Sanjivani College of Engineering


Engineering is a popular career choice, especially in India. In the modern world, students are more career-driven and the competition is increasing. Apart from this fact, the increase in population only adds to this competition. It can be difficult to look for job opportunities. However, the right Tech Institute such as Sanjivani College of Engineering can actually release one from worrying about such things, while offering a comprehensive outlook to Engineering Education.

Sanjivani College of Engineering (An Autonomous Institute), Kopargaon is one among the premier technical institutes in Maharashtra state in the un-aided sector. Established in 1983 by the Sanjivani Rural Educational Society under the charismatic leadership of Shri. Shankarrao G. Kolhe, the Institute had its vision for social transformation and upliftment of rural masses through education, training and research.

Working relentlessly towards creating Academic Excellence in the field of Engineering and Management through Education, the College has Eight Departments across major in-demand streams of engineering. Continuing on its 40+ years rich legacy, the College has introduced new ways of learning and critical new skills to learn for their students, embedding them with entrepreneurialism and dynamism and seeding it with curiosity and technology. 

At Sanjivani, not only are students pushed to become capable academicians, a strong sense of participatory learning is also preached among the students, by encouraging them to participate in various activities such as seminars, group discussion, debates, poster competitions, projects, and the skill based add on courses”, shared – Dr. A. G. Thakur, the Director of the Institute.  Adding to his above statement, he continued – “Students are encouraged to participate in activities where they can use their specialized technical or management skills, and departments encourage students to acquire and develop problem-solving skills”. Also, through a brief conversation with the director he shared how the students are encouraged to identify a problem from industry and apply solutions to the problem, and to do this, regular industry visits and collaborations are organized, so that students come out of the college as confident tech experts of tomorrow. 

A Welcome Haven for All

Since 2015, the institute has been certified by NAAC (A-Grade) and NBA, and henceforth Sanjivani has followed only well-defined standard education methods and mechanisms laid down by NBA and NAAC like outcome based Education (OBE). Also, the college has an industry-oriented curriculum established by industry professionals, academicians from IITs and NITs, and improved subject choices and electives to encourage students to take an interdisciplinary approach. 

Also, as per the requirements of AICTE, all of the infrastructure at the College is state-of-the-art, with required amenities and facilities, for excelling – inside and outside the classrooms. Sanjivani even has a dedicated Gymkhana with an open ground, and a Center of Excellence, where the students are given opportunities to partake in internships within the safe premises of the campus. There is also an incubation center made available where the students, especially those who want to start their own ventures or want to try their luck with entrepreneurship get a thorough platform, under capable supervision of their mentors.

Talking about the impressive onboard faculty members, the college has a large number of teachers who a Doctorate credited to their names. Moreover, almost all of the professors have more than ten years of expertise, and have experience in publishing research articles in reputable national and international journals on a regular basis. The faculty also has been awarded several patents, where equal emphasis is laid on them when compared to the students, by motivating them to attend FDPs, STTPs, and NPTEL courses on a regular basis. 

The faculty members are professionals at operating the various ICT tools, where they regularly prepare video lectures, routinely use NPTEL video lectures, MOOCS lectures, and discuss case studies to offer excellent lectures, therefore, ensuring unparalleled and unperturbed education is imparted, despite a global pandemic knocking on our doorsteps. Guest lectures too are a norm at Sanjivani, where renowned members from the industry conduct class quizzes, mock orals, presentations based on academic subjects, seminars, minor projects, major projects, and other activities for students on a regular basis, giving students a real-world experience of what it is to be a first-class engineer. 

Tomorrow-ready Engineering Hotspot

Considering the rules and guidelines laid down by the NEP 2020, Sanjivani has conducted several NEP awareness programs till date. The College is making itself more outcome based, which is perhaps what NEP 2020 is all about. 

All thanks to the impressive industry-academia relationships existing at Sanjivani College of Engineering, the College has signed several Memorandum of Understanding (MoUs) with top universities worldwide. These industry connections also help students with taking part in certification programs like SAP, Salesforce, Coursera, and Career Academics. Industry sponsored labs like Virtusa, Celebel, BMW, TI have been recently set up on the college campus, along with labs for self product development such as e-Yatnra, Fab Lab and many more.

Moreover, the importance of R & D at Sanjivani in day-to-day lives is such that – all their staff and students take part in R & D initiatives that are financed by national bodies. In addition, the faculty delivers consulting services to industry and society, exposing students to real-world difficulties. Along with, housing a specific cell for Industry Interaction, which organizes regular interaction sessions with industry representatives for students, as well as special HR meetings for various industries, where, more than 60% of the students receive internships in various industries. 

Despite being a stalwart of quality tech teaching and learning experiences, Sanjivani College of Engineering going down the lane wants to build an effective system where students can learn through various learning styles. Apart from setting a benchmark in academic excellency, the college wants to achieve maximum industry connect, and get them involved in curriculum design, training and research. “Lastly, our Institute is right in pursuit of developing Technical Human Resources towards socio-economic growth of Rural India for global competitiveness”, concluded – Dr. A. G. Thakur.

Dr. A. G. Thakur – Director

Dr. A. G. Thakur is a highly respected member of the Mechanical Engineering Department at Sanjivani College of Engineering. With a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from SRTMU Nanded, Dr. Thakur brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to his teaching and research. His passion for the field of mechanical engineering is evident in his dedication to his students and his research endeavors. He is a valuable asset to the college and is greatly admired by his colleagues and students alike.