RNS Institute of Technology: Creating Socially Responsible Engineers


The year 2001 was a very special year in the life of Dr. R.N. Shetty, the Group Chairman of ‘The Murudeshwar Group of Companies’, as it was the birth year of his brainchild – R.N. Shetty Institute of Technology (RNSIT). The Murudeshwar Group of Companies is one of the leading players in many industries in India, from construction to IT services and education, the company has contributed towards the betterment of the society, from the beginning.

With a continuous desire to provide quality education to the society, the group started RNSIT, stated Dr. H N Shivashankar, the director of RNSIT. RNSIT has already become one of the best and top-accredited Engineering Colleges in Bengaluru city. The institute continuously strives to impart high-quality education in Engineering, Technology, and Management with a difference, enabling students to excel in their careers.

Imparting quality education

Teachers at RNSIT are a bunch of well Qualified and Dedicated humans, comprising of 31 Doctorates, 74 Ph.D. scholars and 109 postgraduates from various Indian universities with different domain expertise, who motivate teaching at RNSIT, which basically involves a continuous process of converting a student into a trained professional, ready to face the battles, which the world throws at them.

Initially, quality students are given seats at the institute, through a competitive selection process and once they begin their college life with RNSIT, they are given a strong foundation in fundamentals pertaining to their subjects, which helps them guide themselves better, to achieve distinctions in various walks of life, leading to outstanding contributions towards the society.

The curriculum at RNSIT is value-based, need-based, choice-based and skill-based, which is aspiring towards the youth of today’s time, which helps students learn the technical aspects of the subject as well as make them learned and disciplined excellent professionals. Meanwhile, teaching, research, and consultancy are promoted in the institute to guide academic consciousness among faculty and students. Students are regularly given exposure to the industry methods and norms, entrepreneurship training and guidance, the scope of doing higher studies and how to go about pursuing them and finally yet importantly, provide enough opportunities towards Research and Development for the students and faculty.

As scholars and academicians run RNSIT, quality education is provided to its students through an adaptive technology by incorporating feedback from all the stakeholders. As a result, a highly evolved structure time tested “Teaching-Learning Process (TLP)” is created at the institute. For continuous quality improvement of the TLP, senior members of RNSIT consisting of Director, Principal, Dean (Academics) and concerned HoD are entrusted with the responsibility of carrying out the academic audit of the faculty members with regard to their capabilities, preparation, and performance. “The academic audit is structured in a systematic and scientific way to review the academic system for improvement of quality” – stated Dr. M K Venkatesha, the principal of RNSIT, when asked to give details about the TLP process followed at RNSIT. It is a faculty-driven model of ongoing self-reflection (INTROSPECTION), peer feedback, collaboration and teamwork based on the structured conversation to continuously improve quality in teaching and learning.

Life at RNSIT

Located in one of the best areas of the city of Bengaluru, RNSIT has a strong locational advantage. “The industrial and IT activities in Bengaluru play a major role in a student’s life at RNSIT” – stated Dr. H N Shivashankar, the director of RNSIT, when asked to talk about how things work at RNSIT. In addition to his statement, he also added saying – “The locational advantage of Bengaluru, helps students get opportunities to carry out their college projects in the latest technologies in the various industries or IT companies” The staff and students at the institute are able to incubate and disseminate their innovations and ideas in the current research areas. Internship opportunities at companies like NAL, HAL, and DRDO are well absorbed by the students for their own subject knowledge.

Complete holistic development of the student is given importance at RNSIT; regular religious activities are carried out in the temple, which is situated well within the campus of the institute. Regular blood donation camps, road safety awareness programs, and ample cultural and sports activities opportunities are provided in an abundance at RNSIT. Motivational lectures by eminent personalities are organized on a regular scale, for the students to feel empowered listening to the rags to the riches stories, through hard work and dedication, of some of the personalities.

All core UG engineering branches, from Electronics and Communication to civil, RNSIT offers regular 4-year courses in all of these domains, PG courses are also offered at the institute such as M.Tech in Computer Science & Engg., M.Tech in VLSI Design & Embedded Systems, Master of Business Administration (MBA) & Master of Computer Applications (MCA).

The management at RNSIT is very committed and having immense engineering contributions and sound financial status, gives rise to an endless potential for the institutional growth of the institute and thereby scale up the growth at RNSIT exponentially, over the next few years.

Meet the Director, Dr. H.N. Shivashankar

 The Director of the college with over 48 years of teaching experience is associated with RNSIT from 2003. He has published a number of research papers and two of them have fetched him gold medals. He has authored popular books such as Basic Electronics, C Programming, etc. He was a Fulbright scholar and was at the University of Southern California.

Meet the Principal, Dr. M.K. Venkatesha

Principal (since 2008), RNSIT is a “JC Bose Gold Medalist” and has more than 35 years of teaching experience. He completed his Post Graduation from the University of Manitoba (CANADA) on a fellowship. He is also the recipient of best teacher award at RNSIT. He has published a number of research papers with many citations.