Suryadatta National School: Enter to learn, Leave to Achieve


In a time of immense modernization, the growth of today’s generation is parallel to the growth of our society. For the holistic development of today’s youth, equal importance has to be given on both classroom education and the opportunities given outside the classroom. The youth of today have to be trained in being more compassionate towards society, hence developing the mental, social, and physical aspects of a student. One more important aspect of creating complete individuals is the character building, as character imparts wisdom in life; also, it enhances inner personality and polishes students into outstanding individuals. Striving to do justice to its earned reputation, and working meticulously towards the welfare of its students, Suryadatta National School came into existence.

Known for its value-based education, progressive & innovative teaching-learning process, the school has become an ideal environment for ideating, exploring, collaboration, and learning. Since its inception, Suryadatta National School aims to be the center of excellence in education using state-of-the-art technology, where the seeds of the all-round development of children are sown at an early age.

Quest for Excellence

With an aim towards transitioning students from raw and unpolished stones to precious diamonds, SNS focuses not only on quality academics but also on extracurricular activities for the holistic development of the students. Nurturing students of today into world-class scholars of tomorrow is their primary goal. The students at the school excel are trained in such a way that they excel in competitive exams, and still, stay rooted in their values and culture.

Teachers at SNS are a bunch of well-experienced and qualified individuals, lending a unique student-teacher relationship bridging the gap of learning and understanding. The students are encouraged towards pursuing indoor/outdoor sports, yoga, music, art, dance, etc, which helps them inculcate a strong sense of responsibility, loyalty, team spirit, healthy competition, and a positive attitude.

Coming as a ray of hope for parents looking for a school offering complete education from Kindergarten to the 12th standard, Suryadatta National School has its very own KG school called the Surya Kids. At Surya Kids, learning opportunities are offered from Play Group to Senior KG. The learning is “Play and Activity-based”, where the children are taught to discover, improvise, imagine, create, and build new understanding.

When we got an opportunity of talking to Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya, the founder president of the SNS regarding the uniqueness SNS has to offer, he stated – “The school follows its own time schedule and age-appropriate activities which are planned in advance for the session with a theme and concept for each month”. He added to his earlier statement by saying – “They are guided by educators who foster independent learning, critical thinking, collective and personal well being.” When asked about their very own venture Surya Kids helping children start with an excellent learning foundation, he ecstatically said – “We at Surya kids strive to enhance and enrich their strengths and identify and work on improving their weak areas”.

Regular competitions are held at SNS and Surya Kids, enabling the children studying at the institute, with a platform covering all facets of a child’s interests like singing, dancing, coloring, drawing, poem recitation, storytelling, hand-writing and so on.

Every Student by name and need

Despite all the technological developments in the world, at SNS, teachers are still the heart of the teaching-learning process. The hiring process of a teacher is a 4-stage process, which ensures that only the best in the field join as teachers at SNS. The teachers are trained towards integrating rigor, scientific-temperament, & problem-solving learning into the curriculum through integration and active learning. Communication and teamwork among the teachers and the students is strong, instilling strong relationships in and beyond the school.

Laying strong emphasis on practical learning, the children at SNS are provided with enough projects and study material for complete learning.  The classrooms at the school are activity-based spaces that inspire creativity, culture, and character, thereby having a clustered, varied, and functional multi-instructional area based seating arrangements.

Children are made aware of their safety at home, outside, and while traveling. Fire safety measures or basic traffic rules are very well taught at the school. Sensitive topics like ‘Good Touch’ & ‘Bad Touch’ are also covered at school preparing them to be strong to safeguard themselves in adverse situations.

 Roadmap Ahead

After creating a unique, yet efficient center of effective, quality-based learning, SNS takes cognizance of the fact that the future lies in innovation, robotics, and drones. Keeping the spirit of rapid technological-advancements alive, the school has already started taking initiatives in this regard by educating children in these aspects. Life skill development is also laid enough emphasis in the school, considering the future wherein adaptability will hold the key to prospering in life.

SNS also is working towards building a community, empowering learners to assume active roles in building an inclusive, peaceful, and tolerant environment, which contributes towards the sustainable development of society.

Founder President, Dr. Sanjay B. Chordiya

A visionary, an educationist, a philanthropist, the founder president, and the chairman of the Suryadatta Education Foundation, he worked towards the fundamental objective of enriching careers and enhancing lives. A recipient of several awards for his priceless contribution towards excellence in education, spiritual upliftment, social and world peace activities, Dr. Chordiya is a highly committed individual working towards the welfare of the society. Some of his notable initiatives towards this end include a scholarship to meritorious students, imparting various voluntary skill-based training modules, awareness programs & free of cost education to the deserving, economically deprived strata of the society, farmers, members of the Armed Forces, Public Servants, and to Divyang children.