Seedling The World School


Education has always secured respect from society. School education plays a significant role in human development. In order to ensure a comfortable lifestyle for their kids, parents look for such schools that can guarantee a bright future for their children and help them gain a better reputation and increase the chances of climbing the career ladder more easily and faster. One such school that provides all round development of the students is – Seedling The World School. Established in the year 2016, Seedling The World School stands out to be the youngest school of Seedling Group of Schools that hails from Jaipur and has a rich legacy of 38 years of academic excellence. The institution stands for its academic excellence and strives to inculcate in the minds of the students a genuine concern for the welfare of the others.

A Progressive Hub of Pragmatic Learning

In a brief span of six years, Seedling The World School has etched its name for quality education and discipline, and various accolades and awards have been bestowed to the school for outside work. The institute pioneers in introducing a plethora of inter-school competitions which are unique and novel; these are much sought after events in the city. The school perches amidst the mesmerizing scenic beauty of the Aravali Range adorned by the expansive stretch of green. Being in proximity with nature, the school offers myriad opportunities to the students and facilitators of hands-on experience and practical learning. Imbibing the essence of Cambridge, the school has directed all its focus on the holistic development of children and allows them to grow in a natural manner nurturing their individuality and uniqueness. The tasks are not dictated; instead students can liberally choose from an array of activities what suits them and where they can give their best. This has helped in keeping the students motivated and forth-coming. The work done by a conscious, motivated and responsible bunch of pupils has outcomes better than expected.

Rooted academic vigor

“It is a matter of pride for us to say that our children have started a blogging site for the school, it is called-Right to Express. It is attached to the school website.” shares Mrs. Moneeta Bakshi, the Director of the school. The school has also been working in inculcating and honing the leadership qualities in learners. The school has a student council which is responsible for planning and organizing intra and inter class activities and competitions. The school firmly believes in coordinated progress, taking the pupils and the parents along in the journey. At Seedling The World School, parents are being valued a lot and they become resource persons on the subject of their expertise for the school for various occasions. This helps the institute to build a strong rapport with the parent community making them equally a part of the system. The institute invites parents to judge culinary competitions, Shakespeare’s Sonnets and soliloquies, debates, recitations, presentations etc.

Besides other things, the school also promotes spreading awareness on social issues. “We invite leading doctors for interaction with our pupils on issues like physical and mental well being, artists of various art forms to apprise our children of the beauty and significance of the same.” Shares Mrs. Moneeta. In addition to the above statement she adds, “They also participate in activities concerning environment- plantation, awareness drive, environmental health, save soil etc. On one of the occasions, our children organized an online candid interaction with an oncologist and four cancer survivors from different parts of the country.” Seedling The World School believes in imparting strong moral values in our children and hence fostering the spirit of community service. The school has also associated itself with leading NGO-Rotary club and participates zestfully in carrying out noble causes. The students are involved in a lot of fund raising activities and are being sensitized towards those who need help, care and love. On an event called- Uphaar on Diwali, the students were engaged in preparing hand crafted decorative items which were put on sale. The sale proceeds were used to buy items of necessities for the underprivileged.

Although the school is in its nascent years yet the vision is quite clear. When the vision of the top management becomes the vision of the team, success is destined to follow. To be able to stand on a common pedestal, the team has to be trusted, empowered and upskilled. A plethora of professional development training- in house, outsourced as well as outstation face-to-face are being a part of the school calendar every year. Opportunities of collaborative teaching and training are also provided to the team for better team building and exchange of ideas. The school boasts of the students who became recipient of various prestigious awards such as, Raj Simar Singh Saluja and Devak Bakshi of grade 10 won cash prize as Second best team in Udaipur Debate 2022 organized by Green Peepal Society and Awaaz Foundation, Shaurya Mehta of grade 9 received Medal of excellence- silver in International Math Olympiad, Raj Simar Singh Saluja, Rushabh Doshi, Isha Chaturvedi of grade 10 and Shaurya Mehta of grade 7 won Numero Uno Blogger-Blogging Competition 2021 organized by DPS, Secunderabad.

Mrs. Moneeta Bakshi – Director
Seedling The World School's DirectorMoneeta Bakshi, one of the pillars of strength and source of inspiration, did her schooling from Delhi and her college from Mumbai. She floats in the plethora of knowledge and has come out unfazed and more aware. Her father was a chopper pilot in the Armed Force (Air Force) while her mother handled the household. She has been in the field of education for the last 26 years. With Seedling Schools in Jaipur that are doing exceedingly well to the inception of Seedling in Udaipur, till the present age, under her guidance, Seedling’s history is replete with many achievements and landmarks both in the field of academic as well as sport and co curricular activities. It gives her immense pleasure and satisfaction when she hears that Seedling is one of the fastest growing schools of the city because of the high standards it has set in providing the best education. Under her able leadership, the Nursery branch in Udaipur has set another benchmark. She has been conferred with the Innovation in Early Learning/ Child Development award. She is concerned for each child on the campus and feels that every child is a winner.