Symbiosis Centre For Management and Human Resource Development


Today, businesses are moving forward in a fast-paced environment. Newer technological solutions are offering more effective solutions for organizations than ever before. Business Analytics is one of the significant factors that has contributed on a large scale towards guiding businesses attain more success. Also, by bringing together the fields of business management, and computing to get actionable insights, Business Analytics graduates are taught how to remodel business procedures to generate more efficiency and build a productive business system. While it may be a tedious task to choose the right college for a Business Analytics enthusiast in today’s time, a B-School like the Symbiosis Centre For Management And Human Resource Development (SCMHRD) is proving its mettle year-after-year, striving on a nearly three-decade-long legacy of educational excellence. 

A premier B-School honing world-class leaders and entrepreneurs, SCMHRD was established in 1993. The institute specializes in producing quality talent in the fields of Human Resources, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Business Analytics and Infrastructure Development and Management. Apart from academic knowledge, the institute also focuses on equipping students with the latest technical competencies used in the corporate world. “Our unique learning approach combined with the focus on holistic development gives students of SCMHRD an edge and prepares them for their corporate journey and life ahead”, states – Dr Netra Neelam, the Director of SCMHRD Pune. Adding to her above point the director continued – “What makes SCMHRD stand apart is the prestigious AACSB accreditation, which has been accorded only to 5% B-Schools in the world with only about 820 schools in approximately 53 countries. Pune is known as the Oxford of the East and SCMHRD is the first B-School in Pune and only five percent of the institutions globally to have this honor”.

Building leaders of the future

SCMHRD has a history of producing socially sensitive managers who can lead, persevere and continuously raise the bar of management performance. The institute is located amidst the corporates of the IT Park in Hinjawadi, Phase 1, Pune, striving on its record of nurturing students who have proven themselves, not only on a national level, but also on the international stage. In its 30th year of existence, the institute is now well known for imparting management education in all the major fields of managing business, be it HR, Finance or Business Analytics or niche programme like Infrastructure Development and Management.

Aiming to provide the students with practical and conceptual knowledge of business analytics along with a sound comprehension of management theory and practice, the full time 2 years residential MBA Program in Business Analytics was launched at SCMHRD way back in 2017. This was preceded by a successful launch of a Post Graduate Programme of one year in Business Analytics. Through this program students are given a grounding in SPSS, Python, R and SAS with add-on packages. Data visualization software like Tableau are utilized strongly in the course. The course is designed by intervention from different industry experts working in Big data and Analytics. To be up to date with the trends in the world of analytics and redefine the students’ careers by aligning them to industry standards, SCMHRD has partnered with some leading platforms such as Coursera, Kubicle, and Alteryx for professional courses and certifications. The hands-on learning experience, quizzes, courses from world-class universities, and the certifications offered by these platforms have helped students get a gist of real-world problems, tools, technologies, and use cases in Analytics. Databases such as Bloomberg, CMIE, Euromonitor, EBSCO, Web of Science, and Scopus help the student gain data and delve more deeply into the topics.

Also, SCMHRD believes in the holistic development of an individual to become a competent working professional, thus, the institute motivates learning beyond the classrooms. As a result, there are 14 clubs and committees at the institute, where the students have positions of responsibility for almost every vital process, from placements, admissions, public relations, media coverage, guest lectures, and cultural events, to social responsibility initiatives. These activities add to the managerial experience of students before they step into the corporate world- be it budgeting for different events or organizing them – which gives the students practical exposure to management, which is an added skill apart from what is learned in academics. 

As Symbiosis International University is a health-promoting university, SCMHRD puts a lot of emphasis on health. A variety of sports activities where the students can participate and make use of the facilities are provided on the campus. A typical student at SCMHRD is exposed to diverse opportunities apart from academics- be it case study competitions, corporate competitions, inter-Bschool competitions, fests, and guest lectures. These opportunities allow students to further enhance their skills practically in their chosen domains or specializations.

Getting ready today for a Better Tomorrow

The infrastructure has played a very strategic role in enabling a student towards a smooth learning curve. Being in the midst of Rajiv Gandhi IT Park in Hinjewadi, Pune, confers a strategic advantage to the SCMHRD campus. It provides greater accessibility to opportunities like live projects, which students like to partake in, and avenues for various industrial visits. The campus is a part of the city that is well connected by all modes of transport, and having access to nearby amenities of both entertainment and work, makes SCMHRD’s location its differentiating factor. The IT infrastructure at SCMHRD too is well suited for complementing theoretical learning with practical applications for the students. There is a well-equipped Bloomberg terminal lab, for enhancing students’ knowledge about real-world tools required in the corporate world. 

Entrepreneurial abilities of the students are supported and Research is promoted at SCMHRD. Business ideas are supported by an incubation center at the University level which has helped students at SCMHRD start their own ventures. The research focused approach of SCMHRD enables students in developing a sense of curiosity and the quest for seeking a deeper understanding of the world around them. In lieu of this SCMHRD has embarked on the practice of hosting an Annual Research Conference called S-TEAM 2022. This stands for Symbiosis -Technology, Economics, Analytics and Management. This year the conference concluded with the theme “Consilience in Business Practices”. Commencing from 2020, in its second year of existence the conference has been fortunate to secure International Partnership of EM Normandie Business School, France. The culture of faculty mentors and research mentors mentoring individual students is also prevalent at the institute. 

All thanks to the impressive industry-bonds and relationships existing on the campus, students get the best of both worlds and quality placement opportunities. At the end of the first year, every student undergoes a three-month Summer Internship in an organization toobtain an experience in the corporate roles they want to fit in. Students also work on live projects and help the company get an insight into the talent pool available in the college. These projects also attract Pre-Placement Interviews (PPI) and Pre-Placement Offers (PPO)

Typical projects offered to students involve machine learning models, dashboard creation, process automation and related business problems. As a living proof, the final placement highlights for the academic year 2020-22 have been phenomenal. The season bore witness to a record-high average CTC for MBA of 20.40 LPA and a median package of 20.0 LPA. The highest domestic package offered was 35.50 LPA, while the highest International CTC was an unmatchable 61.50 LPA.

The industry-academia goes beyond just placements and internships, and can be seen through the various opportunities made available on the campus. Be it the guest lectures, the recently concluded HR E-Conclave, live projects or corporate case competitions. SCMHRD leaves no stone unturned to provide the best opportunities to its students. 

Dr. Netra Neelam – Director

Dr. Netra Neelam has 20 years of experience in the field of higher education. She has completed her Masters in Commerce, Post Graduate Diploma in HRM  and M.Phil. She pursued her Ph.D. in Human Resources from Symbiosis International (Deemed University) under the Faculty of Management. She is also a recognized Ph.D. research guide at the University. Being passionate about the field of psychometry she is certified in internationally recognized psychometric instruments like MBTI®, FIRO-B®, Strong Interest Inventory® and Belbin®. She is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach Practitioner along with being certified in NLP, Hypnosis & Coaching. She has been invited to serve as a member of the Asia Pacific Advisory Council (APAC) and Indian Business School Directors Leadership Group (IBSDLG) by the Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business (AACSB).