REVA – Faculty of Engineering & Technology – New Beginnings, Endless Possibilities


Imagine a world in the absence of the internet and all the technology tools we have access to, during the long and continuing Covid-19 pandemic crisis. While technology has been a huge enabler in these times, one is also left wondering how and when will the regular education routine in schools and colleges start again. Perhaps, this calamity is more of a wake-up call to all the educational institutions and a reminder to create and strengthen their overall work processes. This also gives a thorough opportunity to be better equipped against even greater challenges such as climate change, cybersecurity and urban mobility. Treating this situation as a chance to better the teaching-learning system and truly believing in the concept of going digital, REVA – Faculty of Engineering & Technology, comes as a shining beacon of light to the budding engineering aspirants even in these gloomy times.

A major constituent of the REVA University, The Reva – Faculty of Engineering & Technology excels in giving out exceptional engineering education to all, supporting students in various aspects of growth and development, in turn, helping them enrich their skills. Engineering is one of the most famous and sought-after courses offered at REVA, and thereby, the programs imparted via the various schools of engineering make the environment at REVA – Faculty of Engineering & Technology fully integrated and specialized.

Real Education, Real Results

Under the vast umbrella of REVA University, REVA – Faculty of Engineering & Technology operate Schools of Civil, Computing & Information Technologywith focus on Artificial Intelligence, Information Science, System Engineering, Machine Learning, Bioelectronics, Mechanical, Electronics & Communication, and Electrical & Electronics. The programs offered under these schools range from diploma courses to Postgraduate level to Doctoral Studies. The importance of Research in education is preached at the University, facilitating smooth learning experience across the widespread PhD programs, due to the highly supportive infrastructure. Industry trends and standards are kept in mind and with the assistance of industry experts and faculty members, a unique yet dynamic course curriculum is designed at the University, making the learning process fun and enjoyable for the students.

In a time where most of the engineering graduates of our country today are deemed unemployable. The students at REVA – Faculty of Engineering are trained in developing critical, analytical, innovative, creative and problem-solving abilities, converting students into employable engineers ready to take their spots in both private and government sectors. “Endorsing a totally inclusive environment, REVA University believes in imparting holistic education, maintaining quality standards and assessment norms for all schools”, explained Dr. P Shyama Raju, the Chancellor of REVA University, stating how REVA stands up for its students making them well-trained and well-equipped.

Faculty at the University are more of facilitators to students and less of teachers”, quoted – The Chancellor, ecstatically explaining about the esteemed faculty at REVA. He added to his earlier statement by saying – “Each faculty is responsible for handling the development and progress of 10-15 students, mentoring them and guiding them through their academic and personal endeavors”.  In addition, the faculty members motivate students to take up leadership roles in various events such as seminars, workshops, and so on, helping them grow their managerial skills, in turn, boosting their confidence levels.

Your Career Path Begins Here

With today’s youth dreaming towards a bright future, with ambitions to enter the best industry and have an excellent career path, the demands and needs of an engineer of today are at an all-time high. In the direction of guiding students to develop the necessary skills required for today’s world, REVA University has established REVA UIIC and REVA NEST. These initiatives inculcate strong industry-relevant experience and leadership skills in the students, via various innovative and entrepreneurial activities. An excellent training and placement cell exists at REVA, where systematic training and internship programs are organized. And moreover, with the help of the 360-degree training programs held on campus, students get thorough insights for a successful career ahead of them.

Equipped with a world-class infrastructure compared to the best universities and colleges of the world, all the amenities ranging from Central Library to Hostels are made available to the students. The Engineering branches have a separate block for itself which caters to all school-specific needs right from their workshops, studios to their ICT classrooms, to their Department library, staff rooms, reading rooms, open spaces and floor cafeteria.

Giving equal importance and access to co-curricular activities in the school, students are motivated towards outperforming their peers even outside the classrooms. From dance to drama, music to performances, students at REVA showcase their talent in various platforms available to them. Due to the extensive infrastructure at the disposal, students and the faculty members engage in different clubs and societies, helping network growth and benefit learning while studying.

The University also believes in converting students into society friendly individuals, and thus, various Social Outreach Programs are organized at regular intervals. And finally, due to the impressive industry-academia bonding the management of REVA has, top corporates and industries visit REVA for the hiring process annually. In turn, students are offered brilliant internship and placement opportunities, summing up the whole learning and growth experience the students get at REVA, getting a chance to prove themselves, and grow beyond the normal.


Dr. P. Shyama Raju, Chancellor

An outstanding academician, a philanthropist and a humanitarian, Dr. P. Shyama Raju is a man of finesse and vigor. He holds prominent positions and memberships in prominent institutions across the country, likewise, also is on the board of many companies in the field of infrastructure development, charitable institutions and welfare trusts. Being a well-experienced person across various industries and domains, he adds to the brilliance of the REVA University by empowering learners with enough knowledge, which will in turn enable them to create opportunities and build a better society.