St. Joseph’s Degree & PG College – A Bright Future Begins here


World is changing, so is the educational landscape. Because of this, the corporate/entrepreneurial world is changing exponentially. In today’s world effective managers are the need of the hour, moreover a person who can take full advantage of all the opportunities and various platforms made available to him/her. In this age of free information, managers are free to take different approaches pertaining to their niches, but a set of common skills unify all the managers. Managers have to be the most reliable people at the workplace who use and implement universal techniques and implement them for effective management of the workforce. In the pursuit of creating unique talented individuals, ready to become effective future managers & leaders of our country, St. Josephs started their PG College for all the budding management aspirants.

Affiliated to Osmania University, and situated in the heart of Hyderabad, St. Josephs PG College started on their ambitious journey of giving back to society in the year 1999 by Hyderabad Archdiocese Educational Society (HAES). Taking inspiration from Saint Patron, St. Joseph’s College breathes with exemplary work ethics, motivating the staff, faculty, and the students in the direction of building a thorough character, instilling a strong sense of fervor, knowledge, love and service.

A Tradition of Service

A smart learning environment exists at the institute, facilitating students studying at the institute to learn and grow, keeping all the current trends and demands of the society as a blueprint. A NAAC ‘A’ graded institute, St. Josephs PG College is a front-runner in imparting quality management learning and by equipping students with right competencies, students turn out to become dynamic individuals ready to adapt and adopt effectively.

Ideally located in a prime location and built on a 2-acre Wi-Fi enabled campus, the institute boasts an impressive state-of-the-art infrastructure, progressing each day towards imparting the right amount of quality learning and knowledge. With the impressive efforts put in by the management and the staff, the college is well right on its path in emerging as one of the leading higher educational institutions of the country, with an impressive reputation among academia and industry experts.

The college is also known for its intensive industry oriented curriculum, where every student is given equal importance and opportunities from a very approachable, qualified and an experienced faculty. Teaching methodologies are based on practical approaches, where presentations, case studies, debates, quiz, group discussions & role-plays, influence students towards preparing themselves towards the corporate/entrepreneurial life ahead of them. St. Joseph’s is perhaps the best choice of parents and students alike, for witnessing a true enriching multidimensional experience of holistic learning.

Striving towards being the Best

Unlike other b-schools and management institutions, St. Joseph’s Hyderabad stands for a unique and effective course curriculum, working in the favor of students, benefiting them intellectually and help them become well-trained professionals. The department of Business Management has introduced operations as one of the specializations apart from the regular Finance, Marketing and HR in the year 2017, in turn enabling students to enhance their employability and market value. In-addition to the traditional management courses, St. Joseph’s endorses new courses like business analytics, digital marketing, emotional intelligence, Indian ethos and Business ethics and project management, staying up to date with the current trends and developments of the market.

“The students studying at the institute benefit from the sprawling 2.0 acre college campus and the amenities made available to them”, stated Fr. Dr. D. Sunder Reddy, the principal of the institute during a brief conversation we had with him regarding why St. Joseph’s is deemed as one of the best management institutions of Hyderabad. He added to his earlier statement by saying – “The teaching-learning process is enhanced by providing spacious and well-ventilated classrooms equipped with LCDs, computer labs, seminar rooms, and an automated library.” The institute also comprises a good public address system built on the campus, helping students attend seminars and presentations with ease and to ease the process of the management addressing the whole institute at once.

Talking about the faculty at the institute, the principal stated – “Faculty at our college is a bunch of well-experienced, qualified, and dedicated personnel, who deliver their respective subject content with the most effectiveness.” The faculty at the college act as more of mentors than teachers to the budding management aspirants, persuading them to think out of the box and push them towards taking part in seminars/conferences, and also to publish papers. St. Joseph’s PG College, Hyderabad is a dream come true for students looking forward to building successful careers, and especially for students from Christian Minority and economically backward backgrounds, the college provides financial support and motivates them to rise above the normal and find their place in this huge competitive world.

Fr. Dr. D. Sunder Reddy, the Principal

With immense experience in leading higher educational institutions, and being a person who has an impressive amount of publications, international/national journals credited to his name, Dr. Sunder Reddy is a man of finesse. A member of TSICET 2019 Admission Committee, and a major representative of minority institutions and autonomous colleges, as a principal at St. Joseph’s Hyderabad, he works day-in and day-out towards benefiting the community and the society, with all his might, motivating and guiding students towards achieving something great every day and every minute.