SNBP International School (Wagholi) – Success, nothing less


Approach to education evolved manifold with each academic year. Relieving the children of the unnecessary schooling pressures, educational institutions strive towards making learning fun, spirited, and ever evolving. Instilling a strong scientific temper and application-based learning in children has become a norm, thereby, curriculums are designed in such a way that they prepare students for various entrance exams and in turn benefit them on a longer run. Living up to the quality standards a 21st century child deserves in terms of teaching and learning, and also by maintaining a uniformity in education with the other CBSE schools of the country, SNBP group of institutions started their ambitious endeavor towards giving back to society.

With a noble thought that children need to be nurtured the right way during their initial stages of learning, SNBP International School strives on harnessing the right skill and attitude in students. Promoting a program which combines experiential learning, community living, and yet have competitive academic challenges at the offering, SNBP works immensely in the direction of offering an intensive and transformative experience for the students at the school. The pedagogy and Human resources available at the institute enable a thorough development of a critical 21st century child, who can express and impress with ease.

Creating a Community Of Life-Long Learners

It was the year 1997, when Subhadra Educational Society started on its lifelong journey of imparting quality education, and thereby the SNBP group of institutions was founded. SNBP became a brand which endorsed the ‘how to think and what not to think’ learning methods, excelling in providing the best academic/co-curricular learning in the state of Maharashtra. The group of institutions openly preached the ideas of classroom discussions, which included topics not only from the curriculum, but also from topics like global affairs, sports, and other platforms, enabling higher GK quotients among the students. Running successful schools which provide best education across the major educational boards available in our country, the brand envisions growing and starting schools and institutions in other parts of Maharashtra as well.

The SNBP group of institutions believes in the concept that education is a harmonious process, which involves active participation and development of physical, mental, social, spiritual powers of an individual, and therefore the management is always at the forefront helping students develop into complete well-learned independent thinkers. Best methods are adopted at SNBP, putting in impressive efforts to make sure that all the institutions under the umbrella of SNBP have the best infrastructure, and a congenial environment for learning.

Further conceptualizing and reinventing unique yet uniform means of teaching across various branches of the group, SNBP started an International School in Wagholi. Excelling in every aspect of providing a thorough schooling experience, and coming as a proof of acceptance and excellence, SNBP Wagholi was awarded for providing exceptional talent development programs, and it came as a boost to the already existing positive workflow at the SNBP group of institutions.

To know more about the working ethos at SNBP Wagholi and to get a complete perspective of how SNBP group of institutions operate, we interviewed Ms. Shweta Vakil, the principal at the Wagholi branch. It was an interactive session, and we got an inside view of the ambition and the motive behind running such a successful institution.

Teachers and the faculty at the institute work rigorously towards making learning fun for all their students, maintaining a holistic growth approach. Equal importance to both educational and extracurricular activities is given at the school, helping children with the best child-friendly environment in the neighborhood, in-addition training them effectively towards constructively contributing to the country and the world.

Four-walls & Tomorrow inside

Building on a routine filled with maximum participation of children in day-to-day activities held at the school, SNBP Wagholi is a unique platform for children to excel in various aspects of their life. The students are made to embrace a multitude of opportunities available at the school, resulting in a conducive climate and environment filled with enriched learning. Elaborating on this point, Ms. Shweta Vakil stated – “We at the school strive towards creating such an environment, where the students are fear free and participate in both academic and non-academic activities whole-heartedly”. She added to her earlier statement by saying – “Classroom teaching at the school is a complete mixture of academics, life-skills and soft-skills”. Additionally, character building is given utmost importance, inculcating a strong sense of patriotism and responsibility among the children.

Functioning as an institution committed towards equipping its students with knowledge, love, & wisdom, the school is a living example where the quote ‘Preparing children for a journey called life’ has been turned into a reality. A strategic academic rigour exists at the school, where accountability is assessed via regular assessments, counselling, interventions, and pushing towards enhanced student attainment and progress. Every academic program or curriculum is innovative in its approach, adapting a STEM based learning system for the students. In the pursuit of staying up-to date with the global trends and developments, SNBP Wagholi accepted globalization and modernization happily, and as a result the school has become a hub of state-of-the-art infrastructure, filled with modern facilities such as smart interactive boards, for facilitating an engaging audio-visual learning experience.

Teachers at SNBP – Wagholi are a bunch of talented, well-trained individuals, having enough experience in both industry and teaching. They bring a beam of enlightenment to the children at the school, emphasizing and focusing their teaching techniques via the usage of cooperation, communication, and collaboration.  Keeping a regular reality check and considering the fact that education is the most dynamic entity in today’s time, the teachers at the school are motivated towards attending regular workshops, in-house and externally on a regular basis. Even during these tough times of a Pandemic lurking on our doorsteps, the teachers at SNBP Wagholi are enthusiastic and passionate towards helping students not miss out on their lessons. And, as a result regular online classes are being conducted, despite the limited resources available.

All in all, SNBP Wagholi has become a unique platform acting as a cusp of educational leadership and innovation, valuing the partnership which exists between the school, the parents, & the community, working in unison towards realizing a vision towards a better future and a better society.