Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya


With westernization taking over the education in India, schools of today are moving towards western processes and western ways of handling issues. And, in this process the emphasis laid on preserving and promoting the rich cultural heritage of India, in one way or the other is lost in this endless race. Thus, recognizing the importance of instilling a sense of pride and respect for Indian culture among the students, and striving to create an environment that fosters cultural appreciation and understanding – Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya (Sri AAV) stands out as a unique hub. 

As the name denotes – Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya, the School lays importance not only on academics, but also the overall growth of the students in unbinding the Indian culture and contributing towards it. Established in 2003 under the patronage of the Rathnamma Mariswamy Foundations, the students are encouraged to explore their unique potential and pursue excellence with perseverance. A green campus, learning/teaching labs, smart board in every classroom, excellent indoor and outdoor sports facilities, 100% CCTV coverage, round-the-clock security, and GPS enabled transportation are just some of the features of this unique school.

Creating a challenging yet conducive learning environment of inclusivity, all the children are taught to become well versed in our culture, like reading Sanskrit, writing Sanskrit verses, and even Bhagavad Gita. “They know the basic values of which our culture has been emphasizing it, which they have been adopting, and that is where they make themselves more successful”, shares – GM Chandrashekar, the Founder of the Vidyalaya. 

An Epitome of Passion and Perseverance

Offering courses in both State and ICSE syllabus, Sri AAV is affiliated with CISCE (The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations) in New Delhi, which is a highly respected national-level board of school education in India. The ICSE curriculum being taught at the School emphasizes a practical approach to learning, fosters an analytical mindset, and incorporates global content, and is in complete sync with the norms and guidelines laid down by the NEP 2020. The pedagogy also utilizes implementing interactive and experiential teaching methods to cultivate problem-solving, rational decision-making, communication, and interpersonal skills in the students. In line with the rapidly evolving digital world, the School continuously upgrades its technology to facilitate research and application of the curriculum.

Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya provides an excellent blend of tradition and technology in its approach to learning. Students are instilled with values such as courage, compassion, equality, and integrity, while also being taught to take on leadership challenges and cultivate a competitive spirit. To prepare students for a fast-paced, digitized world, Sri AAV has implemented modern teaching techniques and upgraded its technology.

Our primary focus at Sri AAV is to identify and nurture the unique talents and creativity of each student”, shared – GM Chandrashekar. “We strongly encourage participation in extracurricular activities, resulting in our students winning numerous competitions every year in various fields such as music, art, dance, and sports”, he continued. 

At Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya, students are provided with a chance to experience a distinctive combination of exceptional education and cutting-edge facilities. The primary aim is to cultivate the minds of young individuals and empower them to confront life’s obstacles with bravery. All the courses across all the classes are challenging and elaborate, which are headed and governed by top-academics, leading the parade as the onboard faculty members. Also, to enhance the teaching methodology and drive academic excellence, the entire management and teaching staff at Sri Aham Aathma Vidyalaya strive to do things differently and innovatively, motivating students to emerge as global citizens. 

Redefining Infrastructural Brilliance

The school building is spacious with a lawn covered central courtyard adding to the serene atmosphere. The classrooms are large and spacious, each with an area of 450 sq.ft. Three separate laboratories for physics, chemistry, and biology are present on the campus, where each laboratory is well equipped with the regulated laboratory features, and specialized practical equipment.

Even the ICT-infrastructure is well equipped, with an upgraded computer lab to help the students understand and use various softwares and digital media in their everyday learning. All the computers are well maintained and well equipped with Wi-Fi and uninterrupted broadband connectivity, and are connected to the centralized server room for smooth operation of each computer with Power Backup. Each classroom is equipped with interactive boards, and by making use of these ICT-enabled tools lesson plans are prepared well in-advance.

Overcoming the Pandemic Phase

We customized our software, we customized our curriculum, how to teach, how to reach the students. And we have been able to go ahead with it online. Now we have a permanent platform to reach to the students as and when necessary, whenever it is, wherever we need to reach”, GM Chandrashekar exclaimed. Despite several top schools across the country having shut down during the lockdown, Sri AAV was still able to continue covering the portions, and even hold co-curricular activities online. Assessments and exams were moved online, which was perhaps a remarkable achievement for the hardworking teachers and the management.