Sanjivani College of Engineering


India, the land of Engineers and Engineering Colleges, is celebrated for its vibrant creativity and unwavering spirit of innovation. Within its borders, engineering institutions thrive as bustling hotspots of unbridled ideas, fueled by a passionate drive and so much more. These academic hubs offer not only boundless opportunities but also act as comprehensive platforms that contribute back to society by nurturing the engineers of tomorrow.

In the perpetual quest for the finest engineering college, the spotlight shines brightly on the remarkable Sanjivani College of Engineering. An autonomous Institute situated in Kopargaon, this prestigious establishment resides in the heart of Maharashtra and boasts an illustrious history of excellence, stretching back to its founding in 1983. Guided by the visionary leadership of Shri. Shankarrao G. Kolhe, the college remains steadfast in its mission to uplift rural communities through education, training, and groundbreaking research.

Igniting Minds, Illuminating Futures

Since 2015, Sanjivani College of Engineering has been on a remarkable journey, setting the bar high with certifications from NAAC (A-Grade) and NBA, signifying their commitment to quality education. Following well-defined education methods prescribed by NBA and NAAC, the institute has embraced Outcome-Based Education (OBE), ensuring students receive a focused and effective learning experience.

With an industry-oriented curriculum crafted by industry professionals and esteemed academicians from IITs and NITs, Sanjivani College encourages students to take an interdisciplinary approach, offering an array of subject choices and electives that ignite their curiosity.

At the heart of Sanjivani College lies state-of-the-art infrastructure, meticulously designed to cater to the needs of the students both inside and outside the classrooms. From a dedicated Gymkhana with an open ground to a Center of Excellence, where internships within the secure campus premises are provided, the college prioritizes student development and nurtures entrepreneurial aspirations.

Distinguished faculty members, adorned with doctoral degrees and possessing over a decade of expertise, grace the college. Their consistent contributions to reputable national and international journals and the acquisition of patents reflect their unwavering dedication to academic excellence.

Adapting to the dynamic educational landscape, the faculty employs various ICT tools to enhance the learning experience. From preparing engaging video lectures to integrating NPTEL and MOOCS content, they ensure that even global challenges, like the recent pandemic, do not disrupt the flow of unparalleled education.

Empowering Through Education

Dedicatedly striving to foster Academic Excellence in the realms of Engineering and Management through Education, the College proudly houses Eight Departments, each specializing in major in-demand streams of engineering. With a legacy spanning over 40 years, the College continuously introduces novel and effective learning approaches, equipping its students with essential entrepreneurial and dynamic skills, while nurturing their innate curiosity and technological prowess.

According to Dr. A. G. Thakur, the Institute’s Director, Sanjivani emphasizes not only on developing capable academics but also instills a strong sense of participatory learning among the students. To achieve this, students are encouraged to actively engage in a diverse array of activities, ranging from seminars, group discussions, debates, poster competitions, and projects to skill-based add-on courses.

Furthermore, the College places great importance on practical learning experiences, inspiring students to apply their specialized technical or management skills in real-world scenarios. To achieve this, the departments facilitate regular industry visits and collaborations, enabling students to tackle actual industry problems and emerge as confident tech experts ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

Moreover, benefitting from robust industry-academia relationships, Sanjivani College of Engineering has forged numerous Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with renowned universities worldwide, and a few local companies such as Datametica Solutions,Pune and Revature India. These strong industry connections enable students to participate in certification programs such as SAP, Salesforce, Coursera, and Career Academics. Additionally, the college has established industry-sponsored labs like Virtusa, Celebel, BMW, TI, and self-product development labs such as e-Yatnra and Fab Lab, enhancing students’ exposure to cutting-edge technologies.

Recognizing the significance of research and development in everyday life, the college actively engages its staff and students in R&D initiatives funded by national bodies. Faculty members extend their expertise through consulting services for industry and society, allowing students to tackle real-world challenges. Moreover, a dedicated Industry Interaction cell organizes regular sessions with industry representatives, facilitating over 60% of students to secure internships in various sectors.

Despite already excelling in delivering quality tech education, Sanjivani College aims to diversify its learning approach, accommodating various learning styles. Beyond academic excellence, the college seeks to maximize industry involvement in curriculum design, training, and research. All in all, Dr. A. G. Thakur expressed the college’s commitment to nurturing technical human resources for the socio-economic growth of Rural India, fostering global competitiveness. As it continues its journey, Sanjivani College of Engineering remains steadfast in its pursuit of excellence and industry collaboration.