a proud endorser of, which facilitates the b-school to deliver societal demands. The director also ecstatically quoted – “At RIM, it is not about a class or a cohort. It is about individuals. The success of the Institution depends on the growth of each of its students”. 

The Institute follows a choice-based credit system to make the curriculum ‘student centric’. Keeping in view NEP implementation, the Institute offers a basket of courses – foundation, skill-enhancement, specializations, core courses, and open electives. A multi-disciplinary approach is instilled through the combination of disciplinary courses, experiential courses, and tech-based courses to foster critical thinking, logical reasoning, and analytical decision-making skills in students. A broad range of specializations are offered to students including Marketing, HR, Operations, Hospital Management, Sports Management, Aviation, Business Analytics. 

Teaching methodologies adopted at RIM are curated in such a way that it fulfills the needs of outcome-based education, where group discussions, flip classrooms, learning by doing, research-based learning, case studies, etc. enable the students to actively participate, not just attend lectures. The integrated live projects in the first two semesters provide students an opportunity to have real-time learning from start-ups. 

The onboard faculty members who are more than just teachers, but perhaps Gurus and Mentors, identify the practical elements in the courses, and assign project opportunities to the students, which help them dive deeper into the subjects they love. Also, around 30% of the courses are taught by Industry experts with a greater hands-on approach and the Industry has a role to play in curriculum development, pedagogy and nature of assessments, exhibiting the fact that – an impressive industry-academia bond exists at RIM. These strong connections also result in guest lectures, panel discussions, business conclaves etc. Moreover, Ramaiah Institute of Management  has recently initiated BCIC-Ramaiah Center for Excellence through which faculty, students and industry members work together on various collaborative initiatives.

An academic community of growth and well-being

RIM is a Wi-Fi-campus with state-of-the-art infrastructure to support quality learning. The world-class infrastructure at Ramaiah Institute of Management  included – Smart classrooms with learning aids facilitating quality inputs, Hi-tech Auditorium, Seminar Halls, and Conference Room facilities. Also, during the pandemic when the whole world witnessed extensive use of technology by adopting the ICT methods, RIM was already well-equipped with its Learning Management System, which helped in conducting classes and assessments without any apprehensions. Google classrooms and Pentabs were used too for effective curriculum delivery and assessments. 

Coming to the most important aspect of running a successful educational institution in today’s time – the placement statistics and management, Ramaiah Institute of Management  is a front-runner in this demanding race, where its Placement Cell actively assists in finding suitable paid and unpaid internship opportunities for the students, which are usually converted to final job offers. With remote-work possibilities, Ramaiah Institute of Management  has created a platform where students can engage themselves in internship opportunities throughout the year. Also, there are several companies and top MNCs that visit Ramaiah Institute of Management  consistently for the last 10 years offering jobs across various sectors such as BFSI, IT, Consulting, Ed Tech, Market Research, FMCG and others. Students are provided training in all domains, soft skills and technical skills to make them industry-ready, where the faculty members are actively engaged too in various consulting assignments involving students, giving them a good hands-on experience. 

All in all, Ramaiah Institute of Management  is that management institute which every student looks forward to joining and that institute which every current student is proud of being a part of. Not only does Ramaiah Institute of Management  support underprivileged students in their educational journeys, it also helps many of them to secure government scholarships. The Institute provides scholarships directly each year as well, under categories like single-girl child, socially marginalized, economically weaker sections and for excellence in sports and cultural activities, children of defense personnel, and meritorious students, ensuring that everyone on the Ramaiah Institute of Management  campus have an enriching and transformational journeys to take up varied challenges in their respective careers and lives.

Dr. Manasa Nagabhushanam – Director

A talented personality with over 33 years of experience – as an academician, education leader, researcher, writer, and consultant, Dr. Manasa has transformed institutions and people to achieve success, guiding and preaching a very inclusive approach. She has contributed to management education by her transformational and thought leadership as Dean and Director at well-known Business Schools in Bangalore. She has supported strategizing business growth for several start-ups and corporations both as a business consultant and researcher. She has made extensive contribution to the Education sector, played a key role in Administration, Research, Institution building and a nominated representative in several professional bodies. She was nominated as a member of the Curriculum Development Committee under the Task Force for the implementation of the National Education Policy in Karnataka. She is a nominated member of the expert committee to look into the legislation relating to the Right to Education Act in Karnataka, by the Government of Karnataka. She has served as the President’s nominee to the executive council of the Central University of Karnataka, Kalaburagi. She is a member of the advisory council of Nrupatunga University Bangalore and also a member of the executive council of the Centre of Educational and Social Studies (CESS).