Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth


With this changing business scene and the disturbance brought about by headways in innovation, students must be outfitted with the right abilities that set them up to be future-prepared. Students must know and master abilities that will help them in their areas of interest and instill a strong sense of self-awareness. Perhaps, this is the reason why educational hubs around the world and especially India are showing abilities that will permit them to be gifted forever, pushing students to conquer their inner vulnerabilities. Thereby, talking about one such entity that portrays itself as a focused university for upskilling, striving on the lines of experience based teaching and practice-based learning  – Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth (TMV), progresses each day on this very pursuit, giving back to society, capable leaders of tomorrow. 

Based out of Pune (Maharashtra), since its inception in 1921 – Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth has demonstrated strong commitment to resilience, towards continuous improvement. The University received its ISO 21001: 2018 certification last year, all thanks to the strong dedication and hard work of the faculty members and the management team who demonstrated commitment – year after year. 

With innovation, integration and research in every endeavor, TMV is an epitome of organizational excellence, who believes in enhancing the satisfaction of students, other beneficiaries and staff through its Educational Organizations Management systems. Also, by implementing embedded industry best practices like providing opportunities to work on live projects with latest technology, TMV aims towards improving students’ resilience by providing tools and techniques, so they are equipped to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. “Progressing on a legacy of 100 years, our main focus is and will always be imparting national education that would equip students to contribute productivity towards the development of the nation”, stated – Dr. Geetanjali Tilak, the Officiating Vice-Chancellor of TMV.

A Fine blend of traditional and modern learning experiences

Having been awarded its ‘Deemed to be University’ status by Govt. of India in 1987 in recognition of its contribution in the field of education, TMV became a national level university henceforth. During the last 32 years, the Vidyapeeth has developed significantly, and currently the University offers various courses through 12 Boards of Studies. Operating as an interdisciplinary and skill-based educational hotspot, TMV has taken humble steps to introduce most relevant courses and the usage of native language for teaching-learning was the unique feature of all these courses. While the Vidyapeeth had only three faculties in the year 1987, namely – Ayurveda, Sanskrit, and Social Science. Subsequently, new faculties were formed in the fields of Modern Sciences, Management, Health Science and Law. 

Also, all the courses taught at the Vidyapeeth strongly involve application of innovative concepts and interdisciplinary approaches to emerging social issues and challenges; to create awareness among deprived sections of the society. “The biggest example of this was imparting Ayurvedic knowledge of preventive medicine and positive health to the masses in contest of oral prescription, from study of manuscripts in Sanskrit to current trends in drugs and clinical trials, therapies”, continued Dr. Geetanjali Tilak. 

Proud of its onboard faculty members who go beyond their expectations and guide students on both their personal and professional paths, at TMV an educational plan has been laid down with the help of the faculty members. Focusing mainly on upgrading relational abilities, in turn, empowering the correct disposition for development angle, it boosts Business Communication, Personality Development and the Employability abilities, among the students. Furthermore, TMV has initiated the policy called “Mentor Mentee mechanism” and under this policy faculties from all departments have responsibility to provide support to students sometimes facing family issues, students coming from rural and tribal belt of India and even foreign countries facing difficulties in environment adjustment. Also ensuring that all the students of Vidyapeeth are mentally sound, there is an in-house student council to develop their leadership and active participation in the decision making process of yearly planning and execution of activities for students. 

Beyond the classrooms

A very important aspect in today’s time is holistic development of students by fostering their needs, which is catered to very well at TMV, where students with outstanding performance in academics are awarded with various genius awards. These awards are usually donated by significant alumni for the same purpose in convocation ceremonies. Also, under the social and sports initiative, the Vidyapeeth motivates every department to organize alumni meet to get the social support for students on campus in the context of publicity for admission, access to internship opportunities in the field, job placements and so on. Alumnus also help in guest lectures and facilitate field visits and requirements. 

Sports department of Vidyapeeth ensures various sports activities happen year round, where every student is encouraged to participate at state, national and international level. Additionally, an initiative called the Art circle at TMV provides a platform to present various potentials and performance-based activities. Sanskriti is an annual activity implemented the whole year through various competitions. Representative faculty members are a welcome part of the art circle team and hold responsibilities of any activity or competition. 

Redefining the industry-academia bond

According to Lokmanaya Tilak, the national education is that which acquaints the students with the condition of the nation and how future generations should earn their livelihood. He believed that it is important to teach people about technology, business, trade and commerce. Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth’s foundation lays on these principles, and as a result TMV has established more than 100 MoU’s with the industry for the curriculum development, practical training and technological enhancement for the better understanding of the subject. 

As Incubation centers across higher educational institutes of our country facilitate interdisciplinary research and promote innovative solutions; TMV’s interdisciplinary approach is in sync of what an incubation center stands for. TMV has established Lokmanya Tilak Research Center and through this center the University assists financially and academically to the needs of research scholars. In TMV Students’ representation was given to various committees to develop leadership.

Dr. Geetanjali Tilak – Officiating Vice-Chancellor

Coming from a family of great freedom fighters and social workers, Dr. Geetanjali offers her diverse and extensive experience driving academic excellence at Tilak Maharashtra Vidyapeeth. Having gained expertise in accommodating different learning styles, pedagogy and maximizing students comprehension, she is skilled in identifying student’s learning needs, and developing customized learning solutions utilizing the latest educational theories. A multifaceted personality, she has several degrees such as BCS, MBA, MJ Print Media, Ph.D (Management), Ph.D. (Journalism) and D.Litt, credited to her name.