Royal School of Nursing – A Multicultural Hotspot of Growth & Learning


Since the time the field of medicine has existed, the role of nurses has always been critical. As prime health-attendants, they play an integral part in quality patient care, good outcomes, and even organizational financial success. Yet aspiring nurses often assume their roles are based on clinical skills and sometimes may neglect other skills that are important to the job. This can be the result of the limited formal training available for nursing professionals. Its high time that we learnt that nursing is perhaps an intellectual process that requires critical thinking, emotional intelligence, and social intelligence to deal with people, and not just a degree or clinical expertise. Furthermore, in the wake of the pandemic affecting all our lives, the demand for trained, well-equipped nursing professionals is on a drastic rise. Along with having the traits of being a complete nurse with the right ethics towards mankind, the nurses of today need to have the ability to sacrifice their peace of mind and even risk their own lives to save the lives of others.
Creating such young brave-minds, and, in addition, working with an aim of creating global citizens in the nursing professionals of tomorrow, Royal Global University (RGU) is a literal haven in the making, meant for excellent opportunities to flourish and progress. Being listed among top leading universities of Assam, established in the year 2017, Royal Global University is ideally located in the picturesque backdrop of Tirupati Balaji Temple in Guwahati, Assam.

Trusted to care
An integral part of The Assam Royal Global University (RGU), The Royal School of Nursing started on its journey in the year 2018. Offering a few of the best-curated courses as per the industry demands and norms, the curriculum is designed by the stalwarts at RGU in recognition with the Indian Nursing Council. Aimed at catering to students from both rural and urban backgrounds, the importance of public health is preached at the institute, instilling a strong sense of social responsibility in every student on campus. Due to the impressive industry-academia connect RGU has with many of the industrial-giants and top establishments across Assam and the rest of India, students benefit from these opportunities by getting hands-on practical experience and training, in both government as well as private hospitals and institutions.

Having an impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure at their disposal, students turn opportunists when presented with the various amenities made available to them. Facilitated with top-notch infrastructure, cultural events, campus recruitment programs and activities become a norm, making students get the best of both the worlds, be it inside the classroom or outside.

Being fortunate enough to get a chance to have a brief discussion with Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Singh, the Vice-chancellor of RGU and the principal Prof. (Dr.) Gitumoni Konwar, we made the most of this opportunity and tried our best to question the management about all the important issues concerning to a today’s aspiring nursing student. In one such instance, we asked the VC to talk about one main point which makes The Royal School of Nursing stand out when compared to its fellow competitors. Quiet ecstatic in his response he quoted – “The school celebrates the importance of health, and thus, works for the benefit of the students and creating an awareness-filled society”. Post getting such a reply, we luckily didn’t have to ask him more on this topic and moved on with our conversation quickly.

Diagnosing towards the cure
The University boasts of having the best faculty concerning the industry and the demands of a 21st generation nursing aspirant. Professor Singh himself is a man of experience, and thus, leads the parade of the institution, guiding every student and teacher, motivating everyone towards outshining on all aspects of living. “The teachers train students in pushing themselves to implement critical thinking in every, day to day activity of their educational career and later, adapt the same in their personal lives”, stated Dr Gitumoni, talking to us about the dedicated faculty the university has onboard.

“The teaching methods followed at the institution have been enhanced over time by concept mapping, making virtual teaching a new norm of clinical competencies at RGU”, stated Prof Singh, explaining to us the importance of ICT-enabled learning during post-COVID times and how RGU adapted to it well before the pandemic hit us. Continuing his point on this medium of knowledge-imparting online platforms he said, platforms like MOOC, SWAYAM, SWAYAM PRABHA, WHO, Elsevier, INC, TNAI and so on, have effectively been imbibed in the educational system of the university and the school currently, that be it online or offline our students are getting the learning they deserve.

Dr Gitumoni also spoke to us, about the wide range of students, from the various backgrounds they come from, who willingly submit themselves towards a better future, by quoting – “Promoting a totally inclusive environment of learning, students from across the country come to be a part of the establishment”. Knowing well beforehand, the positivity and togetherness which exists at the University, where the whole pedagogical structure is so interactive, & multi-model based. The use of vast teaching methods, prepare students for a brighter future ahead of them, working towards a whole new world of games, seminars, roleplays, workshops, simulations, and, beyond. Getting top placements for their students, the school fulfils all its duties of indeed being an exemplary place of learning, giving students every opportunity and platform, they need and deserve, in their journey of learning, growing, and, becoming sensible and able professionals of tomorrow.

Prof. (Dr.) S. P. Singh, Vice-Chancellor
A vital part of the Royal Group since its inception, Dr S. P. Singh has led top-educational posts throughout his career. He later moved on to Amity Education group and joined as the Senior Vice President. He also served as the founder Vice-Chancellor of Amity University, Chhattisgarh, for almost 2 years before joining The Assam Royal Global University in November 2016 as the founder Vice-Chancellor. With his vision and hard work, the University has progressed manifold and has become a haven for quality learning.

Prof. (Dr.) Gitumoni Konwar, Principal
A former Head of the Department of Medical-Surgical Nursing, Regional College of Nursing, Guwahati, Dr Gitumoni has 23 years of leadership and strategic management, communication, research, and professional development experience, spanning the public and private sectors. Her diverse career has led her recognition as a health professional and instructor/trainer with extensive work experience. Her compassion towards the nursing profession and public health promotion has won her awards from different organizations in the field.