Sri Venkateshwara College Of Architecture – Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh


Sri Venkateshwara College Of Architecture

Sri Venkateswara College of architecture is dedicated to the pursuit of integrated, tenable approaches to the design and development of the built environment. SVCA offers a 5 year Architectural course including one year internship opportunity for every student, the goal of which is to foster students for an ample range of professional roles in the construction industry.

The midmost activity at SVCA is architectural design. Students study historical and in fashion buildings in Hyderabad and India, and come back through the design of new architectural projects. Architecture is a multi-disciplinary profession with alliance to the fine arts, technologies and lifestyles. All undergraduate disciplines available in the market are the stepping stones for architectural studies. Contrariwise, architectural studies act as a stepping atone for careers in various design-related fields.

Courses Offered:

Bachelor of Architecture

Admission Procedure and the Education Process

  • The objective of this B. Arch course is to develop students, over a period of five years, by rigorous academics and fieldwork. Students would be offered holistic exposure and understanding through Art, History, Technology, Architectural Design and Construction process. Students will spend 15 to 18 weeks internship in Architectural, Planning and Construction Firms. The university follows a trimester system.
  • Every week, one day is devoted to fieldwork in every trimester involving visits to significant buildings, sites including project offices of the architects and construction managers. Total fieldwork will exceed 50 hours and require 20 hours of data analysis.
  • In addition, students are required to devote at least 40 hours per week per academics.
  • There are total 120 seats

Features of the College:

SVCA institute has proved to be an ideal platform for under-graduate and graduate students and has helped in making them switch over to technical and professional courses and later to excellent jobs.

SVCA offer various well charted-out courses and class schedules for Students, Employees, Housewives and others. They include Full time, part time, Crash Courses, Sunday Classes and Holiday Specials. We provide individual personalized attention to each and every student.

SVCA provide easy explanation in English, Hindi and Telugu. We provide a separate enclosure and section for girl students.

College offer the added feature of experienced faculty team of instructors, who can understand the way you work, the way you think and as such guide them accordingly to fine-tune skill sets, which develops your potential and builds self-confidence.

The college offer a full range of educational activities. They are Theory Sessions, Guest Lectures, Educational Site Visits, Architecture Study and Practicals at Site. All of these provide for better acquaintance and imbibe proper work culture.

In addition to this, College also conduct Team term tests and Exams, Competitions, Exhibitions, Diplomas & Awards distribution etc. It also offer other range of activities such as Seminars, Career Guidance, Interview Training, Placement Assistance, etc.We forward intimation letters to parents by post containing facts on attendance and progress made by the student accordingly in the month.

SVCA also convey the same through telephone. The college’s relationship with the students is a lifelong process, and does not end with the course completion.SVCA are planning to start correspondence and online courses.

Sri Venkateshwara College of Architecture wishes to create history by managing a placement Cell.It keeps track of vacancies in various schools and educational institutions and informs its students so they can be guided to embark upon a teaching career. The cell hopes to have an impeccable track record of achieving maximum placements every year.

The ever growing arena of Education has created vast demand of well qualified and trained teachers. Never have the challenges and opportunities for careers in education been more exciting or more critical to the long ‘term well-being of society than they are today.

There is a great need of having a concrete grounding in skills and knowledge to form the foundation for an outstanding teaching career. But “Education is the only key for progress”. To excel, you must also be adaptable, fast and a creative problem solver. SVCA gives you an opportunity to build your own winning combination of skills.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for experiences that allow teachers to enter education settings with the highest probability of success and effectiveness, and to provide them with the cognitive tools and attitudes needed to continue their professional development. We endeavor to provide practicing professionals opportunities to improve their competence and effectiveness and to develop as educational researchers and as leaders in education. To accomplish these goals we strive to maintain a solid research base for our curriculum. We do not preach our expectant teachers to accept the views of the previous teachers, but we expect them to curriculum their own.

Sri Venkateshwara College of Architecture has academic affiliation with leading primary and secondary school across the region for teaching practice and final placements also.