University of Canberra – Shaping Passion-filled Careers


Standing proud with 8 of the top 100 universities in the world, Australia is much more than just kangaroos. Australia is known for its world-class education, post-study work opportunities and excellent quality of living – making it a top choice for an increasing number of international students. Also, the education system has an unbeatable academic reputation and strong support systems for international students. Australian educators work towards reducing inequalities and have a strong sense of community. One such institution which has been recognized as Australia’s fastest rising university,  anchored in the Australian capital city of Canberra, is the University of Canberra (UC). It strives each day to prepare students for the challenges and opportunities of tomorrow. 

Known for its real-world approach to education and dedicated focus on building strong career outcomes, UC endorses practical learning, in partnership with industry, across all programs available at the university. Moreover, ensuring that all its graduates become highly sought-after professionals, the training imparted and the working ethos result in students receiving high starting salaries and enjoying positive graduate employment outcomes. 

With all programs uniquely and carefully designed in close collaboration with industry partners, UC’s courses range across subjects including health, sports, business, law, politics, arts, science and design, to name a few. Additionally, the quality of all units and courses is constantly monitored and improved in response to student feedback and input from Course Advisory Groups, government, and industry. Many of the courses are professionally accredited, ensuring that students will graduate not only highly skilled but also work ready, with an understanding of the expectations of their chosen professions.

Unforgettable learning experiences

The UC Campus has many private and group study spaces well-equipped to make learning easy. The UC Library is open 24 hours for students to study safely at all times of the day and night, enabling a medium-free learning arc for all. Likewise, the state-of-the-art infrastructure facilitates a wide range of cafes and restaurants on campus to cater to a range of tastes – from pizza and doughnuts, to curries and stir-fries and a great selection of coffee. The university also has a dedicated Medical and Counselling center and a Post Office. 

The campus infrastructure gives rise to a collaborative, innovative and dynamic research culture, with a focus on producing high-quality and high-impact work that makes an early and significant difference to the world around us. According to Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Paddy Nixon, “Research and innovation are at the heart of everything we do at the University of Canberra, with our main strengths reflected in our key focus areas”. Commenting on UC’s commitment to its international students, Professor Nixon added “The on-campus International Student Support Services provide guidance on matters like managing student visas, legal requirements and adjusting to life in Australia”.

Of all the assets helping UC to thrive and grow each day, one of the most important is its staff. Being home to teachers who themselves are talented academicians and research personalities, UC encourages and promotes learning opportunities that go beyond the formal curriculum, such as social and co-curricular activities. UC also works in partnership with international, national, regional, and local communities to provide both on- and off-campus learning opportunities. The learning community at UC is supportive and engaging and upholds values such as academic integrity and inclusive behaviors, promoting open-mindedness and mutual respect. Students recognize the expertise and professional judgement acquired by UC staff through experience, mission-oriented research, and professional practice.

An ideal study destination

Despite the world still trying to make ends meet and put a conclusive end to the ongoing battle with this deadly pandemic,UC provides immersive student experiences focused on employability outcomes, and shows true commitment towards students’ personal and professional growth. Along with ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for all its students, throughout the pandemic, UC’s career advisors have assisted students in planning their careers and finding and applying for jobs while studying and after graduation. Students have also been provided with toolkits on applying for graduate programs and other full-time jobs, and several virtual meets with employers have been organized for students to have an insight into their respective industries. Most importantly, students don’t miss out on the on-campus experience when learning online, as UC promotes a complete virtual campus, where students experience much of what you’d expect of university life from a safe point of view, including online classes, lectures, interaction with classmates and one-on-one support.

Reaching out to students and aspirants across the globe from varied socio-economic backgrounds, UC leaves no stone unturned on its path towards excellence. Offering a range of scholarships to help with the costs of study, UC has 3 key scholarships specially for Indian students, namely – International Course Merit Scholarship (25 % of tuition fee), International High Achiever Scholarship (20% of tuition fee) & International Merit Scholarship (10% of total tuition fee). All in all, with a goal of helping all explore the world, embrace diverse cultures and enhance skill sets, the University of Canberra is the epitome of a perfect balance between vibrancy and tranquility. Surrounded by bushland and with the beauty of Lake Ginninderra nearby, UC is creating the leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Professor Paddy Nixon – Vice-Chancellor & President

Having arrived at the University in the first quarter of 2020, Professor Nixon now leads the institution through a time of growth, change and challenge. Born in the United Kingdom, he has a Bachelor of Science (Honors) in Computer Science from the University of Liverpool, and a PhD in Computer Engineering from the University of Sheffield. Prior to joining UC, Professor Nixon  was the Vice-Chancellor of Ulster University in Northern Ireland and in addition to an extensive history of research, also has significant experience in the tech industry. He was first in the family to attend university, experiencing firsthand the transformative power of education. Professor Nixon’s whole life has been driven by a passion for equity, widening accessibility to education and opening pathways of opportunity for all.