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Top 3 Finalists for the 2023 World’s Best School Prizes Include Schools from Gujarat and Maharashtra

Two Indian schools, one from Gujarat and the other from Maharashtra, have been selected as finalists for the prestigious $250,000 World’s Best School Prizes 2023. Snehalaya English Medium School in Ahmednagar, Maharashtra, and Riverside School in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, are the two contenders.

Snehalaya English Medium School, a charitable institution, has achieved remarkable success in transforming the lives of children affected by HIV/AIDS and those from families involved in sex work. Their efforts have led to the cessation of second-generation prostitution in their district, earning them a spot among the top three finalists for the World’s Best School Prize for Overcoming Adversity 2023.

Riverside School, an internationally renowned institution, has garnered global acclaim for its student-centered approach to education, particularly through its innovative I CAN pedagogical model. This achievement has earned them a spot among the final three contenders for the World’s Best School Prize for Innovation 2023.

The World’s Best School Prizes, awarded in five categories – community collaboration, environmental action, innovation, overcoming adversity, and supporting healthy lives – honor schools worldwide for their vital role in shaping the next generation of learners and their significant contributions to societal progress, particularly in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. According to an official statement, a total prize pool of US$250,000 will be divided equally among the winners of the five categories, with each recipient receiving an award of US$50,000.”

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