Summer Camp India


Why Should You Enroll Your Kid in Summer Camp 2023 ?

  • Nurtures New Friendships
  • Makes your Child Independent
  • Kids Stay Physically Active
  • Develops Leadership Values & Confidence
  • Improves Social Skills

Summer camps have become increasingly popular in India in recent years. They provide children with an opportunity to learn new skills, make new friends, and have fun in a structured and supervised environment. The increased interest in Summer Camps in India reflects a growing interest in providing children with opportunities to learn and grow outside of traditional academic settings, helping them develop social skills, independence and a love for learning that can last a lifetime.

SUMMER CAMP 2023 is a Home Away From home, and an entirely new world to live, fearlessly under the guidance of experts.

Summer Camp India  is a subsidiary of WORLD VEDIC HEALTH SCIENCE PRIVATE LIMITED (KRIYA YOGA SAMSTHAN – HYDERABAD a nonprofit voluntary organization established in 1999.

For the past two decades , it has been setting an example in creating awareness on individual, social, moral, psychological and physiological developments in a participant and in turn, contributing to the health and well being of many. Realizing the Significance of our Ancient Indian Heritage, Vedic Culture and its Values,  Summer Camp India emphasizes on bringing back the practice of conventional Education which was traditionally followed in Schools earlier. Currently, students are taught to improve their skills in their schools. 

At Summer Camp, we greatly initiate and pave the way for the participants to partake in Group activities of other cultures where they share their concerns and doubts thereby developing their interaction skills. Ultimately these social skills will help them to come up with new ideas and stimulate creativity paving way to new Horizons.

Apart from conducting state wide awareness camps on Yoga, Ayurveda, Vedic science, Indian heritage and culture, Summer Camp India also annually conducts summer camps for school going children aged between 7-18 years. And, the response received has been tremendous over the years, creating records for organizing residential summer camps on a grand scale.

 Currently, Kriya Yoga Samsthan is celebrating its 23rd Annual Summer Camp 2023, continuing on its brand value and track record of helping children achieve their full potential in their academic, creative and interpersonal Skills.

Moreover, Summer Camp India has slowly become an epitome of empowerment, creating lifelong learners and productive citizens of the Global Society.

Summer Camp India hosts several programs, but the 2 programs which have become considerably popular in the past few years are the Residential Summer Camp and Adventure Camp.  

Residential Summer Camp

In this elaborate Summer Program, students get to explore and experience their inner-self with 3 weeks of time in their hands, under a young and dynamic team. 

The location is BGS International Residential School, which has a lush green 100 acre campus, surrounded by beautiful valleys and hills. It is absolutely pollution free and merges with nature, consisting of all the new-age amenities and facilities, offering its students all the advantages of modern amenities with an enriching curriculum. Once the students get admitted to the camp, he/she is divided according to their age groups and training is initiated. The Daily routine kick-starts with a wake-up whistle early in the morning at 5:00 am and concludes at 8:30 pm and all the scheduled activities are mandatory to all participants.

As the venue for this camp is BGS International Residential School, which offers world-class amenities for its students, including an international standard cricket ground with pitches, a swimming pool, and a horse riding ring, all these activities are included in the program.

In addition, the Camp will host yoga, indoor games, and Arts Sports Adventure and Culture training.

Healthy & Nutritious Food 

Only pure vegetarian food will be served at the summer camp. As Usual Summer Camp India provides high-quality and nutritious food that meets the summer camp menu requirements, with no compromise on quality or quantity. The menu will include a variety of juices, fruits, and salads, alongside highly nutritious vegetarian meals featuring both North Indian and South Indian cuisine.

Kriya Yoga Samsthan takes great pride in providing good and comfortable accommodation for each student, with an individual cot, bed and luggage locker. The campus at BGS ensures secure accommodation, with well-maintained corporate standard dormitories for boys and girls. There are separate dining halls for boys and girls, along with a fully mechanized kitchen. The In-house Laundry Facility is well maintained.

The bathrooms and lavatories are well-maintained, and our 24/7 housekeeping staff ensure that the premises remain clean and hygienic.

Adventure Summer Camp

The Adventure program has been thoughtfully designed to offer a wide range of activities in a safe and supervised environment. Most activities will take place in Shimla and Manali, with occasional field trips throughout the duration of the adventure camp. The dedicated and well-trained staff members are committed to promoting physical activities that can boost self-image and self-confidence among youth. Additionally, the adventure camp will provide an exciting experience for young participants to socialize and create new friendships.

These summer camps are conducted every Year in the month of May scheduled from 30th April to 20th May. Age limit is 7-18 years for both boys & Girls the Adventure camp is scheduled for 9 Days from 21st to 29th May. Age limit is 12 years and above for both Girls & Boys.

Management will take responsibility to Pick Participants from New Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport on 21st May & Drop them back on 29th May after completion of Adventure camp.

Activities for Mind, Body & Soul In-line with all of the rich history and heritage of our culture, and with the modern day requirements of students, all the activities are designed to stimulate eagerness and motivate healthy lifestyle. Few of the unique activities organized at the Summer Camp include – Rope Mallakhamb, Pole Mallakhamb, Stick Fighting, Mugdar Exercises and the mandatory chanting of Pratahkal Mantras.

Towards Societal Development All in all, with all the dedication being put in by the Samsthan towards serving the community, through all the Summer Programs, the team is working towards a relentless commitment towards promoting self-reliance. It’s impressive that the Samsthan has been successfully implementing these programs without collecting donations for the past 18 years, while also empowering the youth and working towards their betterment  For more Information visit