Seema Mahajan


In today’s rapidly evolving and complex world, educational leaders play a crucial role in shaping the future of education. They are expected to possess a range of skills, knowledge, and abilities that enable them to navigate the challenges and opportunities of the 21st century. Educational leaders are responsible for guiding and supporting teachers, students, and communities to achieve academic success and create positive learning environments. Ms. Seema Mahajan, the Director of NMIMS – Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management, is a prime example of an educational leader who embodies the qualities required in today’s time. She has a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of education and has been instrumental in shaping the direction of her school.

One of Ms. Mahajan’s most notable strengths is her ability to create a vision and inspire others to follow it. She has set a clear direction for the school and has worked tirelessly to achieve its goals. Under her leadership, the NMIMS – Pravin Dalal School of Entrepreneurship & Family Business Management has become a premier institution for entrepreneurship education in India.

Progressing Forward
Being an educational leader who clearly stands out with a vision to create a network of stakeholders and alumni, Ms. Mahajan’s job helped her to create a network within her network, and she is grateful for the opportunity to have made a difference in the lives of so many. Her natural inclination toward creativity, innovation, and design thinking, led her towards a career in the field of education at a very tender age of 25. And since then, she has always given her 100%, and makes it a point to stay ahead of the industry and incorporate new ideas into her teachings before they become mainstream.

Over time, Ms. Seema Mahajan realized that her contribution went beyond just teaching a subject. Eventually, she became a mentor and guide for her students and their families, helping them navigate the complexities of running a business and providing direction for growth and transformation. She takes pride in her network of over 6,000 plus alumni who contribute over 60% of the country’s GDP, and the significant role she played as an institute in their success.

Ms. Mahajan’s personal contributions towards the upliftment of everyone at NMIMS include being positive and empathetic towards her team and students, where she is approachable and ready to listen to their concerns and offer guidance when needed. She treats her team as equals and creates a supportive work environment. She speaks up when she sees something that needs to be addressed, whether it is a problem faced by a student or an issue within the institution itself.

Overall, Ms. Seema Mahajan believes that her passion for teaching and mentoring, combined with her dedication to improving the lives of those around her, has led her to where she is today. She is proud to be a part of the NMIMS community and promises to continue to work towards its growth and success.

Overcoming the Pandemic
“I took on the responsibility of ensuring that our school continued to provide quality education to our students during the pandemic, where we immediately adapted to the new work-from-home culture and did not let it hinder our operations even for a day”, shared – Ms. Mahajan. Continuing on her above statement, she added – “We created a strong connection with our students and stakeholders and held multiple discussions and meetings with them, including early mornings and late nights. We even organized an online concert and involved students from all over the world in our classroom activities”.
Leading by example, Ms. Seema Mahajan went that extra mile and taught classes at night when industry partners were in trouble. She ensured that her team adapted to the new reality by incorporating digital technologies and hybrid models, and successfully brought on board faculty from London, California, and Denver. Despite the uncertainty and change, Ms. Mahajan and her team were able to transition seamlessly to the new normal and provide students with a robust learning experience.
Personally, the pandemic was a life-changing experience for Seema Mahajan in several ways. Due to the lockdown, she found herself stuck at home with her family, which allowed her to spend more quality time with them than ever before. Seema used this opportunity to discover her cooking skills and was surprised when her daughter appreciated them. Besides, she focused on personal growth and took online classes on entrepreneurship while listening to spiritual music. She fulfilled her dream of training women and empowering them to become entrepreneurs, which was heartening for her. Ms. Mahajan found herself becoming more focused and dedicated towards her work, which turned into her passion. She worked late into the night and became more mindful of the value of time. The pandemic taught her to appreciate the simple things in life, and she realized the importance of family and personal growth.

Knowing Seema Mahajan
Seema Mahajan holds a Post Graduate Program in Design Thinking, an MPhil, an MSc in Marketing, and a BCom degree, and has been conferred with several awards and recognitions. Also, beyond her professional avatar, she is a highly sociable person who enjoys staying connected with people, especially the younger generation. During her free time, she indulges in reading, music, and trying out new recipes in the kitchen. Moreover, to stay relevant and better connect with her students, she keeps herself updated with the latest technology, fashion, and music trends. As a mentor to students aged 19 to 25, she believes that it is crucial to remain contemporary and practice what she preaches. Lastly, Ms. Mahajan also creates online classes on entrepreneurship for women, which has been a fulfilling experience for her. Her interactions with students have taught her a lot and helped her see their passion for entrepreneurship.