Serving Vocational Dreams, Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF)


Nettur Technical Training Foundation (NTTF) believes in every man’s dream, the journey to train and Iron out India’s educated unemployment issue and dilemma by understanding the  what the market educated students to attain their dreams started in 1959 .India is the second most populated country in the world with a literacy 74.04% still 50% of the educated class are unemployed. Many have failed to realise why and left catechism, NTTF is one of the strong supporting pillars to guide the way to needs. Skilling is the backbone of the nation. Though the skill training is focused to middle and top management level, there is a sheer gap towards the equipping the workforce with the right skills to match up to the Industry standardsas we are at threshold of Industry 5.0. NTTF was started with the motive to cultivate skilled and self-sufficient youth focused on securing their future with major inclination towards hands on so they can fit right on to the jobs and deliver. Being skill equipped mergedreams with reality; right skill education through NTTF can make dreams become actuality.NTTF also believes that India can show its full potential to the world when we tackle this problem so, it has taken a stand to devote itself to bring up skilled and trained workers to suit  and to bring about a change in the society.

Cultivating Skilled Tomorrow

Over six decades, NTTF provides its students a deeply transformative experience, intellectually, socially and personally preparing them for the life of citizenship and leadership. It has given the Nation; academically excellent, brilliant skilled manpower and more importantly entrepreneurs, who are brightening India’s future with their hard work and strong willpower. They offer job oriented skill courses which makes it efficient as well as worth the investment keeping in mind the demands of the current market and bringing in the best ways of minimising the chances of failures to give the best conceivable outcome. NTTF has been honoured many recognitions for its impeccable afford to bring down the gap between being skilled and being educated by offering practical learning in order to incorporate knowledge with skill bringing in the smartest way to impart it by updating itself constantly with the demands of the markets, routeing and structuring it to cope up with the demands and formulated updated course.

NTTF offers a gamut of Diploma, Post-graduate programs to Short term and Advanced Certifications, Internship, Faculty Development programs, Workshops and Seminars catering to the streams of Mechanical, Information Technology, Electronics, Computer Science, Electrical as such. Students are exposed to Qualification Packs and Certification from Industry leaders based on their streams of education so they walkout with multiple opportunities that they can showcase their skills on the job roles. There are several Centre of Excellences (CoE’s) in collaboration with Intel, Cisco, Fanuc, AWS Educate, UiPath, Siemens, Stratasys and more, that are established acrossthe campuses to offer practical training on technology such as 3D Printing, IoT, Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, Cloud Computing, Robotic Process Automation, Mechatronics, Robotics, Industry 4.0, and many more.

Joining Hands with Giants

Offering the best of learning experience to students, NTTF has key associations with leading organizations from the Industry who have expertise in their core domains to provide Industry connected program to the future leaders.

We have multiple stakeholders in this platform who play the roles ranging from Knowledge partners to Hiring resources of our students.

NTTF has associations with Giants in the technical world across multiple sectors to ensure that the students gain the best possible outcome in sync with current Industry demands.


NTTF campus environment and extra-curricular activities

NTTF understands the needs of the future assets of the society by providing them the best state of the art facilities to make learning convenient. The campus being at a prime location making it accessible to everything, the institution always keeps in focus the overall growth of the students by helping them grow in a healthy competitive environment where every day is a new lesson with majority focus on hands on.  Emphasis on variousclubs for technical and non-technical activities for healthy learning and growth of the students. In NTTF learning has no place or a boundary. Every day is a new day to add something.

NTTF offers exclusive learning experiences and has given many dreams the power of flight making it one of the best places to go to, if you are looking for career oriented courses to get liberated, train and mould yourself with the skills required to compete and find a place in the high demand market and prepare for best opportunity that the market has to offering NTTF is the one of the best places to build your future.

“Future Proof your Career Aspirations” and “Secure your Future with your Own Hands”