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Delivering Engineering Excellence

2020-21 was one of the most significant academic years in the history of education. The coronavirus pandemic rapidly forced our classroom learning process to completely adhere to digital mediums and, at times, blended education to continue uninterrupted learning. In fact, blended learning has been a part of premier higher education institutes such as IIMs and IITs for the past few years. However, not many have been eager to follow suit except a handful of private universities like Sanjivani College of Engineering, which has been providing an impeccable learning atmosphere that assures an ideal learning environment for all, since its inception. 

Envisioning towards developing world class education through quality education, Sanjivani College of Engineering (An Autonomous Institute), situated in Kopargaon, is one among the premier technical institutes in Maharashtra state in the un-aided sector. Established in 1983 by the Sanjivani Rural Educational Society under the charismatic leadership of Shri. Shankarrao G. Kolhe, the institute had its vision for social transformation and upliftment of rural masses through education, training and research. Also, by reimagining education to introduce new ways of learning and critical new skills to learn for their students, embedding them with entrepreneurialism and dynamism and seeding it with curiosity and technology, the mission of the college is to create academic excellence in the field of Engineering and Management through every endeavour, focused towards a better tomorrow. 

All our unrelenting efforts in bringing the Global Curriculum to the Rural masses, creating and providing opportunities to the community, coupled with foreign collaborations, and bringing the best companies into the campus for placements, we offer the Choice Based Credit System, along with special attention in Mentorship programmes”, shares – Mr. Amit N Kolhe, the Managing Trustee of the college. Sharing his insights into the ethos present at Sanjivani and elaborating on the consistent efforts in the Teaching – Learning processes carried out at the college, Mr. Amit took time out of his busy schedule to address all the questions related to the education of today’s time. Adding to his above statement, and continuing on how Sanjivani is a unique platform of excellence in this competitive world, he stated – “At our Sanjivani College of Engineering, we use student-centric approaches like experiential learning, participative learning, and problem-solving strategies to make our students unique and able to stand out in this competitive world”.

Drawing on passion

At Sanjivani, not only are students pushed to become capable academicians, a strong sense of participatory learning is also preached among the students, by encouraging them to participate in various activities such as seminars, group discussion, debates, poster competitions, projects, and the skill based add on courses. Students are encouraged to participate in activities where they can use their specialized technical or management skills, and departments encourage students to acquire and develop problem-solving skills. Additionally, students are encouraged to identify a problem from industry and apply solutions to the problem, and to do this, regular industry visits and collaborations are organized, so that students come out of the college as confident tech experts of tomorrow. 

Furthermore, being that tech hub which is completely in-sync with the market trends and demands, all the courses offered, be it – Mechanical engineering, Civil engineering, Information Technology or Mechatronics Engineering, the curriculum and pedagogy is curated to create only the best. And since 2015, the institute has been certified by NAAC (A-Grade) and NBA, and henceforth Sanjivani has followed only well-defined standard education methods and mechanisms laid down by NBA and NAAC like outcome based Education (OBE). Also, the college has an industry-oriented curriculum established by industry professionals, academicians from IITs and NITs, and improved subject choices and electives to encourage students to take an interdisciplinary approach.

Talking about the impressive onboard faculty members, the college has 181 teaching faculty members, 47 of whom have a Ph.D. and the rest have a PG degree. Almost all of the professors have more than ten years of expertise, and have experience in publishing research articles in reputable national and international journals on a regular basis, with over 150+ journal papers published in the last three years. The faculty also has been awarded 37 patents, where equal emphasis is laid on them when compared to the students, by motivating them to attend FDPs, STTPs, and NPTEL courses on a regular basis. The faculty members are professionals at operating the various ICT tools, where they regularly prepare video lectures, routinely use NPTEL video lectures, MOOCS lectures, and discuss case studies to offer excellent lectures; therefore, ensuring unparalleled and unperturbed education is imparted, despite a global pandemic knocking on our doorsteps. Guest lectures too are a norm at Sanjivani, where renowned members from the industry conduct class quizzes, mock orals, presentations based on academic subjects, seminars, minor projects, major projects, and other activities for students on a regular basis, giving students a real-world experience of what it is to be a first-class engineer. 

Moreover, the importance of R & D at Sanjivani in day-to-day lives is such that – all their staff and students take part in R&D initiatives that are financed by national bodies. In addition, the faculty delivers consulting services to industry and society, exposing students to real-world difficulties. As a living example to the excellence displayed by the college, in the last three years, the institute has completed 70 consultancy projects for over 65 lakhs, funded by various industries through MSME, GIZ, and NIMA (Nashik Industry and Manufacturing Association). Along with, housing a specific cell for Industry Interaction, which organizes regular interaction sessions with industry representatives for students, as well as special HR meetings for various industries, where, more than 60% of the students receive internships in various industries. 

Lastly, despite being a stalwart of quality tech teaching and learning experiences, Sanjivani College of Engineering going down the lane wants to build an effective system where students can learn through various learning styles, based on their level of interest and intellect, and the teachers would be able to measure the graph through different assessment tools. Apart from setting a benchmark in academic excellency, the college wants to achieve maximum industry connect, and get them involved in curriculum design, training and research, looking forward eagerly towards developing a holistic culture for overall student development, while endorsing itself to continuing on the path of being that go-to technical hub, that promoted inclusivity at the round. 

Mr. Amit N Kolhe – Managing Trustee

A computer science engineer, who went ahead to pursue his MBA, Mr. Amit is a man of great educational expertise. Making use of his impressive interpersonal skills in order to achieve goals of every institute/association he has been a part of, Mr. Amit operates as a Managing Trustee of Sanjivani Group of Institutions, assisting several of the institutes towards achievements and laurels, guiding everyone under his competent leadership.