Shaping Young Minds In The Spirit Of Harmony, Mangalayatan University


The Mangalayatan University (MU) is an authorized and registered institution permitted to provide degrees. It was create under the Mangalayatan University, Uttar Pradesh Act, 2006. This institution has produced many prolific students who have succeeded in getting through prestigious Civil Services and also pursuing further studies in reputed institutions across the world.

It has produced thousands of graduates in disciplines like Engineering, Hotel Management, Journalism, Humanities and so on. Under the motto, “Learn today to learn tomorrow”, the University imbibes the quality of excellence in moulding their students. Learning is made accessible and interesting to enable students to cultivate a healthy mind set.

The core motive of Mangalayatan University is to develop young minds to adhere to excellence in all fields of profession, technology, moral, ethical and other areas necessary for the overall development of the individuals.

MU has achieved many excellence awards in the field of education and other important performances. Some of their awards are- Most Promising Engineering Institute Award in UP, Most Progressive University of North India 2019, to name a few.

Illuminating the spirit of harmonious learning.

The University is located at the centre of Aligarh and Madhura to enable students to reach and leave the campus without any difficulties. The strategic location of the University is in itself an achievement. MU encourages students to engage in practical learning through researches mentored by experienced senior professors and researchers.

One unique feature of the University is that it instils in the students’ mind the principle of harmonious coexistence and cooperation among different religion and cultures.

MU also offers quality education to the students and ensures that all the subjects/courses deemed necessary and in demand are offered. The programs are monitored closely to keep up with the standards of modern times, and is regulated under the Board of Studies, Academic Council and Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) of the University. It covers almost all the branches of modern studies in Engineering, Management, Commerce, Pharmacy, Education, Law, Journalism, Applied Sciences, Arts, Fine Arts and Philosophy etc. Some of them are B. Tech, M. Tech, MBA, BBA, B. Com,M.Com, B.Pharm, M.Pharm, B. Ed, M.Ed, BALLB, LLB, LLM,B.Sc, M.Sc, B. A, M. A, Hotel Management, M. Phil, Ph. D, B. F. A, M. F. A, etc. and other diploma courses in Engineering, Pharmacy, Tourism, Fine Arts, Digital Arts, etc.

The faculty members are well qualified to mentor and guide the students. They adopt an innovative kind of teaching method to groom their students through activities like seminars, debate, training, and project works.


Keeping up with modern form of learning.

MU follows the standard of modern education by keeping both theoretical and practical approaches in mind. Trainings are conducted to improve the career prospects of the students. It makes them oriented towards development of skills and enables them to improve their overall personality. It also improves their interactive skills and prepares them for the challenges ahead.

The infrastructure of the University is world class as required by the curriculum and the industry. Practical learning is emphasized upon. It is well equipped with laboratories, auditoriums, and other technological requirements.

The University campus is spread across 75 acres. It has various sports and recreation facilities like indoor and outdoor games. It also has a world class Gymnasium and Martial Arts trainer. The University motivates their students to come out of their comfort zone by providing them a platform to exercise and execute their skills and abilities, thus enabling them to expand their potential career and self confidence.


Determining the future ahead.

The University has immense vision and plans for the future. Some of their noble ambitions include creation of Mangalayatan Hospital in the University premises to serve underprivileged people living near Aligarh and Mathura. MU is also planning to go green in order to utilize renewable energy, and adopt more villages around the University to develop and educate people on various social awareness like education, politics, health, breaking stigmas, etc.

MU also functions with concern for neglected villages around by working together with other agencies and government. They also have close links with other international institutions such as University of California Reverside (UCR), National Dong Hwa University,Taiwan, National Pingtung University of Science & Technology, Taiwan, National Taichung University of Education, Taiwan Beijing Wuzi University of China, International Educational Institute at Liaoning University of Technology of China, Shenyank Jianzhu University of China, Shenyang Aerospace University of China, International School of Jain Studies New Delhi. The University also organizes students and faculty exchange programs to enhance their experiences.



Prof. Shivaji Sarkar

Professor Shivaji Sarkar is the Registrar and PRO of the University. He has immense experience as a Dean and Director for many years in different renowned institutions. He has also worked as a Journalist and Media academician for over 40 years.