The Oxford College of Pharmacy


The Oxford College of Pharmacy – Creating a Unique Talent Pool of Excellence

As the society around us evolves each day, with changing scenarios and transformations, pharmacy education in India needs a facelift. Having to play a major role in leveraging opportunities and tackle major healthcare challenges, the whole structure needs to be organized based on industry expectations and demands. With several pharmacy colleges mushrooming in both rural and urban areas, the chance to outperform and give out exceptional pharma experts to the world is the need of the hour. Fortunately, many institutes and colleges are trying their best to meet the requirements of a 21st-century pharma graduate and cater to all their issues. One such college, aiming towards providing quality education, with the prime focus of imbibing a strong sense of social responsibility among their students is ‘The Oxford College of Pharmacy’.

Having an intense mission of accommodating various types of students, under an inclusive umbrella of learner-centric Pharmacy health care education, strong community relationships are built at Oxford. Furthermore, working with strategic future-oriented planning and nurturing organizational linkages, the college is right on its path towards becoming one of the top pharmacy colleges in Bengaluru & India. Situated ideally in the IT hub, The Oxford College of Pharmacy is the right place for the right exposure for all, who aspire to become successful and trained pharma professionals.

Innovation filled Pharma Learning

As we all know, pharmacists are the vital link between patients, doctors and perhaps the whole medical industry. Thereby, the importance of a pharmacist today is at an all-time high, considering the current crisis we are facing. Taking the pandemic situations like the COVID-19 in a stride, Oxford College of Pharmacy has risen to be an example pharmacy institute, by showing the world how to effectively transition through the phase shift of face-to-face teaching/learning to online. Additionally, the college has risen beyond its expectations by becoming a premier institute in terms of creating bonds with neighbouring industries and clinical research organizations. Having a strong industry-academia bond existing on-campus facilitates and benefits everyone with the best of pharma opportunities required by a today’s aspiring pharma experts. Furthermore, with seminars, workshops, medical camps and industrial visits being organized at Oxford on a regular basis, creates a sense of strong practical vigour among the students, preparing them towards a dynamic world ahead of them.

Covering a wide range of courses, the pharma college strives to cater to all its students by offering programs which are aimed to make quality pharmacists for retail and hospital services. Increasing graduation rates and levels of educational attainment will accomplish little if students do not learn something of lasting value, thereby, Oxford college of pharmacy in the regard supports outstanding students who are University rank holders with a complete waiver of tuition fees for PG courses. At The Oxford college of pharmacy not only the students and teachers also get encouraged to attend national and international level conferences, the college funds all their research activities and presentation procedures. To help focus on current trends in the pharma industry, The Oxford college of pharmacy is planning to expertise students in future with additional skills in regulatory affairs, intellectual property rights, etc.

The infrastructure of a college plays a vital role in the development of the college as well as the student when provided with the facilities. The campus at the Oxford college of pharmacy provides supportive infrastructure facilities complete with an auditorium which can accommodate 600 students, common playground, volleyball court and hostels with modern amenities.

The global coronavirus pandemic has affected both the teaching staff and the learning students and to help students during these times Oxford college of pharmacy encouraged all faculty members to come up with innovative solutions to continue online teaching and evaluation without hindrance. The institution framed regular timetable and monitoring system to conduct online classes and examination conducting platforms. The students were constantly kept in touch during the lockdown and provided moral support and encouragement to phase upcoming university annual examinations. The internal examinations were also conducted with the aid of artificial intelligence-enabled software and it was remotely monitored.

Securing a career for the young aspirants

The selection of a career or profession is one of the most important things in life. But it is equally difficult. The lack of guiding services, proper counselling and ever-increasing unemployment has further complicated the matter.

The placement and career guidance cell at the Oxford college of pharmacy regularly arranges campus interviews and do a follow-up of placement processes. Institute maintains infrastructure for Animal houses with necessary approval. Also equipped with a machine room, Instrumentation room for the need for research activities.

“The college wants to conduct international seminars, look for more research funding and to apply for international accreditations are the immediate plans of the institution”, quoted The Sri S N V L Narasimha Raju, The Chairman, The Oxford Educational Institution, during a brief conversation we had with him. He added to his earlier point, talking about the industry relationships the college has – “Oxford college of Pharmacy has 7 functional MoUs since the last five years”. These MoUs were made to develop industry collaborations and for academic advancement. This institution will work for achieving more MoUs in future to encourage industry-linked research activities.

Sri. S. N. V. L Narasimha Raju – Chairman

S N. V. L. Narasimha Raju is an MBA graduate from Bangalore University who possesses a high level of managerial skills combined with commitment and vigour. He is responsible for the technological growth of the institutions and the state-of-the-art facilities. He is a widely travelled person and has vast experiences in the field of education. Despite his busy schedule, he takes time off to counsel the students and motivates them to do their best in their academic endeavours. As the Chairman of the institute, he gives his more than 100% towards bringing Oxford and its students in the forefront, towards a success filled content life.