The Tots Planet


Preschools in the 21st century have evolved to meet the changing needs of young children and their families. With advancements in technology, and changing societal norms, preschools have adapted to provide children with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the modern world. The Tots Planet is one such preschool that operates with highly experienced teachers, giving it their best to provide the best education to the kids with the best facility to make them STARs of the next generation. 

The founders of the Preschool come from varied backgrounds, but share a common goal of instilling the right values and attitudes in the next generation at an affordable cost. The management of The Tots Planet understands the importance of providing high-quality education at an affordable cost, which is why they came together to start Tots Planet. 

An integrated-inclusive preschool with language based development programs, all the endeavors carried out at the Tots Planet are focused to bring all the pre-schoolers in a social learning environment. The curriculum and pedagogy is flexible in such a way that both regular children and specially abled children can adapt to it with ease. “Safety and hygiene is our primary concern, thereby, the school premises and classrooms are CCTV monitored, and the gates are guarded by a staff”, shares – Melisa Mona, the Director of the Preschool.

Where Every Child is a Star

At The Tots Planet, the curriculum followed is a thorough combination of thematic and creative perspectives targeting each child’s specific needs and learning styles, which results in children showing increased interest and focus. Additionally, the integrated classrooms follow a rich language-based environment with a multisensory, developmental approach to teaching. Also, the curriculum encompasses a “Total Development Model” to ensure that children develop their cognitive, gross motor, fine motor, social, emotional and language skills.

Tots Planet Preschool has a team of experienced and qualified teachers who are trained to work with young children. The school maintains a low teacher-student ratio to ensure that each child receives individual attention. The classroom environment is totally inclusive with classroom configurations varying to meet the diverse needs of children. Each classrooms’ daily schedule typically includes – Free Choice and Directed Free Play, Circle/Meeting Time, Snack Time, Group Work, Table Activity Time, Outside Play and Story Time. 

There is a dedicated program called the “ETL Learning Program” offered at The Tots Planet, which covers the various aspects of development that convert children into happy and content human beings, who have strong emotional and intellectual foundations. Moreover, parents are actively involved in the whole student-development process ensuring that effective home/school communication happens which is perhaps a very important component of preschool experience. 

Programs Offered

  • Nursery – The Nursery program at Tots Planet focuses on providing children with hands-on activities, social interaction, art experiences, and play as the primary means of learning. The teachers also provide systematic instruction in identifying alphabets with phonics and numbers to support their academic growth.
  1. LKG – The LKG program is designed to challenge and prepare children for this stage by focusing on their overall development. One of the main objectives is to teach children to work as a team by promoting values such as sharing, cooperating, and listening. The preschool believes that instilling these values at an early age helps them develop healthy social and emotional skills, which are essential for their overall growth, while also inculcating independence in children and making them organized. 
  2. UKG – The UKG program is specifically designed to prepare the kids to excel at all levels in their next stage of learning. Providing them with ample opportunities to explore, communicate, question, and create in a fun-filled environment that encourages active learning, the approach to learning is designed to foster creativity, curiosity, and critical thinking skills in children.
  3. Day CareTots Planet is fully-equipped to take care of the needs of children in the age group of 1.5 years to 8 years. As a result, the preschool is accepting children from other schools as well, for day care after their school timing.
  4. After School Club – The preschool hosts activities to keep the kids active and entertained, such that they spend evening time meaningfully and constructively. 
  5. Pre-Nursery – With a focus on developing children’s cognitive, social, and emotional skills through play-based activities, storytelling, art and crafts, music, and physical activities. The Pre-nursery program is an essential step in a child’s educational journey, as they provide a foundation for future learning and help children develop a love for learning. 

Apart from the above mentioned programs, Tots Planet also hosts a Summer Program and Hobby Classes, which include drawing and art and craft classes. 

Learning = Fun

At the preschool, there are specific zones designed to enhance the students’ learning and overall experience. The performance zone provides a stage for the little ones to boost their confidence through stage exposure. There is also a scribbling zone where young children can begin their writing journey, and a music corner is equipped with various musical instruments to explore hidden musical talents.

At Tots Planet every child’s birthday is celebrated and major festivals are cherished colorfully in the school. There is a kids’ garden area that teaches children about planting and taking care of their plants. Moreover, the splash pool is perfect for hot summer days, while the kitchen is equipped with basic facilities to provide fresh and hot meals. The preschool also understands the importance of uninterrupted power supply, and hence provides 24-hour power backup for kids’ comfort. And, to ease parental worries, Tots Planet offers live streaming through IP cameras for pre-nursery class, which enables parents to monitor their child’s activities from home or office. 

Overcoming the Pandemic 

During the pandemic, Tots Planet followed project-based methods where 20 kids were enrolled in this program. The program provided activity kits to the students, allowing them to engage in hands-on learning. Additionally, the program offered weekly one-to-one online classes, providing personalized attention to each student. Through this approach, the aim was to promote active learning, foster creativity, and develop problem-solving skills among the students.