Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences


Institutes like the Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences (SIHS) stand as vibrant beacons in the realm of education, transforming the healthcare landscape with their distinct approach and unwavering commitment to excellence. These institutes serve as catalysts, nurturing a new generation of professionals who will shape the future of health sciences.

Within this dynamic milieu, SIHS stands out as a truly unique hub, harmonizing academic rigor with practical application. With its illustrious legacy and affiliation to Symbiosis International (Deemed University), SIHS has carved a niche for itself as an exemplary institution dedicated to health sciences education.

What sets SIHS apart is its comprehensive range of undergraduate and postgraduate programs that encompass diverse fields such as hospital management, healthcare administration, nutrition and dietetics, medical technology, and biomedical sciences. By embracing this multidisciplinary approach, SIHS creates a fertile ground for interdisciplinary collaboration and innovation.

Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences in a Nutshell
Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences fosters a seamless blend of teaching, learning, and research, with a community-hospital interface at Symbiosis Arogya Dham. With an emphasis on inter and trans-disciplinary skills, SIHS equips students with global competencies to meet the demands of the healthcare industry and entrepreneurial ventures. The institute boasts a highly qualified faculty, experts in their fields, who inspire young minds to absorb knowledge. The institute also provides care education and opportunities for international initiatives and collaborations. And, its state-of-the-art infrastructure and research facilities create a conducive environment for immersive learning.

SIHS offers a range of undergraduate programs to cater to various fields of study. These programs include B.Sc. (Hons) in Mental Health, B.Sc. (Hons) in Medical Technology, and B.Sc. (Hons) in Radiotherapy Technology. Also, the PG Programs offered at SIHS Include: the MBA program specializing in Hospital and Healthcare Management, Health Insurance, and Pharmaceutical Management.

For those interested in the field of nutrition, the MSc. program in Nutrition & Dietetics offers four specializations: Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics, Nutrigenomics, Public Health Nutrition, and Food Safety & Quality Management. SIHS also offers a Master of Public Health (MPH) program, providing students with comprehensive training in public health practices and policies.

The MSc. program in Medical Technology offers a range of specializations, including Cardiac Care, Respiratory Therapy, Imaging Sciences, Clinical Laboratory, Dialysis & Renal Technology, OT & Anesthesia Technology, Laparoscopy & Endoscopy, Neurosciences Technology, and Ophthalmic Sciences. Moreover, SIHS provides an M.Sc. program in Assisted Reproduction Technology & Embryology, which focuses on the techniques and procedures used in assisted reproduction and embryology. Along with all the above courses, SIHS offers a Diploma in Biomedical Instrumentation, which provides students with specialized knowledge and skills in the field of biomedical instrumentation.

Redefining Infrastructural Brilliance
“SIHS is located in the Serene Hill Base Campus of Symbiosis International University, Lavale, which is located among lush hills, coexisting with nature as it stands over a valley surrounded by verdant hills with a rich presence of flora and fauna”, shared – Dr. Sammita Jadhav, the Director and Professor. “Our campus boasts of 13 indoor and outdoor fitness centers ,Tennis Courts, Basketball courts, Volleyball Courts, Futsal Courts, Football Field, Cricket Field, and so on, along with offering many group classes, Coaching facilities, Yoga”, continued the Director, talking about the elaborate infrastructure.

Also, the Institute offers a well-equipped nutrition and meal management laboratory where students gain hands-on experience in diet planning, food product development, food innovation, and meal management. In addition, the Institute boasts six skill laboratories specializing in areas such as Cardiac Care Technology, Respiratory Therapy, Dialysis Technology, Imaging Sciences, Clinical Laboratory Technology, and Operation Theatre and Anesthesia Technology.

Furthermore, as part of the larger educational ecosystem, the Institute is affiliated with SIU, a prominent university comprising 37 academic institutions across the country. Each institute has its own library, including the SIU Central Library, which serves as a creative and innovative partner in supporting teaching, learning, scholarship, and research activities. The Central Library offers a serene atmosphere with a picturesque view, inspiring students to engage in learning and research. With a vast collection of 266,354 e-books, the library provides accessible resources to users from all institutes within the university.

Placements, Internship and Research Opportunities Provided
The Placement Cell at SIHS plays a crucial role in providing practical training opportunities for MBA (HHM) students. They arrange a two-month student internship program that allows students to gain hands-on experience in their chosen field.

Furthermore, in the first year of their program, students have the opportunity for onsite experiential learning at the esteemed Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Center (SUHRC).

For students pursuing MPH, internships are facilitated in various National Health Missions of their respective states, as well as in non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and CSR Foundations. This provides them with valuable real-world exposure and practical insights.

SIHS has a dedicated Placement Cell that actively collaborates with industries across different healthcare sectors, including hospitals, consultancies, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance providers, and healthcare IT organizations. The Placement Cell works towards securing internships for students, helping them gain industry-specific knowledge and skills.

In the academic year 2022-2023, SIHS achieved remarkable success in terms of placements, with a 100% placement rate. The highest offered CTC (Cost to Company) stood at 19 LPA (Lakhs per Annum), while the average CTC reached 8 LPA, demonstrating the strong career prospects and opportunities available to SIHS graduates.

All in all, SIHS has a robust ecosystem for research consisting of Institutional Research Committee (IRC), Institutional Ethics Committee (IEC), Data Advisory Review Committee (DARC), and Academic Integrity Committee (AIC). SIHS encourages students to participate in various conferences, including Symresearch and Symhealth to present posters and research publications. And importantly, SIHS students in the last 3 years have written and published more than 20 research papers in Scopus Indexed Journals.

Loans and Scholarships
A range of scholarships are offered to exceptional students, including SIU Merit Scholarships, SIU Scholarships for International Students, SCOPE Scholarships for female students from SIU adopted villages, Symbiosis Sports Scholarships, Global Immership Program Scholarships, North East Region (NER) Scholarships, and NHFDC Scholarships for students with disabilities.

To further support students financially, educational loans and financial assistance can be obtained through various bank schemes. These include the Bank of India Loan Scheme, IDBI Loan Scheme, Axis Bank Loan Scheme, Bank of Baroda Loan Scheme, IDFC Loan Scheme, and Canara Bank Loan Scheme.

Dr. Sammita Jadhav – Director and Professor
An accomplished professional with over two decades of experience in the healthcare industry, Dr. Sammita Jadhav holds an esteemed position as the Director of Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences. She has made significant contributions to the field, serving as a resource person on the National task force of the National Initiative of Allied Health Services (NIAHS), under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India. Dr. Jadhav’s exceptional qualifications include graduating from the renowned B.J. Medical College, Pune, where she excelled in Pathology. She further pursued her Masters in Medicine and obtained a Ph.D. in Healthcare Management from Symbiosis International (Deemed University) within the Faculty of Medical and Health Sciences.

Notably, Dr. Jadhav has been instrumental in the establishment of the Symbiosis University Hospital and Research Centre, a state-of-the-art healthcare facility comprising 900 beds, as well as the Symbiosis Medical College for Women in Pune.

As a respected Ph.D. Supervisor, Dr. Jadhav currently guides eight Ph.D. scholars, emphasizing her dedication to research. Her work has been recognized through numerous research publications in esteemed National and International Journals indexed in Scopus and Web of Science. Notably, her paper on ‘Clinico – pathological Correlation in Dengue Fever: A case study of 200 adult patients’ earned her the prestigious Best Paper Award at the Mapcon Conference of the Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists (I.A.P.M.).

With her vast expertise and leadership, Dr. Jadhav continues to elevate the Healthcare Management, Public Health, Nutrition and Dietetics, and Medical Technology departments at Symbiosis Institute of Health Sciences.