With recent surveys confirming the growth of the event industry by 27% in India, the rate at which event managers would need can be estimated. The sector ushers the young generation to pursue a seasoned career in the event management industry. Besides this, the sector substantiates multi-faceted reasons for its peaking revenue graph. Therefore emerging as a great career opportunity for the young students today. Studying event management enhances the management techniques in organizing successful events like brand launches, promotional events, music concerts, fashion shows, personal events, press conferences, exhibitions, etc. These require a specialist approach and skill that is learnt in the media colleges. One such media college providing a top-notch level of education and experience in the field is Team.i, where the students get the best learning experience to function well in the event management field. The Entertainment and Media Institute is a premier event management institution focused on providing education in the fields of Event Management, Media Technology, Entertainment Technology & Craft, and Digital Technologies. team.i was founded to address the needs of three of the most transformative and rapidly developing sectors in the country and the world – Events, Media, and Entertainment. team.i have been nurturing and developing highly-talented, industry-specific personnel for the past decade, specific to the event management industry. The proximity, experience and understanding of the industry enables the college to envision and implement a structured, qualitative, educational offering that makes our students industry-ready by providing them with extraordinary opportunities and exposure.

team.i offers four mainstream courses catering to different groups of aspiring event professionals. These include The Certificate Program In Event Management and  The Event Career Kick-Starter Program – Online Program. When compared to other event management courses offered across the country, each of the programs are tailored to align with the latest requirements of the event industry, training students to excel at some of the most sought after positions and global opportunities that are available today. Along with that, the faculty at team.i are composed of industry experts who come with years of professional experience across a wide spectrum within the industry. Each being a master par excellence in their respective disciplines, their knowledge and experience prove to be the perfect teaching tools for the students to learn and take inspiration from. 

The institution maintains the perfect balance between theoretical and practical learning by adopting a 50/50 ratio between the two, without one or the other, a student of event management lacks the fundamental understanding that it takes to excel in this field and so through the many industry project opportunities, in-class learning methodologies and a hands-on approach to learning, the institute encourages a holistic educational experience. With a minimum of 12 certificates up for grabs by being a part of various industry projects and a 2 month internship opportunity offered at the end of the program, team.i leaves no stone unturned in helping students achieve their event management goals.

Creative Learning Experience
If the pandemic taught us anything, it was that change is the only constant. With the world having transitioned to an online platform, the need for educational methods to evolve underwent a drastic change as well. At team.i, we are proud to have been one of the first institutions to transition to an online learning environment” shares Arvind Jyot Sabhaney, CEO, team.i. With the hybrid model of education coming into play, students are encouraged to make the most of the opportunities it offers. Adding to a more versatile experience, the hybrid model allows students to explore both platforms, from on-ground event experiences to how to work the virtual classroom and in turn virtual event management. 

Moreover, team.i serves to bridge the gap that exists between the industry and aspiring event professionals through the numerous initiatives. As part of the induction process, the institute invites the industry stalwarts who are part of the faculty to share their experiences with students on a pre structured curriculum. The event industry by itself plays a huge role in terms of tweaking the curriculum year on year to make it a truly 2.0 version program. The industry then goes on to hire these candidates and a 100% placement rate is achieved. Leveraging our robust network of industry partners, we provide a plethora of placement opportunities across various sectors in the form of internships and industry projects. “Based on a mutually beneficial partnership with these companies, we at team.i support them with our pre-trained students as skilled volunteers for their projects and give them preference over other organizations allowing them to choose suitable candidates according to their requirements during placements.” shares Arvind Jyot Sabhaney. 

Arvind Jyot Sabhaney – CEO

A stalwart whose reputation precedes him, Arvind Jyot Sabhaney is also an Event Management Specialist with extensive credentials in managing key accounts. With a proven ability to lead efforts in the areas of business strategy planning and development, competitive strategies, and profitability improvement, Arvind has over the years organized, managed and executed large events and promotions with increasing mileage. The CEO of team.i, Arvind is also involved in various other ventures, working to promote the incredible talent and innovation that the industry executes today. The Managing Director of Zeroin Management Pvt. Ltd., one of the most reputed event companies in the country today, Arvind has been a source of inspiration and played the role of mentor, advisor and role model to over 3,500 event aspirants over the years. His hard work and commitment towards everything he sets out to achieve has won him admiration and praise but beyond all, instilled in him the drive to continue working for the betterment of the industry.