School of Engineering and Technology (Sharda University) – Technological Hub of Excellence


Since the time engineering has existed in this world, it always has been a solution to all our problems in conjunction with the different disciplines of science and technology. Even during a pandemic crisis knocking on our doorsteps, the true combining of various branches of engineering and science resulted in the saving of a million lives. Reimagining the engineering terms and technologies and building towards a better reality of medical and tech amenities is the need of the hour for our country and the world. Engineers of today need to be more than just engineers, perhaps be someone who can compete on a global market level. Giving society the engineers and scientists, who have the best problem-solving abilities required in this time of crisis and beyond, Sharda University excels at benchmarking talent and technical education.

A leading educational institution situated in the literal heart of India – Delhi, this ambitious venture took wings under the Sharda Group of Institutions (SGI). The School of Engineering and Technology (SET) has a common goal of being an open platform, where an environment of inclusiveness and diverse voices is preached and endorsed. SET works day-in and day-out towards making students discover their true passion via the various engineering streams offered at the institution.

Continuing the pride and tradition, which is education

Ranked among the top engineering colleges and institutions of our country, renowned faculty and industry experts SET their home, as the esteemed faculty. Having the best of experiences tackling pressing engineering issues, students find their mentors and role models in their respective teachers. The faculty convert students into tomorrow’s leaders, by providing them with the best grooming and counselling pertaining to the current trends and developments. A total student-centric pedagogy exists at SET, approaching the teaching and learning with a project-based approach and a design-driven curriculum. At SET, students grasp a strong senseof problem-solving, innovation, and a passion for learning.

With the aim of creating engineers who can adapt to the changes and thereby, prove themselves to be dynamic individuals, SET lays equal emphasis on internships and projects when compared to the in-classroom learning. SET holds a wide array of subjects to offer to the budding engineers of tomorrow.From conventional streams such as Mechanical to new-age streams such as Biotech-engineering, SET comes as an opportunity to excel. Having a tremendous state-of-the-art infrastructure at the disposal, students are achievers even outside the classrooms. Being motivated towards being all-round individuals, students participate in Hackathons, Bootcamps, Tech fests, conferences and so on.

Emerging as an innovative centre of excellence, SET redefines and practices effective ICT-enabled methods of teaching and learning”, stated – Prof. Parma Nand, the Dean of the institution. We were fortunate enough to get an opportunity to engage with the dean and discuss in detail how SET and Sharda University, overall, excels as a tech-imparting biggie. He also added to his earlier point by stating – “A participative and collaborative aura exists on the campus of SET”, talking how SET works in the favour of making students feel at home every minute they spend on the campus. A thorough development basedmission is integrated into the working flow of the institution, such that, students enter as raw individuals, but leave as technically and socially competent leaders.

A place of growth and learning

Addressing the current scenario, and taking this crisis with a stride, SET has proved that training and mentoring period at SET is never-ending and effortless. With classes being conducted online, this paradigm shift from face-to-face to online was swift and was dealt with ease. Webinars, counselling sessions, conferences, FDPs, workshops, exams have become the new norm at SET post the COVID-crisis.

Along with developing students into well-trained personalities, the development and upliftment of the faculty members is also given due importance. Pushed towards attending FDPs and workshops, teachers become better-equipped experts in their areas and niches. Moreover, incentives are offered, as an act of empathy and morale boosting for the teachers participating in paper writing workshops and researches. Also, after being successful in holding their responsibilities as teachers and mentors, some of them are also prime members of the placement and the internship cell at SET.

Students are trained towards their future from day one of their journey at SET. Both the slow learners and the advanced learners are addressed separately at SET, catering to their needs and demands. Research-fanatics savour every amenity made available to them at the school, facilitating various workshops opportunities and proposals for external agencies. The R & D department in-house explores technological development opportunities in common application areas such as transport, traffic regulation, security, healthcare etc., and provide effective solutions.

All in all, being situated among the stalwarts of the tech & innovation, Sharda University – School of Engineering & Technology is a hotspot of journeys of hard work and success. Also, perhaps is the best platform for helping you take an easy and effective leap into the career, you dreamed about.

Prof. Parma Nand

A well-established academician, a renowned personality, and a man of great experience, Prof. Parma Nand is a teacher, a writer, and a philanthropist. Having 27+ years of experience in both the industry and academics, he has way too many awards and recognitions credited to his name. A PhD from IIT Roorkee, Prof. Parma Nand has delivered many technical papers and talks at national and international level Seminars & Conferences.  Having gotten the opportunity to lead the whole parade at SET, Dr Parmanand as the Dean of the institution, strives each day relentlessly towards converting students into capable engineers of tomorrow.