SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences


Since the world opened up towards international education, German universities have been a favorite hotspot for Indians, with most of them going there to study engineering, management and social studies, mathematics, and natural sciences. Even post-pandemic, Germany has continued to see an influx of Indian students, all thanks to the quality education system and its student-friendly policies. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is one such educational hub that strives towards shaping the futures of several students across their five schools in three cities: Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg. SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences is proud of its faculty, staff and students who come from over 90 nations across 70 accredited German and English language study programmes in varied disciplines. 

Why SRH?

Decentralization is what distinguishes SRH Berlin. Working without boundaries across different locations, the University encourages students from all over the world to translate their curiosity and passion into a career. Being committed to working with teachers in the search for new knowledge and to using inspiration, interaction and internationality to facilitate a change of perspective – that is what SRH Berlin stands for.

Also, the SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences has been system-accredited since October 1st, 2019, which certifies that the university has the highest standards in study and teaching. The students of SRH Berlin have the guarantee that planning, teaching and evaluation are based on certified processes. And, as a system-accredited university , the University  is entitled to accredit its study programs independently and with the tested QM processes. 

One more important aspect of SRH Berlin, which makes it unique in its own right is – the aspect of customisation of the courses. Whether it’s abstract painting or design thinking, innovation strategies or virtual reality, public performance or business basics, at SRH Berlin students can take additional courses along with their regular study programme to broaden their horizons. 

The promise of quality

With a clear objective of letting all its students discover the opportunities and their respective paths to a dream career, SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences holds the right degree programme for every talent. Be it a Bachelor’s Degree across the fields of Business & Hotel Management, Health, Design, Film, Photography, Engineering, Music or even SRH International Year One foundation course, SRH Berlin has aligned itself with all its learning objectives, to make learning fun and successful as possible. Additionally, SRH Berlin offers Masters in Design, Marketing & Communication, Film & Photography, Economy programs in the Berlin, Dresden and Hamburg Campuses, Supply Chain Management, Engineering, Computer Science, along with MBA and DBA programs in Berlin. There are short and preparatory courses too offered at the University, which help non-German secondary school students to be a welcome part of it.

Step by step learning is the best learning

SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences believes that sustainable learning is only possible if there is enough space for experimentation, games and critical thinking. That is why the University has completely restructured the classical course of studies. At the University it is mandatory for every student to work on practical tasks in small groups, well in-sync with the subject overview. Post this session, students will have to attend an exam based on the learning they received in the previous weeks. Also, with a large pool of possible examination forms (from the typical exam up to a learning diary) students can demonstrate their skills in the way that is the most well-suited to the competences that are relevant for the subject in question. 

The onboard faculty members at SRH operate as go-to guides and mentors, who constantly provide performance feedback throughout the tenure, apart from individual coaching and competent advice from the Career Service. Also, at SRH teachers motivate personal and social competences on a regular basis, in turn, helping students to deepen their knowledge and to gain all-rounded learning experiences. 


Starting in the Winter Semester 2023/24 SRH Berlin is uniting all three Berlin locations and moving together into a new and modern location in the bustling borough of Berlin-Neukölln. Right beside the water and just a stone’s throw away from the Berlin ring railway, the newly constructed campus offers 12,000 square meters of modern and functional facilities that will help all the students learn and develop in an inspiring surrounding. Also, the main building with its resource-saving construction is built with the environment in mind as it features rooftop solar paneling and has a LEED Gold sustainability certification. 

Also, SRH Berlin University’s new campus will completely focus on CORE-appropriate learning, thanks to a range of rooms and areas with an open character, inviting collaboration and interdisciplinary cooperation of students from different fields, schools and countries. In addition to seminar rooms and open spaces for informal learning, there are a large number of specialist rooms that promote practical and hands-on work during studies. The new campus features 4 engineering labs, 3 film and photo studios, 2 creative studios, AV studios, band and practice rooms and workshops. The stages, the rehearsal stage and the auditorium cinema can be used for lectures as well as events. Lastly, the campus feeling is rounded off with a large library and various social and chill out areas such as inner courtyards, roof terrace, cafeteria, bar and outdoor areas on the waterfront.