Status of COVID Vaccine


With the whole world crumbling towards its fall due to an invisible virus, every day seems like a new day and a new life. Pharma companies across the world are are pushing to make a breakthrough, so that we can take a sigh of relief and get back to the normal life asap.

Even if we get a vaccine for Covid-19 before the end of the year, it would probably be the fastest development of a vaccine in the world. The news of Oxford University-AstraZeneca vaccine entering a late-stage trial has raised hopes of an earlier than expected arrival of a Covid-19 vaccine.

Currently, about 140 vaccines are in different stages of trials around the world. All of them aim to contain the novel coronavirus. According to the World Health Organisation, 16 vaccines candidates have entered late-stage trials-clinical trials. Of these 16 vaccines candidate, five are being studied in China, three in the US, two in the UK and one each in Australia, Germany, and Russia.

Latest reports say that the Oxford University-Astra-Zeneca vaccine candidate is ahead in the race with preparations for large-scale human trials. Around 800 people would be administered to Oxford University’s vaccine. The developers have already signed a deal for producing 10 crore doses of the vaccine. In another human trial in the UK, 300 people would be administered a vaccine at the Imperial College of London.

Companies across the world have entered into the so-called final stage of testing, and all we can hope is to get a good news very soon