SRM College of Management (SRMCOM) – A Tradition of Management Excellency


Over the years, Indian higher education has transformed considerably due to the changes in the education sector across the world. Also considering the fact that, the education system of one country is majorly influenced by the country’s innate persona, structure and values, which are its roots, India has always been a stalwart in terms of providing relentless quality teaching/learning, making us the 3rd largest academia ecosystem in the world. Moreover, with higher education, especially the b-school education paving pathways for immense economic, political, social and cultural transformations, our youth have achieved exemplary success, thereby, converting themselves into industry-ready business leaders of tomorrow. Even though there are literally 1000’s of b-schools striving towards imparting quality management education to their students, one institute which stands out by being the largest higher education provider in India with over 50,000+ students from around 67 countries – SRM College of Management has indeed lived up to its brand value, excelling each day as an exemplary hotspot for quality management education.

Dedicated towards harnessing the true technological advancements of society and implementing in the course curriculum and pedagogy followed, SRM College of Management acts as a guiding light in pursuit of enhancing every student’s potential. Bringing out the best in every student, the management along with the esteemed faculty members nurture students towards outperforming both inside and outside the classroom, boosting their creativity and innovation skills.

All the programs hosted by SRMCOM enable every individual to develop strong academic potentials, employability skills, global and cultural insights, and ethical awareness. Regularly ranked one among the top management institutions across India, SRMCOM preaches unconditional inclusivity, welcoming unity in diversity in every endeavour carried out at the management college. With over 25 academic staff from different parts of the world, SRM College of Management boasts of an impressive alumni network of 15,000+ individuals who are currently pursuing their careers in 75 countries. This ex-student fraternity motivates and guides every present student at the management institute immersing them in a multi-cultural milieu created by a multi-national and pan-Indian student community, providing the inputs to self-learn the adaptability trait.

An environment of academic freedom

Being a place where bright minds meet, management education is discovered first and then adapted effectively at SRMCOM. “One would experience top of the world living and learning experience at SRMCOM”, quoted – Dr. V. M. Ponniah, the current Dean of the college of management. Talking to us in depth about the whole environment of learning and growth present at SRMCOM, Dr Ponniah illustrated how the management and the faculty members come together in unison towards creating business leaders of tomorrow one student at a time.

Being a vital part of the SRM Group of Institutions, SRMCOM benefits from the brand-value and offers the best state-of-art-infrastructure and facilities to their students, so that they become all-rounded individuals and there is no hindrance in that very path. Situated ideally around 40kms from Chennai City, and around 20 kms from the Chennai Airport, the college campus is well connected by road, rail and air. Furthermore, having a vast 250-acre campus at the disposal, SRMCOM is a literal haven for academic as well as extracurricular/co-curricular activities, wherein every individual present on the campus feels privileged to be part of the journey called SRMCOM.

Consisting of a robust academic program, an expert academic council monitors its functioning, reviewing it regularly, and keeping a regular check to stay well in sync with the current market trends and demands. As evidenced by the massive changes in the last decade in the global economy, the curriculum in the last 10 years of SRMCOM also has undergone as much as 7 major revamps with addition of many new courses as well as subjects in the existing programs. “Along with running regular courses such as BBA & MBA in conventional fields, we also proudly declare that we are one among the few Universities in India to start MBA in Waste Management and Social Entrepreneurship Course”, added Dr Ponniah, telling us how SRMCOM tries its best to outperform in every aspect of running a quality management institution.

One more important reason SRMCOM maintains its quality and standard even during these times of crisis is because of the global professionals cum expert-academicians acting as the onboard faculty members. Preaching a complete global outlook to education, research ideas and implementations make their way in every day to day activity carried out at the college. Moreover, with 75% of the faculty members holding a Ph.D. in Management and involving themselves in publishing research articles in peer-reviewed international journals, they act as mentors to students in turn guiding them on all fronts, be it personal or professional.

A community of success and learning

Due to the impressive industry-academia connect existing on the campus of SRMCOM, the institute has over 30 collaborative arrangements with universities abroad and these help the faculty in contributing to the world class research output. Not just emphasizing on getting students placed in top corporates and organizations, SRMCOM also gives equal importance to entrepreneurship and development. The students’ inquisitiveness towards outperforming is supported and motivated by an incubation Centre and Fablab at the institution. The start-up culture is also honed through events like Bazaar, and other entrepreneurial networks, letting students get a competitive edge over their peers from other management schools and institutions.

All in all, being a hub for active encouragement and motivation, SRMCOM overtook the issues which came along the pandemic, in turn, taking it as an opportunity to explore online education and assessment methodologies. Moving slowly each day continuing the path of management excellency the College aims to get International Accreditation, also with plans of introducing programs in Data Science, Business Analytics and Digital Marketing, future seems rewarding and inspiring nonetheless for everyone present on the campus of SRMCOM.

Dr. V M Ponniah, Dean

An engineering degree holder in the field of Mechanical Engineering from Madurai Kamaraj University in 1978, Dr Ponniah completed his Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Management (PGDFM) from Annamalai University in 1987. Further on after completing his MBA with the specialization of Finance through University of Madras in 1995, he was awarded Third Rank for MBA in the University of Madras. He excelled in the exam by securing distinctions in 4 subjects viz Mathematics and Statistics, Applied Operations Research, Advanced Business Statistics, and Management Information Systems & EDP. With his main research interests being Entrepreneurship and Banking, he carries his immense academic experience forward guiding every student present on the campus of SRMCOM towards a successful career ahead of them.