Tamil Nadu: Schools insist government to cancel class 11 board exams


Tamil Nadu government has been urged by the state schools to cancel the class 11 board exam. Educational institutions are making the request with the intention to mitigate the pressure amongst teachers and students.

Tamil Nadu state schools have urged the government to cancel the class 11 board exam for this year. The insistence has been made by the state board schools with the aim to reduce the pressure on both teachers and students. This year, more than 10 lakh students are expected to appear for the class 10 and 11 board exams.

Tamil Nadu government gave a nod for the reopening of schools for physical classes for classes 9 to 12 from September 1, 2021. As per reports, classes were conducted daily for students of classes 10 and 12. However, classes were conducted on alternative days for students of class 11. Educational institutions reopened in the states with strict adherence to COVID-19 guidelines such as wearing masks, maintaining physical distancing, sanitization of buildings, and others.

As per teachers from several educational institutions, two board exams would act as pressure for both the teachers and the students. With schools closed for a long duration due to the pandemic, the timing is also less for the conduct of the board exam. Thus, amid the tough year due to the pandemic, the learning gap amongst students has also increased.

Further, the fact that classes were held on alternative days, also led to pressure on teachers to complete the syllabus. Several factors such as low attendance during online classes due to issues with regards to internet connectivity have played a factor in the insistence of the schools for the cancellation of the board exams. According to the Times of India, several Principals of various schools have urged on the need to cancel the board exam. The President of Tamil Nadu High and Higher School Headmasters’ Association said to the Times of India that if the exams are canceled, the pressure would be reduced.