The NGP School – A Multicultural Haven of Growth & Learning


In the wake of COVID-19, educators have had an opportunity to reimagine learning and equip students with the skills like cognitive, creative, social, emotional, and physical. Helping them grow as abled individuals which the conventional education wouldn’t be capable of doing, educators of today have learned the significance of preparing children for life and not merely for livelihood. Academic rigor is certainly important; however, inculcating life skills cannot be put on the back burner. The adaptation and integration of technology in classroom teaching has been one of the biggest changes, this pandemic brought on us. This sudden change also compelled educators to upgrade their technical skills, thereby, creating better and more engaging lessons and environments. One such prime educator, which was founded and pioneered by visionaries – The NGP School, strives relentlessly day-in and day-out, towards becoming a go-to place for exemplary schooling experiences.

Believing in the fact that students aren’t mere learners, but independent thinkers who are just ready to occupy their spots in the world outside, at The NGP School, both independent thinkers and thinking are endorsed unconditionally. Backed by an illustrious lineage of the Kovai Medical Center and Hospital [KMCH], under the leadership of Dr. Nalla G Palaniswami, children at The NGP School are being raised in a disciplined atmosphere instilling strong values of discipline.

Founded in the year 2013, The NGP School is the right blend of values and discipline, nurturing critical thinking, problem solving, and confidence-building across all the curriculum and the pedagogy followed on campus. A place where the classrooms are vibrant and a place for sharing of ideas, all the children at the school shed their inhibitions and display openness to communicate and express their thoughts. Moreover, laying the foundation stones of all-round development, students are churned into capable individuals with strong characters, emphasizing integrity and cultural sensitivity.

Devoted towards community building

Overcoming the current crisis scenario, The NGP School effortlessly adapted to the new change, utilizing the already existing ICT infrastructure available on campus. Training students and teachers to be every-ready irrespective of the circumstances outside, different strategies are being used to suit the diverse needs of students. Understanding the aspect that different students have different learning styles and capabilities, all teachers are made fully aware of the Multiple Intelligence Theory. Using songs, games, stories, visual aids, field trips, and outdoor activities, students are helped to grow in accordance with the current market needs and demands. “‘Ask, seek, enquire, explore’ – This is yet another mantra that the teachers adopt to promote inquiry-based learning”, quoted – Ms. Preetha Prakash, the current principal and the spokesperson of the school, talking to us about how teachers help convert students into inquisitive minds of tomorrow. During a brief conversation, Ms. Preetha took us on a virtual tour of the school and gave us insights into the whole working ethos present on the campus, and how students are pushed towards applying their learning in real life as well. Furthermore, talking about the various teaching methodologies being followed on campus, Ms. Preetha stated – “Being oriented in a variety of teaching methodologies, the teachers consciously inter-relate the various methodologies to suit the uniqueness of the learner and the topic”.

Having always been a learner-centric hotpot of excellence, The NGP School gives equal importance to the professional development of teachers. Motivating teachers to undergo training in a wide range of education-related topics, the teachers regularly host exhibitions, and project days, in turn, keeping students occupied most of the time, across The NGP’s academic calendar. Class-wise project days happen periodically in all the subjects, thereby providing scope for children to go beyond textbooks and exhibit & demonstrate their true love towards the subjects of their interests. Having warm, resourceful, and strong mentors lead the parade of the faculty at the school, a healthy and positive atmosphere prevails in the school, in turn, resulting in strong mentor-mentee bonds, which go beyond the school hours. In addition, considering the current times of high uncertainty for the students across the globe, the school has an in-house psychologist who, apart from offering personal guidance and remedial measures for personal issues of the children,  also handles classes on a regular basis, building the self-esteem of each child.

Affiliated to the CBSE syllabus, the school hosts classes from KG to class 12. Curating the best in-house pedagogy which fosters the changing trends and demands of the 21st century, along with cognitive development, students on campus are trained towards displaying strong leadership skills. Enunciating her thoughts on how The NGP School caters to the right minds, Ms. Preetha, quoted – “ Education must help in self – actualization’- maximizing the use of one’s abilities and resources, and this is what we aim to achieve at The NGP”.

A congenial atmosphere

Consisting of the best state-of-the-art infrastructure, the school boasts of having the right ambience and amenities that promote inclusivity across the length and breadth of the school. With air-conditioned and smartboard-enabled classrooms, a well-stocked library, well-equipped computer labs, Math, and science labs, and many more at children’s ready disposal, the empirical well-being of the students is maintained through and through.

Actively involving parents in their respective ward’s development and progress, the school believes that the progress of the child is a shared responsibility of the school and the family. And, thus envisions parents being partners in the learning process and establish concrete measures to develop this partnership. Subsequently, hosting orientation sessions for parents, PTA meets, boosting active participation in exhibitions, functions, and project days, and collecting constant feedbacks, are all efforts in this very direction. All in all, the school and its management have continued consistently in its path towards continuous improvement and learning, applying the same amount of vigor and enthusiasm, year after year. Also, aiming to generate high profile children, who can head start successful careers throughout the world and carry forward the tradition of excellence, which is The NGP School, the future is all about rendering excellence in education.